Vegan with Food Sensitivities & Restrictions

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by Alena Schowalter
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Can you be vegan if you have food sensitivities that make your diet even more restrictive? Find out more in this article.

People who aren’t vegan often think it’s almost impossible to follow a completely plant-based diet because of its many restrictions.

While it’s true that a vegan lifestyle has you cut out whole food groups (meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and honey), it’s certainly possible to meet all of your nutritional needs while enjoying tasty food.

However, if you’re dealing with a food sensitivity on top of that, things can get a bit tricky!

Find out more about what vegans don’t eat, how to deal with side effects, and check out our vegan nutrition guide.

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What are food sensitivities?

Food sensitivity is the umbrella term for all food allergies and food intolerances. It can affect anyone and can range from mild to severe symptoms.

The most common allergens include animal products, such as fish, milk, and eggs, but also plant-based foods that can play an important role in a vegan diet: nuts, seeds, soy, and wheat.

Check out our allergy-friendly vegan recipes here!

However, food sensitivities can also include intolerances to anything from nightshades to bananas, black pepper, legumes, histamines, high FODMAP foods, sulfites, or fructose.

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How to deal with a food sensitivity

It’s important to consult a health professional if you suspect that you’re dealing with any kind of food sensitivity to figure out the exact trigger foods and remove them from your diet. 

Together with a doctor or Registered Dietitian, you can create a health-supporting diet and start to manage your symptoms. 

Sometimes, it’s even possible to overcome food sensitivities and enjoy many different meals again.

Vegan recipes for food sensitivities

Browse our collections of vegan recipes that are free from top allergens or foods that can cause an upset digestive system.

Some of the following recipes and articles are suitable for medicinal diets that your doctor might have ordered!

Tips & further reading

Vegan RD Jack Norris and his team at Vegan Health put together a great resource page for vegans with food intolerances! You can read it here.

Sometimes, omitting a specific ingredient doesn’t have to be super complicated: thanks to simple food swaps, you can recreate many of your favorite recipes!

Find out more about checking labels, bloating on a vegan diet, and food combining tips on our website.

If you are not struggling with allergic reactions or other severe symptoms yet want to follow more narrow vegan diets, check out our recipe collections below.

More vegan recipes for dietary restrictions

Do you struggle with any food sensitivities as a vegan? What are your tips for dealing with them? Share with us in the comments below and Pin this article here!

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