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Our free transition eCourse teaches you how to meet your nutrients easily and create simple, tasty meals. You’ll also get a free 3-day meal plan, education on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and how to navigate social situations.

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plant-based lifestyle made easy.

Hey! We‘re Alena & Lars and we’re all about nutritious and delicious plant-based food. On this website, we want to show you how easy and fun it is to prepare well-rounded vegan meals for yourself or the whole family, how to navigate real-life situations as well as make a healthy plant-based lifestyle work in the long run. Check our free in-depth guides for hands-on tips and downloads!

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our one week of vegan bowls meal plan

We planned out 7 days of lunch and dinner for you! From a detailed shopping list to exact recipes, meal prep & tips for stocking a vegan kitchen – this 50+ page guide has you covered.

You two are inspiring and make easy to read and beautiful to look at content! The recipes & advice are top notch. Thank you for your vision and inclusive love health sharing community.
– Liz

take on our one week weight loss challenge.

Discover the foods and eating patterns that’ll melt the excess pounds for good while feeling full and satisfied! Find your new staple foods, a full 3-day meal plan and lots of diet myth-busting in our 5-part email series!

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My goodness, you guys are fantastic!

I can honestly say I don’t know if I would’ve stuck with a plant based lifestyle if it wasn’t for your blog and Facebook community. I really love how you guys encourage progress and don’t judge those who admit to struggling or want to take baby steps. Thanks for investing your time in bettering our health and environment!
– Sally