55+ Easy Vegan Meal Prep Recipes

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by Alena Schowalter
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The absolute best vegan meal prep recipes from quick breakfasts and portable lunches to tasty snacks and comforting dinners! These make-ahead ideas for busy times satisfy your cravings in the healthiest way.

Do you love preparing your meals in advance? From chopping raw veggies to preparing salad dressings for some quick vegan bowls at night, vegan meal prep can have many different faces.

It can mean batch-cooking some plant-based soups or stews and reheating them at night or creating vegan bliss balls for quick snacks!

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This article shares the best vegan meal prep recipes from overnight oats and chia pudding to tasty cookies, cold lunch ideas like pasta salad or vegan wraps, hearty chilis, sandwiches, and casseroles that will last you for days.

If you’re new to this topic, check out our best plant-based meal prep tips, vegan meal planning guide, free 7-day meal prep eBook, and this 1-week vegan meal plan.

Vegan Meal Prep Breakfast Recipes

Vegan Chocolate Overnight Oats
Overnight oats are one of the classic vegan meal prep recipes! This healthy recipe doesn’t just feature whole grains and fruit, but also some shredded zucchini that bumps up the volume and nutrient content. Top with fresh fruit of your choice in the morning!
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two glass jars of overnight zoats with sliced banana, figs and blueberries next to a linen towel
Strawberry White Bean Smoothie
Feel satiated for hours on end with our meal prep-friendly berry smoothie! Thanks to the added cooked white beans, it offers a decent amount of protein and complex carbs and the frozen fruit ensures great texture.
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woman in white dress holding a glass jar with homemade strawberry and blueberry smoothie in her hands
Cinnamon Date Granola
Make a batch of vegan granola during your meal prep session and enjoy it for breakfast in the morning or as a crunchy snack! This cinnamon-infused date granola is lower in calories, oil-free, naturally sweetened and totally customizable.
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baking tray with homemade crunchy vegan granola make with dates, cinnamon, goji, walnuts and pumpkin seeds
Sugar-Free Raspberry Bars
These fruity breakfast bars are made with a sugar-free raspberry jam filling and crumble topping. Sweet, soft and chewy, they are perfect as a portable vegan breakfast or snack and store well for days on end.
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white plate with 5 sugar-free flapjacks which are being grabbed by two hands
Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins
Bake these gluten-free blueberry muffins that are as healthy as oatmeal and enjoy them alongside your morning coffee! Use any berries of your choice and spread your muffins with almond or cashew butter if you like. Super family-friendly, too!
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baking dish with freshly baked gluten-free blueberry muffins on a wooden table
Protein Overnight Oats
If you want to focus on getting a good amount of plant-based protein in the morning, try these overnight oats made with protein powder that allow you to meal prep for the next 4 days! Really customizable with flavorful toppings, they offer 18 grams of protein per serving and are super delicious.
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Photo credit: www.theconsciousplantkitchen.com
06 overnight oats with almond milk and protein
Chocolate Chia Pudding
Feel like eating dessert for breakfast with these chocolatey meal prep-friendly chia puddings! So creamy and indulgent, they are made with only 5 ingredients and loaded with nutrients. Top with fresh fruit, shredded coconut, vegan granola or dairy-free yogurt in the morning!
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Photo credit: www.thecookingcollective.com.au
07 chocolate chia pudding
Overnight Steel Cut Oats
Have you ever made overnight oatmeal with steel-cut oats? This tasty breakfast recipe requires only 10 minutes total and features almond milk, chia seeds and any seasonal fresh fruit you like. Enjoy warm and creamy oatmeal in the morning within minutes using this recipe!
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Photo credit: foolproofliving.com
08 Overnight Steel Cut Oats
Blender Almond Pulp Pancakes (Vegan)
Don’t know what to do with leftover almond pulp? Well, almond pulp pancakes have come to the rescue! This delicious, wholesome treat will save food waste and only take 20 minutes.
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stack of vegan almond pulp pancakes with yogurt and fresh fruit
Creamy Vegan Millet Porridge
Switch up your morning routine and make this creamy vegan millet porridge! This breakfast consisting of sweet gluten-free grains can be made in the slow cooker overnight so that is ready once you wake up. Spiced with cinnamon and vanilla, it’s the perfect base that can be topped with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.
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Photo credit: www.runningtothekitchen.com
09 Vegan Millet Porridge
Blueberry Chia Overnight Oats
This vegan meal prep recipe requires only 5 minutes of prep time and 5 everyday ingredients! Simply mix up your oats, chia seeds, milk of choice and a little sweetener the night before and you wake up to soft and gloriously creamy oats.
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Photo credit: flavorthemoments.com
10 blueberry chia overnight oats

Vegan Meal Prep Lunches

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
This colorful vegan Mediterranean pasta salad can be made within minutes if you cook the quinoa and pasta ahead of time during your meal prep! Simply chop some fresh veggies, get a few canned goods and mix everything in a large bowl with a flavorful vegan yogurt dressing. It can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days!
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white tables with three glass containers containing colorful vegan quinoa pasta salad with tomatoes, bell pepper and basil
Easy Quinoa Veggie Bowl
Another easy vegan meal prep idea is to make bowls! Let’s start with this customizable quinoa veggie bowl that calls for pre-cooked quinoa, canned chickpeas and some fresh veggies. Top with sliced avocado, oranges, nuts or seeds and drizzle with your favorite dressing!
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marble table with two bowls of spiralized carrots, quinoa, chickpeas, chopped greens and avocado
Moroccan-Inspired Collard Wraps
These millet-stuffed collard green wraps feature roasted veggies, a fruity sauce and make for the perfect grab-and-go lunch! Colorful, cozily spiced and really delicious, they can be prepped a day in advance or quickly assembled with pre-cooked grains and sauce.
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white plate with a few rolled vegan collard wraps filled with millet next to a yogurt dip
Healthy Vegan Pizza Rolls
Make pizza meal prep-friendly and portable by baking these veggie-stuffed vegan pizza rolls! They are undetectably healthy, made with whole-grain flour and vegetables that are pureed in the pizza sauce. Top with vegan ricotta if you like!
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close up of seven freshly baked tomatoey vegan pizza buns with almond ricotta topping
Creamy Vegan Potato Salad
This creamy homemade potato salad is perfect for meal prep because it tastes even better over time! Cooked potatoes are mixed with finely chopped raw veggies and drowned in creamy vegan cashew mayo. Enjoy on its own or with some bread!
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white bowl of dairy free potato salad standing on a white surface
Mediterranean Vegan Meal Prep Bowls
Get out your meal prep containers, we’re going to make this tasty Mediterranean lunch for the next few days! Brimming with healthy and fresh ingredients, these vegan meal prep bowls are made with grains, chickpeas, fresh veggies and olives, then topped with creamy hummus.
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Photo credit: www.saltandlavender.com
four glass food containers filled with quinoa, chickpeas, olives, tomatoes, onion, cucumber and hummus
Meal Prep Chipotle Bowls
Perfect for healthy make-ahead lunches, these vegan chipotle bowls feature protein-packed quinoa and black beans, sautéed peppers and onion as well as creamy chipotle cashew cream. Top with sliced avocado and lime, then store in the fridge for up to 4 days.
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Photo credit: dishingouthealth.com
17 Meal Prep Burrito Bowls
Easy Vegan Tofu Burritos
Packed with plant-based protein and lots of flavor, these burritos are great filling to-go lunches you can make ahead of time! Featuring crispy smoked tofu slices, scrambled tofu, black beans, pico de gallo and sliced avocado, they are stuffed with nutrients and texture.
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Photo credit: forkfulofplants.com
18 Plant Based Tofu Burrito
Chickpea Avocado Salad Sandwich
Make these chickpea salad sandwiches for work or school! Using smashed avocado instead of mayonnaise, this meal prep-friendly lunch idea is so easy to make, yet healthy and delicious.
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Photo credit: homecookedroots.com
07 Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwich
Hummus Veggie Wraps
Another great portable lunch idea is making hummus veggie wraps. Made with just a handful of simple ingredients, they are really customizable to your preferences, filling and delicious year-round. Wrap them individually in foil and store in the fridge for up to 3 days!
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Photo credit: littlesunnykitchen.com
20 Hummus Veggie Wrap
Vegan Tofu Vegetable Pies
These creamy vegan mini pies are made with juicy veggies, tofu and flaky pastry. Make them ahead of time for a portable lunch or enjoy them as a side as part of another meal prep-friendly meal like soups or stews (which you will find below)!
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Photo credit: www.amummytoo.co.uk
21 vegan tofu and veg creamy pies
Blueberry Quinoa Avocado Salad
Make a colorful and filling salad during your vegan meal prep that you can enjoy as a portable lunch over a few days! This protein-packed blueberry, quinoa and avocado salad requires simple ingredients and makes for a flavorful plant-based meal.
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Photo credit: hedihearts.com
22 Blueberry Quinoa and Avocado Salad
Sushi Meal Prep Bowls
All of the delicious sushi flavors without the hassle of rolling your sheets! This simple vegan sushi bowl features rice, edamame, baked tofu, fresh veggies and soy sauce. Easy to make in under 30 minutes and storable in the fridge for 3-4 days.
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Photo credit: sarahsveganguide.com
23 sushi bowl
Orzo Garbanzo Beans Salad
This hearty vegan salad is fresh, filling and perfect during summer! Ready in about 20 minutes total, it’s great for meal prep as it stores well in the fridge for a couple of days and can be enjoyed on its own.
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Photo credit: www.framedrecipes.com
24 Orzo Garbanzo Beans Salad
Vegan Tofu Broccoli Meal Prep Bowl
Let’s get back to basics with this super simple but delicious tofu, broccoli and rice bowl! It’s easy to make, flavorful and keeps you full for hours on end. Feel free to swap the rice for any grain of your choice and use other veggies instead of broccoli!
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Photo credit: carmyy.com
25 vegan tofu broccoli meal prep bowl

Meal Prep-Friendly Snacks

Easy Vegan Oat Bars
Make your own vegan snack bars with staples like oats, fruit, nuts and seeds! They are chewy, soft and nutty, totally customizable and enjoyed by young and old alike. The bars store well for up to a week in the fridge and are freezer-friendly.
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woman cutting vegan oat bars on a baking tray
Matcha Pistachio Bliss Balls
Try some matcha bliss balls for an afternoon pick-me-up! These protein-packed bliss balls are really healthy, perfect for meal prep and portable. Change up the coatings to offer more variety and make them a weekly staple!
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small bowls on a table with 5 matcha pistachio bliss balls
Super Green Broccoli Smoothie
Get some more greens into your diet the easy way! This creamy green apple broccoli smoothie features avocado, kale, pineapple, ginger, lemon juice and is liked even by picky eaters. You can make it within 5 minutes for breakfast or as a snack, then store lidded in the fridge for 2-3 days. Bonus tip: make smoothie freezer packs for a super quick snack!
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white table with chia seeds, cucumber, lemon and a glass of fresh green broccoli smoothie
Silken Tofu Chocolate Mousse
This 4-ingredient silken tofu chocolate mousse is super chocolatey, fluffy and high in protein! Made from healthy vegan ingredients within just 15 minutes, it’s a delicious treat for the whole family. You can make it a day in advance to have a sweet snack on hand!
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small glass jars with homemade vegan chocolate mousse topped with raspberries and coconut
Vegan Zucchini Muffins
These 30-minute zucchini muffins are soft, fluffy and totally kid-approved. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and sugar, they are delicious any time of the day and the muffins can be stored for around 3 days.
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Photo credit: thecookiedoughdiaries.com
close up of a cooling rack with several Vegan Zucchini Muffins
Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Bars
Try these make-ahead chocolate peanut butter rice bars for your next vegan meal prep! They are perfectly crunchy and decadently gooey at the same time. Kids really love them, too as they are fun to make and don’t require any baking!
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Photo credit: sevenroses.net
31 Chocolate PB Rice Bars
Simple & Healthy Spiced Nuts
If you don’t want to buy pre-roasted nuts or trail mix, try this recipe for healthy homemade spiced nuts! They are easy to make, crunchy, salty and great to have on hand for when hunger hits. Take them with you when you’re out or on a road trip, they store well for a long time!
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Photo credit: debraklein.com
32 Simple Healthy Spiced Nuts
Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Muffins
Make a batch of these vegan lemon poppyseed muffins and enjoy them for breakfast or as a quick snack all week long! Made with chia seeds, vegan yogurt, almond milk, vanilla, lemon and poppyseeds, they are so fluffy and delicious.
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Photo credit: iheartvegetables.com
33 Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Muffins
Vegan Carrot Cake Energy Balls
These 9-ingredient vegan carrot cake energy balls are great no-bake treats you can create during your weekly vegan meal prep! Sweetened with dates and flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and coconut, they are very nutritious and so tasty.
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Photo credit: fitmealideas.com
34 no bake vegan carrot cake energy balls

Meal Prep Dinner Ideas

Easy Vegan Chili Sin Carne
This hearty and super simple veggie chili needs to be part of your weekly vegan meal prep! Using only convenient staple foods, this meatless meal is whipped up in just 10 minutes and very nutrient-dense. Serve this family-friendly dinner over rice, with crusty bread or baked potatoes!
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Top view of woman holding a bowl of vegan bean chili, sliced avocado and fresh herbs
Vegan Bean Pesto Pasta
Smothered in creamy, protein-rich pesto sauce, this 30-minute vegan pasta dish can be stored for a quick lunch in the fridge and tastes great either reheated or cold as a pesto pasta salad! You can prep the bean pesto in advance to speed things up even further and use any veggies of your choice.
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black bowl of homemade vegan pesto pasta with vegetables on a table
Easy Vegan Bean Burritos
Bean burritos are some of the best make-ahead and portable plant-based lunches or dinners! They keep well for 3-4 days in the fridge, can be filled with any Mexican fixings of your liking and are really healthy and filling.
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woman with white shirt holding two bean burritos filled with avocado and tomato
One-Pot Potato Curry
Try this creamy one-pot vegan potato curry that’s perfect as a convenient worknight dinner and to reheat over the next few days! It’s fragrant, mouthwatering, hearty and packs so much flavor and nutrients. Made with chickpeas, green peas and potatoes, it’s really satiating and high in fiber.
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Closeup of woman in grey shirt holding bowl with finished vegan curry in front of her
Vegan BBQ Tofu Bowls
These beautiful vegan BBQ tofu bowls require only 6 everyday ingredients: tofu, BBQ sauce, brown rice, broccoli, pineapple and red onion. This tasty recipe works well for meal prep, is super flavorful and really healthy.
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Photo credit: runningonrealfood.com
39 Vegan BBQ Tofu Bowls Recipe
Southwest Vegan Meal Prep Bowls
These southwest sweet potato vegan meal prep bowls are a healthy and efficient way to have 4 delicious meals ready in under 45 minutes! Featuring baked sweet potato, canned beans and corn, it doesn’t require much prep time and offers satiating and healthy main meals for the next few days.
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Photo credit: www.saltandlavender.com
40 sweet potato vegan meal prep bowls
Smoky Vegan Pasta Bake
This smoky vegan pasta bake is packed with all sorts of deliciously rich, melty and cheesy goodness. It is comforting, full of flavor and easy to assemble within minutes! The great part is that you can prep this dish ahead of time and store it in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to bake!
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Photo credit: recipesfromapantry.com
41 vegan pasta bake
Rainbow Veggie Bowl
Easy to put together and endlessly customizable, this beautiful rainbow bowl is great for meal prep because you can chop the raw veggies and cook your grains ahead of time! This way, it’ll be assembled within minutes and only needs to be topped with your favorite vegan dressing.
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Photo credit: plantbasedonabudget.com
42 Rainbow Buddha Bowl
Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup
Soups are awesome for meal prep because they are easily reheated and taste even better the next day! This curried cauliflower soup is flavorful, made with lots of veggies and ready in 30 minutes or less. You can cook a large batch ahead of time and enjoy this soup over a couple of days with a slice of crusty bread.
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Photo credit: nourishplate.com
43 Curried cauliflower soup
Vegan Butter Tofu with Rice
This tasty vegan butter “chicken” tastes even better when prepped in advance! Store the tofu and sauce separately, then reheat in a skillet just before serving. Any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days!
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Photo credit: nosweatvegan.com
44 vegan butter tofu
Vegan Tortilla Soup
Try this crowd-pleasing and hearty vegan tortilla soup for dinner! It's full of flavor and can be customized with an array of delicious toppings. This soup takes just 15 minutes to prep and can be stored for 3-5 days in the fridge!
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Photo credit: veganhuggs.com
45 vegan tortilla soup
Smoky Vegan Sweet Potato Soup
This creamy and veggie-loaded soup with bell peppers, carrots and spinach is a little sweet, smoky and savory. Make it a full meal by adding some grains or bread, top with crunchy seeds and reheat any leftovers the next few days!
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Photo credit: mypureplants.com
46 Vegan Sweet Potato Soup
Easy Red Lentil Curry
Another 30-minute meal prep-friendly recipe is this protein-packed red lentil curry! Made with simple pantry staples, it is super satiating, flavorful and requires only one pan to cook with. Perfect for colder days and customizable to your needs, it can even be frozen if you want to prep a couple of months ahead of time.
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Photo credit: budgetdelicious.com
47 red lentil curry

Vegan Meal Prep Desserts

Fudgy Blackout Brownies
Make these wholesome and fudgy vegan brownies with black beans, dates, oat flour and espresso during your next meal prep! Deep in flavor, protein-packed and super chocolatey, they can be stored in the fridge for a quick afternoon pick-me-up or late-night treat.
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three homemade black bean brownies on top of each other being drizzled with melted chocolate
Raspberry Lemon Chia Pudding
This raspberry lemon chia pudding is a meal prep-friendly snack or dessert Healthy, tasty, versatile, and easy to make. Put it on the list!
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two glasses of raspberry lemon chia pudding on a table
Easy Bounty Balls
Remember bounty bars? These tasty coconut and chocolate bliss balls taste pretty much like the “original” but require only 4 simple ingredients to make. Intensely coconutty and decadently rich, they are crowd-pleasing bite-sized treats that taste best straight from the fridge.
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small bowl with a handful of chocolate covered coconut bliss balls
Mini Vegan Lemon Tarts
These no-bake mini tarts are best made the day before enjoying to be able to set in the fridge which makes them perfect for your next meal prep! Made with an oats, almonds and dates crust, and filled with creamy low-fat vegan custard, they can be decorated to your liking with fresh fruit.
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three mini lemon tarts on a white surface with fresh seasonal berries and mint
Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake
Undetectably high in protein and fully plant-based, this vegan chocolate mousse cake features a cookie crust (which can be kept raw and unbaked for a quicker cake!) and silken tofu-aquafaba topping. Requiring 30 minutes of prep time, it needs to be stored in the fridge for at least an hour, better longer, before serving.
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side view of vegan chocolate mousse cake one slice of which is being taken out
Vegan Carrot Cake Bites
Made with whole grain flour, applesauce, carrots, brown sugar, cozy spices and homemade vanilla cashew frosting, these carrot cake bites are wonderful vegan treats for the whole family! Eating your veggies has never been so delicious.
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top view of 4 pieces of vegan carrot cake with cashew frosting on a grey plate next to a wooden spoon and black linen
Easy Vegan Banana Pudding
This creamy vegan banana pudding in glass jars is a healthier take on the classic recipe and great to prepare in advance! All you need is 8 simple ingredients like coconut milk, chia seeds, banana and maple syrup as well as 10 minutes of prep time.
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Photo credit: homecookedroots.com
53 Easy Vegan Banana Pudding
Vegan Key Lime Cheesecake
Try this wonderfully cool and fruity treat for the whole family! This dairy- and gluten-free key lime cheesecake is a no-bake recipe that requires only 15 minutes to make. Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours to let it firm up and enjoy it for a special occasion!
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Photo credit: thefitcookie.com
54 Key Lime Cheesecake
Peanut Butter Chickpea Cookies
These moist and soft peanut butter chickpea cookies are a really great healthy snack or dessert to have on hand! Made from healthy foods like canned chickpeas, dates, peanut butter, oat flour and plant-based milk, they are tasty and nourishing and can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.
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Photo credit: www.myplantifulcooking.com
55 peanut butter chickpea cookies
Almond Flour Lemon Bars
Make these low-carb vegan lemon bars with curd filling and almond flour crust to have some delicious treats at home for days! These keep well in the fridge for around a week and can even be frozen!
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Photo credit: plantprosperous.com
56 vegan lemon bars

More Easy Vegan Recipes

If you liked these vegan meal prep recipes, be sure to try these easy and delicious vegan recipes next!

Did you try some of these vegan meal prep recipes? Which ones and how did you like them? Share with us in the comments below, don’t forget to try out our Shepherd’s Pie below and give it a rating! You can Pin this article here.

55+ Easy Vegan Meal Prep Recipes

by Alena Schowalter
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
The absolute best vegan meal prep recipes from quick breakfasts and portable lunches to tasty snacks and comforting dinners! The following vegan mason jar recipe is great for assembling 1-4 days in advance, super versatile, healthy and delicious!
Serves 4


Mason Jar Salad

  • Herby ranch dressing
  • Corn kernels
  • Chickpeas
  • Cucumber diced
  • Cherry tomatoes halved
  • Red onion diced
  • Mixed leafy greens
  • Pumpkin seeds


  • Grab a few 16-oz or 32-oz mason jars (as many as you want to meal prep) and make the salad dressing by adding all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.
  • You can use your favorite vegan salad dressing (30+ recipes here) for your salads. You need around 2 tbsp of dressing for each 16-oz jar!
  • To assemble the mason jar salads, start with the dressing at the bottom. This will keep it far away from your leafy greens so they stay fresh for longer!
  • Next, drain, wash and chop all of the ingredients from above and layer them in the exact order they are listed.
  • Important: you need to place corn or chickpeas at the bottom and delicate greens on top!
  • Once you’ve assembled your mason jar salads, close them with a lid and put them in the fridge where they’ll last 4-5 days.
  • Grab your to-go lunches in the morning, dump the content in a large bowl and mix all ingredients with the dressing once you’re ready to eat!


  • Mason jar salads are perfect for meal prep, especially when they require only fresh and canned ingredients.
  • Get creative when making your own salads in a jar and add foods like quinoa, pasta, vegan cheese, bell peppers, edamame, spinach, shredded carrots, red cabbage, avocado, fresh or dried fruit.
  • Find over 50 hand-selected vegan meal prep recipes in the article above to add to your weekly routine!
Course: Meal Prep
Cuisine: American
Nutrition Facts
55+ Easy Vegan Meal Prep Recipes
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Polyunsaturated Fat
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated automatically, their accuracy is not guaranteed.
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  1. so is this something you get weekly to plan your grocery shopping around? Im sort of confused. I like the idea.

    • Hey Meg,
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      If this concept resonates with you guys, we might create weekly plans like this more often in the future. :)

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    • Hey Alexandra,
      woooops, fixed the download button, sorry for that! Sure, have fun trying out some of the recipes. You can always swap or leave things out like nuts, seeds or nut butters if you don’t wish too consume that many fat sources in the morning for example. No need to follow the plan strictly!

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    • Thanks for the kind words! Keep everything you prep in the fridge, I’ve never tried freezing tofu before but have read it doesn’t work so well. Have lots of fun with the meal plan :)

  6. This meal plan is for one person, correct? If I wanted to make this meal plan for my family, would I would just multiply all the ingredients and measurements by the number of servings I want and follow the instructions as normal or would this alter cooking times as well?

    • Hi Brionda,
      thanks for getting in touch. That’s right, this meal plan in for one person and the days average around 2000 calories. If you want to make the meals for small children, half of it could be enough – but this gives you a ballpark number. I haven’t tried making this for 4 people and in some cases, it might take a bit long… i.e. if you bake lots more in the oven at the same time, the heat cannot distribute as well. Have an eye on it, check every couple of minutes towards the end, and you should be fine :)
      Happy munching to you and your family!
      Warm wishes,

    • Hi Amanda,
      no problem! We didn’t add any nutritional information but have plugged all of it into Cronometer before publishing the article to make sure all days average around 2000 calories and all of the nutritional goals are met. Feel free to let me know which information/numbers you need and I can try to provide them :)
      Best wishes,

      • Alena,

        I track my macros, so I’d really be interested in the protein/carb/fat numbers for the meals.

        • Sure, I just went through all the days and hope I’m giving you the numbers you asked for here:
          Day 1: C 300g (66%) / P 70g (12%) / F 56g (23%)
          Day 2: C 258g (65%) / P 76g (14%) / F 47g (21%)
          Day 3: C 290g (60%) / P 80g (12%) / F 77g (28%)
          Day 4: C 230g (54%) / P 82g (13%) / F 88g (34%)
          Day 5: C 276g (69%) / P 63g (11%) / F 45g (20%)

    • Hi Olef,
      thanks for getting in touch. This meal plan isn’t very low-fat due to the sauces that include nut and seed butters. But you could skip the nuts or seeds in the breakfasts and make some other adjustments if you like – right now, the fat content is between 21 and 34 percent for the different days (see the exact numbers above). We wanted to offer a variety of combinations so our readers could see which ratio they prefer. Hope this makes sense!
      Best wishes,

  7. Wonderful site and insights. Your one week meal plan really gives me insight on how to plan. Thank you for sharing this information. Your photography is beautiful. Everything looks so fresh and colorful. I start back to school and will be using some of the ideas I found here to help me started back on lunches and dinner. Again, wonderful.
    Travel well,

  8. I would love to see more plans like this. It’s very hard to find weekly meal prep plans that are vegetarian or vegan.

  9. It is the best plan I have ever seen. I have done it for me and my husband and it turned over very good. He loves it as well. I would love to buy few more plans like this one.

    • Wow, thanks so much for this wonderful comment! We feel so honored and are very happy that our work is resonating with you :)
      We do offer a 14-day meal plan in our Vegan Starter Kit (http://nutriciously.com/vegan-starter-kit/) and will release a brand new one in the next couple of days. Planning things out so detailed takes a lot of time and patience, that’s why we only have a few of those as of now. But if so many of our readers are asking for it, we might produce more in the future!

    • Leaving the pit in the avocado helps as well as the lemon juice in the mash :) It doesn’t matter in terms of taste if it turns a bit brown, in my experience.

  10. I haven’t done the meal prepping and planned eating yet. But I have to say that I’m more than over-impressed at the work and research you’ve done. This looks awesome and I can’t wait to get started. The challenge will be continuing to do my own planning, shopping and prepping as we go on. I’m excited by it though, i like to spend the least time on food prep during the week but ‘batching’ things suits me well. Smallest complaint – that you’re promotional material says 7 days of meal plans but there are only 5 days. No-one else has commented on this so am I missing something perhaps. If this works it will be the answer to my eating problems, I’ll definitely let you know!

    • Hi Aileen,
      thanks so much for the wonderful feedback! Yes, we wanted to make sure that our meal plans are really thorough, detailed, and well-planned so they work in real life :) We personally didn’t have such blueprints back when we started our vegan diet and just ate “whatever vegan stuff” we found, haha. It definitely helps to gain some experience if you follow a good example for a few days worth of eating.
      And you’re totally right, it shouldn’t say 7 days of meal planning anywhere since there are only 5 days planned out… maybe we confused it with our actual 7 days of vegan bowls? Anyway, I’ll change that number whenever I spot it somewhere.
      Really hope this will be very helpful to you! Check out our other meal plans if you like.
      Best wishes,

  11. Just recently found your site and I’m impressed! I have to be careful eating raw veggies (and garlic and onion) due to having Crohn’s, but my dr recommends a plant-based diet, so it’s been a struggle finding cooked veg recipes that taste good. I’ve tried multiple sites and cookbooks and yours is the best tasting so far! I loved your week of vegan bowls! I’ve adapted your recipes to avoid my trigger food and they have still been amazing! My favorite is your Lime Tahini dressing. Thank you for making this painless (haha, literally!)! I look forward to eating now!

    • What a wonderful feedback, Wendi! This makes us so happy because food really should help us heal and not cause us suffering. I’m glad to know that our recipes are both tasty and painless :) Truly appreciate you sharing this here!
      All my best,

  12. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much! I cannot wait for Sunday to start prepping!! :) Will definitely keep an eye out in the hopes of seeing more plans like this!

    • Oh yay, that’s great to know! Happy we could provide you with that :)
      If you’re interested, we just launched a brand new 14-day meal plan which is also on sale these days! Lots more Sunday meal prepping for easy dinners (even breakfasts). Let us know if this is something you’d love to see more of!

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  15. Loved this meal plan. Thank you! I would love more of these! I found I didn’t eat all the food… I’m on day 5 and things came up.. like I missed a breakfast one day so I grabbed my overnight oats to take to the ball field last night instead of waiting to get home at bedtime and trying to prep/eat the evening meal on the plan. But this plan made it easy to always have meals planned and ready! Thanks!

    • oh wow, that’s so wonderful to hear! Thanks a lot for the feedback. Looks like you made the most out of it and freestyled a bit, that’s perfect :)
      Since we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on this, we might offer more in the future. As of now, both our eBook bundles come with full 14-day meal plans including shopping lists and prepping.
      Warm wishes,

  16. Wow! All the recipes look very colorful and yummy too. It’s a feast to all the veggies out there. Guys do try these healthy vegan recipes at your home. Thank you very much for sharing with us. Keep posting more delicious recipes.

    • Many of the ingredients in these recipes can be subbed for other things; for example, tofu can be switched out for beans or sweet potato. Hope this helps!

  17. Finally a real shopping list with simple ingredients that are just about in any grocery store. The recipes look amazing as well. I will be trying this out.

  18. “the exception of this is rice and quinoa, because they are high in protein”

    I don’t know how you define high in protein, but rice is not by any standard.

    Your meal prep is not nutritionally sound for strength athletes or even recreational body building.

    • thanks for pointing this out, we don’t think that rice is very high in protein – just higher than some other starches which is why you need to take more care when reheating and storing them.
      This meal prep works for our average readers and we never claimed that it’s perfect for bodybuilders… some of which don’t focus on protein much, by the way. When you work out a lot, you probably need more calories than this which is why individualized meal plans are necessary. Our article exemplifies what one can eat on a vegan diet and have conveniently prepped large parts of their meals.

  19. Wow, everything looks delicious! You’ve taken the guesswork out for the week. Can’t wait to give it a try this week. Thank you!

  20. Can you tell me when my downloads will arrive please so that I can print them, I filled in the email address 2 days ago. Looking forward to starting this week.

    • Hi Rita, I just tried emailing you and got a failed delivery status notification saying that you don’t have an email account at this provider. Sorry I couldn’t reach you any other way, if you read this please message us via our contact form so we can fix this and send you all the resources you want!
      Best wishes,

  21. Yes the five day meal prep is going great! The recipes are all so delicious I can’t say which I liked best but that they all are so good and compliments each other so well. I am enjoying these recipes. Thank you for them and these prep sheets really do help a lot and I appreciate your hard work at putting them together most appreciated! Still enjoying the meals. ???? and looking forward for more prep meals because this prep meals help so so much thank you!

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  23. Your article says cooked food should be eaten within 2-3 days but this is a five-day meal plan with most things made in advance. The chili is cooked on Sunday and then in the schedule for Friday dinner. Rice also cooked on Sunday but eaten on Thursday and you say rice is more sensitive to spoilage. So just want to confirm about food safety since this seems to be a contradiction?

    • Hey Paula, thanks so much for this comment! You are right, it’s better to cook the rice from scratch on Friday – we’re actually in the process of completely overhauling the article with new recipes that will conform to the official food safety rules :)
      I have personally eaten 4-5 day old rice from the fridge but you need to make sure it still smells good at this point.
      Best wishes & keep well,

  24. Hi! I have never meal prepped before, but have wanted to try it for a long time, but it is so difficult to find vegan meal preps with shopping lists. THIS IS AMAZING! I made everything on Sunday, and I am currently on day 2. Everything I’ve eaten so far is delicious and very satisfying! Thank you so much for putting this together, and if you have other meal prep guides, I would love to try those as well!

    • wow, thanks so much for this feedback! Yes, I noticed that about other meal preps as well — which doesn’t make much sense to me because it’s not actionable when you don’t know what to buy and what exactly to do.
      We do have a 7-day meal prep called “Week of Vegan Bowls” which I can recommend: http://nutriciously.com/week-of-bowls/
      On top of that, both of our eBook bundles which generate our income have a 14-day meal plan + prep each: http://nutriciously.com/products/
      let me know if you have any questions, I can always be reached via email :)

  25. I like reading on this website and learning how to cook very differently than I am used to. My daughter started her whole family on vegan eatting two years ago they love it.starting in July I will be changing my meal plans.

    • Hey Alex,
      this meal plan covers lunch and dinner bowls only, you can adjust for your calorie needs during breakfast and lunch. The calorie content of each bowl is a bit different, around 500-600 I’d say. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes


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