Silken Tofu Chocolate Mousse (Vegan)

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by Alena Schowalter
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This 4-ingredient silken tofu chocolate mousse is super chocolatey, fluffy and high in protein! Made from healthy vegan ingredients within just 15 minutes, it’s a delicious dessert idea for the whole family.

Delicious vegan chocolate mousse. Yes, it exists, and nobody will notice it’s totally plant-based! 

With the magic of chickpea liquid (called aquafaba), you can create a fluffy and luxurious texture, which, when combined with deliciously rich chocolate, makes this simple vegan dessert every chocolate lover’s dream. 

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You may remember this recipe from our vegan chocolate mousse cake where we used silken tofu mousse to top our cookie crust — well, here’s how you can enjoy it all on its own!

Since we all need some more chocolate in our lives, why not make a creamy, airy and wholesome dessert to satisfy our sweet tooth?

Find more silken tofu recipes as well as aquafaba recipes on our blog.

two glass jars with creamy silken tofu chocolate mousse, raspberries and spoons

Look at the recipe

  • High-protein, vegan & refined sugar-free
  • Decadent but not too heavy
  • Kid-friendly and crowd-pleasing
  • Super chocolatey & satisfying
  • Undetectably healthy

Looking forward to this delicious dessert? Before you get started, be sure you have a food processor, medium-sized mixing bowl, and hand mixer at your disposal — the latter of which will be essential to create the fluffy aquafaba.

two glass jars with aquafaba chocolate mousse, coconut, raspberries and spoons

Ingredients needed

  • Silken tofu — the protein-packed base for our chocolate mousse.
  • Dates — our favorite whole food sweetener that can be blended into a creamy puree.
  • Aquafaba — aka chickpea liquid, which can fluff up like egg whites without tasting like beans (promised).
  • Cream of tartar — this helps thicken the aquafaba into stiff peaks. Optional ingredient.
  • Dark chocolate — lots of deliciously deep chocolate flavor for our vegan mousse!

You can find the exact amounts of each ingredient in the recipe card below, and we will also answer some common questions in a bit.

top view of a food processor that's fuilled with dates, melted chocolate and cubed silken tofu
food processor with blended chocolate, dates and tofu

How to make silken tofu chocolate mousse

Before you start, place your pitted dates in a small bowl and soak them in hot water for about an hour.

1. Melt the chocolate

Break the dark chocolate into small-ish pieces and put them in a small glass or metal bowl. Place the bowl over a saucepan on the stove with barely simmering water and gently stir with a spatula or spoon.

You can also use your microwave or slow cooker, both of which methods are explained in this helpful article.

2. Make date puree

Drain your soaked dates and put them in your food processor. Pulse to obtain a puree, adding some of the soaking water if needed.

3. Add silken tofu & melted chocolate

Add your melted chocolate and silken tofu to the date puree in your food processor. Process until a creamy and homogenous texture is achieved, stopping and scraping down the sides when needed.

large mixing bowl with aquafaba that's being whisked
white bowl with fluffy aquafaba that's being mixed with chocolate

4. Make aquafaba

Pour the chickpea liquid and cream of tartar (if using) into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Whip it with an electric hand or stand mixer for around 5-7 minutes — don’t worry if it takes longer than that, it may depend on your specific device.

You want to end up with a fluffy and stiff egg white-resembling texture, so just be patient!

5. Combine everything

Once the melted chocolate, date, and silken tofu mixture has cooled down sufficiently, you can gently fold it into your fluffy aquafaba until you have a homogenous mousse. 

Use a large spoon or spatula, and don’t overmix it — some deflating of the aquafaba is normal.

Before you can enjoy your delicious homemade dessert, you need to chill it in the fridge for at least an hour (the longer, the better; even overnight would be great!)

We love to divide the chocolate mousse between a few glass jars, cover them, and just let them sit in the fridge for a few hours.

woman in white shirt holding a glass jar with homemade vegan protein chocolate mousse and a spoon

Storage & serving suggestions

This recipe should be made ahead of time as the mousse is best served a few hours later or even the next day! 

It didn’t make it any longer than one day in our fridge, so we have no clear answer on how long it would last.

The tofu mousse might separate after a longer period of time, though, so give it a little stir before serving.

Serving suggestions & toppings include:

Our silken tofu chocolate mousse works great for topping any cake crust to make some no-bake vegan chocolate mousse cake!

side view of vegan chocolate mousse cake one slice of which is being taken out

Tips & adjustment ideas

Can I add protein powder or nut butter to the mousse?

Yes, they can both be added in smaller amounts to the tofu, dates and chocolate mixture! Our secret tip is to add some peanut butter if you like the flavor combination.

I can’t have tofu!

You can omit the silken tofu and make chocolate mousse with just the dates, aquafaba and melted dark chocolate instead. In this case, use 1 cup instead of ½ cup of chickpea liquid.

Where do I get aquafaba?

If you have a can of chickpeas at home, you already have it at hand! Just drain the chickpeas using a strainer and catch the liquid.

Otherwise, you could cook the chickpeas yourself and then use the cooking liquid but it tends to be thinner and not fluff up as well.

Can I make this without aquafaba?

Yes, this recipe works with just the silken tofu, dates and dark chocolate.

However, the result will be different in texture but if you don’t have chickpea liquid or a hand mixer, it’ll still be worth it.

Can I freeze this chocolate mousse?

No, this recipe is not freezer-friendly.

I don’t have any dates at home!

Replace the date puree with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup or add more if you want to create a sweeter chocolate mousse.

small glass jars with homemade vegan chocolate mousse topped with raspberries and coconut

More vegan dessert recipes

If you like healthy and easy vegan desserts for the whole family, be sure to check out this goodness next!

Did you make our silken tofu chocolate mousse? We’d love to read about it, so be sure to leave a review and tell us more in the comments below. You can also Pin this recipe here!

Best Silken Tofu Chocolate Mousse (Fluffy & Vegan)

by Alena Schowalter
Prep Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
This 4-ingredient silken tofu chocolate mousse is super chocolatey, fluffy and high in protein! Made from healthy vegan ingredients within just 15 minutes, it’s a delicious dessert idea for the whole family.
Serves 4


Chocolate Mousse

  • 1 cup dates pitted and soaked (150 g)
  • 1 cup silken tofu 250 g
  • 1 cup dark chocolate melted (140 g)
  • ½ cup aquafaba/chickpea liquid 120 ml
  • ½ tsp cream of tartar optional

Optional toppings

  • Shredded coconut
  • Dark chocolate shavings
  • Raspberries
  • Coconut whipped cream


  • Drain your soaked and pitted dates well, then place them into a food processor and pulse to obtain a puree.
  • Add the silken tofu and melted dark chocolate, then process again until a creamy batter forms.
  • Pour the aquafaba and cream of tartar (if using) into a medium-sized bowl and whip with a hand mixer to obtain a frothy mixture. This may take a couple of minutes, so don’t worry!
  • Slowly add the chocolate mixture from the food processor into the fluffy aquafaba. Gently whisk with a spoon to incorporate until you have a creamy chocolate mousse. 
  • Divide into glasses and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.
  • Garnish with the recommended toppings or any toppings of choice.


  • Don’t worry if the aquafaba deflates a bit when you mix in the other ingredients!
  • Ensure that the chocolate, tofu and date mixture is at room temperature when adding the fluffy aquafaba.
  • Your utensils should be free from detergents and oils to ensure the best results.
  • Find details for the instructions, ingredient swaps and more topping ideas in the article above.
  • Nutrition information has been automatically calculated without any toppings.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: French
Nutrition Facts
Best Silken Tofu Chocolate Mousse (Fluffy & Vegan)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated automatically, their accuracy is not guaranteed.
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  1. 4 stars
    My husband and daughter both loved this as much as I did. Sweet and fluffy, great consistency. I’ll definitely make this again, thank you!

  2. Hi just came across your Healthy Deserts recipe section n luved them…can tofu be replaced with /Cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt in this recipe?

    • I always use regular dark chocolate which is sweetened with a bit of sugar but feel free to go for your favorite one!

    • firm tofu will make this mousse too crumbly! Make it with just the aquafaba instead, or whip some full-fat canned coconut milk until creamy (this works best when it’s cold!) and gently mix it into the fluffy aquafaba. You can also use store-bought vegan whipped cream. Hope this helps!

  3. My mousse separated and was a watery mess in the morning. But I used 200ml aquafaba water…so more foam than you I am assuming. Any tips?

  4. I have yet to have any real success with aquafaba. Maybe my expectations are too high, but I find it to be unstable. Maybe there’s some secret process that I’m missing.

  5. 5 stars
    At the risk of ending up on r/ididnthaveeggs, I wanted to throw out there that this also tastes great with prunes swapped in for dates. Thanks for the recipe!


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