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a Vegan Weight Loss Plan like no other

Eat tasty meals in abundance without stressing about portions and calories! With our easy-to-digest tips, 60 plant-based recipes, full 21-day meal plan, and helpful printables, you’ll be on the fast lane to easy and sustainable weight loss.

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know this all too well?

You’re unsure which foods work best for weight loss and think losing weight has to be a struggle? You’re tired of losing the same few pounds over and over and you’re constantly hungry, snacking, and unsatisfied? Your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for healthy meals or snacks and you need clear instructions on what to do?

here’s what you can expect

Feel full and satisfied for hours after every meal
Handy lists of what to eat, what to reduce, and how to replace foods
Lots of tasty and healthy recipes you can eat from in abundance
Tips, blueprints, and a meal plan that fits into any busy schedule
take a look at the ebooks handwritten font

01 Starter Guide

Learn about calorie density, smart food swaps, weight loss-friendly foods, plant-based nutrition, stocking your kitchen, and having a healthy mindset. Create a sustainable lifestyle with our long-term success tips and action plans, so staying at a healthy weight will be a breeze!

iPad Showcasing the Live Lightly Mai Guide
iPad showcasing the Live Lightly Recipe eBook

02 Recipe eBook

All of our plant-based recipes are easy to make from accessible ingredients and truly crowd-pleasing. We have something for any dietary need, occasion and taste preference! Check out all of our categories below.

03 Meal Plan

Put everything into action with our fully laid-out 21-day weight loss meal plan! We cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner, giving you enough room to fill your days with your favorite snacks to meet your needs and preferences.

iPad Showcasing the Live Lightly Meal Plan
Live Lightly Meal Plan showcased with iPad and several sample sheets

a closer look at our carefully crafted 3-week meal plan.

tasty meals for busy schedules

With weekly meal prep sessions and bulk cooking, you will be able to create healthy, tasty, and versatile meals that require little preparation throughout the week! Take leftovers with you for a quick lunch, or make breakfast within a few minutes in the morning.

Live Lightly Meal Prep Sample Sheets
Meal Plan Grocery List and Nutrition Sample Sheets

all the planning done for you

No need to calculate anything on your part! We’ve included full nutrition information, exact grocery lists, and planned out every single meal with attention to detail, so everything works together perfectly.

why you’ll love it

easy to understand, bite-sized information
science-based, no-nonsense approach to weight loss
colorful food photography, helpful lists & printables
actionable tips to get you started & help you succeed
a sneak peek inside
Live Lightly Sample Pages
Several colorful pages from the Live Lightly Ebooks

what others are saying

I can honestly say that so far it has exceeded my expectations and can only thank you for sharing this great work you have done! Design is beautiful, pictures are mouth watering and content is easy to understand and enjoyable to read. Can really tell everything was so carefully thought.
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Oh, my, GOODNESS! You put A LOT of work into this! These are absolutely beautiful! Great tools that will certainly help people not just lose unnecessary weight, but to truly feel better. These e-books teach people how to live like you really want to wake up in the morning! As you can see, it is definitely not hard to meet nutrient needs as a whole foods plant based vegan.
Portrait image of Katie
I’m amazed by the thought and care put into this Weight loss Bundle. I have already tried the sushi rolls, they are insanely good, as will be the rest of the recipes I’m sure, they look mouthwatering! I can only say thank you for this great ebook and the support of the creators! Would purchase anytime again :)
Live Lightly Worksheets

actionable worksheets

Get weight loss-friendly grocery lists, a handy calorie density cheat sheet, meal planner, habits tracker, and more printables that make this lifestyle much easier and more fun!

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21-day meal plan
6 worksheets
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frequently asked questions.

Do I have to change overnight?

Everything we teach in these eBooks can be slowly introduced into your current diet if desired. We’ll give you the skills to create weight loss-friendly versions of any of your usual dishes, as well as lists of foods to eat more of. If wanted, you can go “all in” and change to this weight loss-friendly diet within a short amount of time to achieve quicker results!

Is this a cleanse, detox, or fad diet?

Absolutely not. While we do encourage you to eat healthy food and lots of veggies to lose weight, everything’s based on scientific principles and should be seen as a long-term lifestyle change. We don’t stand behind detoxes, cleanses, or fad diets. Creating healthy habits and meals you actually enjoy is the key to success!

Will the meal plan be suitable for me?

Our 21-day meal plan consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We deliberately left out any snacks, so you can customize this plan to your dietary and culinary needs! The meal plan averages 1500-1600 calories, which might be the right amount for some people to lose weight. If you need to eat more calories, simply add some snacks or increase your portion sizes accordingly! You’ll find metric and imperial measurements, can double or triple any recipes to feed your whole family, and save lots of time thanks to batch cooking and meal prepping.

Will the books be readable on my iPhone/iPad/Android device?

Yes they will. All of the PDFs that we’ll send you will work on nearly every mobile device that can read these formats. In many cases, mobile devices have preinstalled apps that can display PDF files – otherwise, we suggest using free apps such as Apple Books for iOS. Feel free to shoot us an email if you run into any kind or trouble and we’ll be happy to help you out!

What happens after I order?

After your payment is securely taken, you will immediately be forwarded to a download page. Additionally, you will receive an email containing a link to the download page. All links can be downloaded multiple times (in case you lose them or want them on different devices). Our system works 24/7, so you will receive instant access, even at 3 am!

How can I contact you?

You can email us directly at mail [at] nutriciously [dot] com. We try to respond to all support requests within 1 business day.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

We know how annoying it can be to always have to pay with a credit card online. This is why we also offer the option to pay with PayPal, where you will automatically be transferred to during the process. Your details are as safe as if you would use a credit card of course. As a brand new option, we offer Apple Pay as well.

Are my card details safe?

We use secure SSL technology to safeguard your transaction. Also, we use industry leading payment technology from At no point are your card details stored on our servers. They are stored securely by Stripe and all we have access to is your name, email and other order confirmation details. Your payment is as secure as it gets.

How can I get my money back?

We offer all our customers a 30 days money back period. You can request a refund for any reason within that time, no questions asked! To request a refund, simply email us via mail [at] nutriciously [dot] com with your order number and we’ll process your refund right away.

Alena and Lars in front of white wall
We’ve been eating plant-based for 10+ years now, and we understand that losing weight and keeping it in check can be very tricky! While going vegan doesn’t magically make you slim, choosing foods low in calorie density is one of the easiest ways to reach a healthy weight. Once we understood how to make meaningful changes to our diet without sacrificing taste and fun, we felt much happier in our skin. That’s why we want to share the strategies and best recipes with you in these ebooks!

hey, we’re alena and lars. here’s why we created this guide.

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