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Free 1-Week Vegan Weight Loss Challenge

Kickstart your weight loss journey with our new 5-part email challenge that provides you with insider tips that truly work & delicious recipes that'll get you to your perfect weight effortlessly.

the one way to keep the excess pounds off for good.

If you're like most of us, you probably have tried more than 1-2 fad diets to get to the body weight of your dreams. But their misleading guidance only causes you to regain all that weight (plus more) and lose trust in yourself. We dug deep into the success stories, nutritional and epidemiological research to find out what leads to joyful and sustainable weight loss - no counting or starving needed. We'd love to share with you the basics in this 5-part challenge consisting of the following topics...

Part 1: Food Swaps

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An easy and delicious way to start making the right choices is by just modifying your beloved meals to lower the calorie content while boosting vital nutrition.

Part 2: Staple Foods

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If you want to get slim, you need to EAT. From the right food groups, that is. Follow this guide to filling, delicious & affordable staple foods for a lean and healthy body!

Part 3: Cravings, Carbs & Calories

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The 3 myths that we always come across and need to bust for good! Find out if eating 1200 calories per day is a good idea and whether you need to skip carbs for good. 

Part 4: Meal Plan

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Let's put what you've learned into practice! This delicious 3-day meal plan offers plenty of healthy and filling food to get you on the right track from the beginning.

Part 5: Real Life Tips

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Some of the biggest roadblocks to sustainable weight loss are convenience, mindset, temptation, and expectation. We lay out a couple of good strategies for each in the final part.

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let this be your last weight loss journey and stay healthy, happy & lean for good!