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an enjoyable way of eating that ensures delicious food that is rich in nutrients and free from harm.

Welcome to our corner of the internet! Your vegan diet & lifestyle success starts right here. Whether you’ve visited our blog before or are here for the first time, we’re so happy to have you — let us show you around.

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Ready to see how easy preparing vegan meals can be? Our blog contains tons of delicious beginner-friendly recipes as well as actionable guides around the vegan lifestyle. Science-based, well-structured and speckled with free downloads, we want to serve the veg-curious as well as the seasoned vegan! Choose from the following categories to see what we have in store for you.

Let’s Talk Food

easy + healthy vegan recipes.

All our recipes are made from real food, vegan, beginner-friendly and seriously crowd-pleasing. We focus on accessible ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions and meal prep-potential! 

Alongside our own recipes, we love to create collections for different occasions and preferences from holidays to kid-friendly, party food, high-protein and more! Start with the following:

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Take your first steps

guides for going vegan.

We make going vegan a breeze! Our actionable, in-depth resources range from full printable grocery lists to step-by-step transition guides, budget tips and smart food swaps.

No need to worry about missing out on any nutrients as a vegan! Take your first steps by choosing from the following vegan beginner guides.

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Eat up And Slim Down

vegan weight loss resources.

If you’re looking to lose weight following a vegan diet, you’ve come to the right place! We make getting lean enjoyable and sustainable so you can stay healthy and happy for good.

Check our resources about calorie density, dealing with junk food cravings or finding your motivation to eat a healthy diet below and be sure to sign up for our free weight loss challenge!

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Look Beyond Food

vegan lifestyle articles.

An ethical vegan lifestyle encompasses all areas of life and it can bring a set of challenges with it. 

From living with non-vegan family members while staying true to your values to finding regular motivation and inspiration, navigating heated discussion and so much more!

Start with the best vegan lifestyle resources from our blog below.

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Take advantage of our 10+ years of combined knowledge about following an enjoyable vegan diet & lifestyle! Our popular eBook bundles helped over 2000 happy customers to succeed in the long run with our step-by-step approach & no-fuss recipes.

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Let’s Get Personal

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Hi, we’re Alena and Lars, the German couple behind nutriciously. Here’s a bit more about us!

We started this project in 2015 out of our passion for veganism and content creation — something that we never thought would grow from a hobby to a full-time business. Despite all of the compromises we had to make over the years, we still feel like the luckiest people alive because we get to help so many people around the world!

Until today, we are the two people putting our love and energy into new recipes, eBooks, guides, emails, videos and posts on social media every day.

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main recipe developer, content creator and Certified Vegan Nutritionist; loves helping others via email to make a plant-based diet happen; writes vegan guides and manages social media accounts. Her favorite things in life are sitting on her sunny balcony, figuring out how to healthify a delicious recipe, playing piano, cuddling her cat and riding her bike to her favorite coffee place in the city.


manages all things technical; designs beautiful eBooks and freebies; takes care of legal and administrative stuff; edits blog posts and is the best brainstorming partner. His favorite things in life are watching or playing tennis, being the guinea pig during Alena’s recipe testing, following philosophical debates and sharing a good cup of oat milk cappuccino with his wife.

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frequently asked questions.

Still here? Great, let’s go over the most common questions we receive and thing we want to mention.

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You can use the search icon in our top menu bar and enter any search term or click on the word “RECIPES” in our navigation. You will be directed to a page with all of our vegan recipe categories where you can get inspired to create your own delicious meals!

By the way, we’re always open for any suggestions or recipe requests! Simply get in touch with us and let us know what you’d love to see on the blog.

We are always sorry to hear that you weren’t able to enjoy a delicious plant-based recipe we created! This can have several reasons.

First of all, taste preferences can differ greatly and while one person enjoys more salt or hot spices, others do not. That’s why we always mention that you shall adjust to your taste before serving.

The best way to ensure our recipe turns out as it should be is to read the full blog post, to weigh your ingredients properly and make sure none of the food is stale or expired. You may have missed an ingredient or step, your oven is calibrated differently or you swapped out any of the components — all of these can alter the result.

However, it’s possible that there’s a typo in the recipe itself, so do let us know!

Sure, you are welcome to use one of our photos to share on your website or in your newsletter with a link back to the original. We kindly ask that you don’t copy and republish any of our articles or recipes in full length without our permission, though.

A lot of time and effort goes into every piece of content, so please credit us accordingly. Thank you so much, we’re happy you like what we do!

This is a very important question because nowadays, anyone and everyone likes to share health tips online! We at nutriciously are not trained medical professionals and cannot give you any advice on your health issues.

Please see a doctor or registered dietician if you’re not feeling well! While Alena does have a Vegan Nutritionist Certification, it is not the same as going to university for years and receiving professional long-term training.

If you want to do your own research, use nutritionfacts, veganhealth and nutritionstudies as well as plantbaseddocs to check whether you can see a trained professional in person or online.

While other online platforms may have a huge team of people behind them, all of the blog posts, emails, social media posts and administrative work on nutriciously is done by just the two of us!

We love putting all of our love and effort into this project every day (“what’s a weekend?”) and it luckily covers our monthly expenses. While we try to offer as many resources as possible for free from recipes to guides, downloads and courses, we also created in-depth eBooks which you can purchase to support our work!

But even without spending any money, just sharing our recipes and articles with friends and family or around social media, leaving 5 star reviews on recipes you liked and commenting on our blog posts all helps out our website a lot! Thank you so much :)

We always love reading from our blog visitors! Please do write us an email with any questions or feedback, join our Facebook support group or join our newsletter if you like (lots of free perks and regular inspiration!).

You can also find us on social media here:
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29 thoughts on “About Nutriciously | Start Here”

  1. Just getting started from full on meat eater and loving sweets to Vegan. Looking forward to a whole new life!! Thanks for the support. I’ve printed the grocery list and headed to shop. I have how not to die book and recipe book, and other planetarian recipe book! Ready!!

    • Hi Melinda,
      thanks so much for sharing! All of this sounds wonderful and I am very happy and excited for you to be making this change :)
      Look out for the article on January first, might be very helpful to you too – and there will be freebies!
      Be sure to email us if you need any further support.
      All my best,

  2. Thank you for enjoyable, needed, and informative info! Including references would add tremendous value to your posts. Please consider this request–even if they are in a small font, or in a linked resource.
    —a fan

    • Hi Richard,
      thanks so much for the comment and stopping by. In all our blog posts, we add reputable sources backing up what we write when we can – which is usually at least 5 or so per article. Or did I misunderstand your comment? We’re usually concerned with showing others where we got our information from. Feel free to clarify/give some examples :)
      Thanks and have a beautiful week!
      – Alena

  3. Hello Alena, nice to find others out there with the same ideals.

    I have been waging my own war on waste since 2016 after attending a ‘waste free workshop’ here in Perth Western Australia with Lindsay Miles from
    I have been vegan since August 2017 when my daughter alerted me to the vegan way of life. I felt great in the first month, then I started to feel low and lethargic. A full blood count showed that was low in iron and ferritin. My levels are slowly coming up, after two and a half months of taking ‘ferro-grad C’ an iron supplement.

    A question for you, how do vegans stay on top of their iron requirements or do they all take supplements?

  4. Wonderful website that is informative, so easy to follow and beautiful! I’m so glad I found you two through google. We’ve been high carb, high oil vegans since 2012 (aka happy junk food vegans) for the animals and have seen amazing health benefits regardless of excess process foods and oil (it’s amazing what cutting animals products out could do to drastically improve ones health! My husband used to be in a wheelchair for acute Gout attack and body inflammation, taking ten meds/day for it and HBP, diabetes, but since going junk food Vegan, he never had an attack and no more wheelchair nor medicines!) So, we recently became interested in improving our health even more and also to lose weight. I’ve saved many Pins to try soon and make some for my awesome new Vegan neighbors! Thank you for all your hard work and being awesome people!!

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving this beautiful comment! It was wonderful learning a bit about you and your story, very happy that going vegan has already helped you guys so much. There’s always something we all could improve, so congrats on taking the next steps. Hope it’ll be very rewarding for you :)
      Feel free to reach out with any questions as they arise. Words like yours give us the energy to keep all of this up!

  5. Hello Lars and Alena,
    I also have a plant-based recipe site and blog, and I look at other sites all the time (as I bet you do, too)! I want to tell you that yours is among one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Your photos are crisp and beautiful, and your recipes lovely. Your blog posts are very informative for both early adopter plant-based eaters and newly curious ones.
    Thank you for making it so easy for so many to move toward eating more nutritiously and compassionate. Your 6-part course is so well laid out and easy to follow and FREE to subscribers! There’s so much content and great tips. I will be sharing this review on my site and and FB page to encourage my followers toward your site, also!

    Cheers to you both for the fabulous work you’re doing,
    Lauren V.
    Edible Musings

  6. New Vegan, Want to know all I can about nutrition, benefits what foods to eat and what not to eat. Thank you
    Look forward to hearing from you

  7. I just wanted to say I love your website and how informative it is. My boyfriend and I will be starting our vegan journey in TWO DAYS at the start of 2019. I am nervous and excited to begin this journey and transformation to a healthier mind and body. I will be suing your website as a resource to guide our journey and to help us determine our path to a healthier life. Thank you. Congratulations to your accomplishments. Happy Holidays and God Bless.

  8. Goodday

    I was excited to buy your bundle Vegan Meal Planner and Weight Loss Planner for $65, but I don’t think I managed to download all the PDF’s because my computer shutdown. I got 7 downloads. Is this correct?

    Caroline Burton-Moore

  9. I have been doing vegan for 3 months and hit a block this week of total exhaustion, and insomnia due to severe leg cramping. I have been having beans and whole foods everyday. I wonder what is going on?

  10. Wow – so impressed with your website. Seriously amazing – the way you have provided it is such a way that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You have something amazing here. I have been referred to a many websites to help my journey to WFPB and came across yours by accident – but it is yours that I am going to use to help me. Thanks so much – this is the first time I have genuinely wished all the success in the world to two complete strangers!

  11. I started exploring your amazing website after receiving an email with one of your recipes from Noochy Licious yesterday, and wow! What an honest, comprehensive, practical & useful wealth of information it offers, not to mention all for free! I have been 90% vegan for 4 years now (an occasional pescatarian and I feel guilty about it), and am still going through the learning curve. Thank you for such a well-done job on providing everything that anyone interested in Veganism would need to learn. I don’t know how you two are able to make a living by doing this for free full-time, but I hope you’ll make a fortune someday soon with your work because you guys deserve it!

    • thank you so much for that amazing feedback! Really appreciate everything you wrote – this is our full-time gig, yes. We make a living selling vegan eBooks which you can find here:
      So far we haven’t become rich but who knows, haha! Feel free to spread the word ;)

    • thanks so much for getting in touch & purchasing our eBooks :) you can download the files multiple times to different devices. Feel free to get in touch if you’re running into any problems!

  12. Hi Alena and Lars,
    Your web is so comprehensive and beautiful! I am slowly learning how to cook vegan, I am vegetarian and transitioning to being vegan, slowly introducing vegan dishes to my family.
    I am considering buying instaPot, but since I live in Europe, I cańt get one from US. Where do you recommend I get one from- in Europe? I assume you have one in Germany :) Or any similar pot (as Instant Pot) that is for European outlets and is not extremely expensive? Thank you for your advice.

    • Hey Danka, thanks for this lovely feedback! Very happy to read all of this :)
      Back in the day, we simply bought our Instant Pot on Amazon – lots of people in Europe own one but it’s not always available I believe.
      Let me know if I can help you with anything in regards to your transition!
      Best wishes,

  13. My husband and I have been vegans for over 20 years. I started, because I did not like American foods and. Became ill with breast cancer. Became a dietitian and RN and met Dr. John McDougall . From that day on I learned so much more , included Forks over Knives, PCRM and many more very knowledgeable physicians and I am healthy , so is my husband.
    By the way , I am German myself. Live in the USA and still do not like American foods. I love your site and want to learn more. Just by accident I found your site.
    Thank you, Kerstin

    • Hi Kerstin,
      thanks so much for getting in touch, it was lovely to learn more about you! Wow, you met Dr McDougall and studied nutrition – that’s fantastic :) Feel free to email us so we can chat a bit more if you like! Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it’s very much appreciated ✌️

  14. Ich Bin ein deutsche Frau in Florida. Ich bin Dietikarin und eine Registered Nurse von Kent State in Ohio Ich und mein Mann sind schon seit 25 Jahre Whole Food Plant Based. Ich wollte nie dem amerikanischen essen folgen, ausserdem war ich nicht sehr gesund und habe Dr. John MCDougall MD angeschrieben und der hat mir geholfen auf den richtigen Ess-Weg zu kommen ohne Oel. Ich war noch nie so gesund und habe viel Energie. Ich bin jetzt 82 und sehe meinen doktor nur einmal im Jahr, nur um ihm zu zeigen dass ich noch da bin und noch gesund. Doktore wissen keine gesunde Heilwege. Es wird nicht gelehrt. Die verschreiben nur medikamente
    Ich habe mir ein paar Rezepte von euch aufgeladen und komme sehr oft auf eure Site. Die Rezepte sind sehr gut und als Deutsche ist es fur mich ein Geschenk, Danke

    • Vielen Dank für deinen langen und ausführlichen Kommentar! Das freut uns sehr zu hören, Dr McDougall hatte auch einen großen Einfluss auf uns und wir hoffen, ebenfalls bis ins hohe Alter gesund bleiben zu können.
      Beste Grüße aus Deutschland :)

  15. I just saw vile push advertising on this website…promoting hate speech against our US democratically elected president. I will not use your site again until you can assure me that hate promoting advertising (in this case a tshirt with a coded insult) will need eliminated.

    • Dear Amy,
      thanks for bringing this to our attention, we are shocked to learn that such advertising has been put on our website! We don’t place these ads ourselves but work with a very established network of wonderful people from the US who handle these things for us — I’ve just brought this incident to our attention. In order for them to remove this ad, it would be great if you could give us any details you remember.
      By the way, we’re totally pro-democracy and anti hate speech :)
      Hope this finds you well!


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