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Why we love doing what we do and how the whole food plant based diet & lifestyle motivated us to run a website

Hello there, we are Lars & Alena, a young couple from Germany that’s enthusiastic about healthy eating and living. Our love for plant-based food, good music, traveling, philosophy, independence, and positive thinking has brought us together and inspired us to build a website filled with our expertise and passion. Ever since we turned our lives around with the help of whole, plant foods and a positive mindset, we are eager to spread the message of health and wellbeing.

You can find an overview of all our articles here, or scroll through our blog posts where we address the most common questions we get from our readers. Especially for those new to the whole food plant-based world, we created an entirely free email course with plenty of tips on starting a healthy vegan diet and succeeding in the long run. On top of that, we’re happy to help you out via email. So no matter how small or big your concern may be, feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to support you. Please note: We’re not trained health professionals and don’t feel comfortable advising you in terms of any diseases you have! You’d be better off looking for a plant-based doctor or registered dietician online.

When we’re not researching or working on our computers, you can find us on a tennis court or yoga mat, making music, preparing awesome meals, watching YouTube, or exploring the world.


graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science and media and is responsible for all things design, programming, and planning on this website. Spending 1 year abroad in Australia was an eye-opening experience where he discovered his love for traveling and living minimalistically. He’s been a vegetarian since childhood but it was only at the age of 20 (at the beginning of 2010) when he first got interested in living a healthy lifestyle and started to become fully vegan.

Since then he’s been constantly experimenting and looking for new insights to tweak his lifestyle for optimal health. Having tried many versions of plant-based diets, he sticks to eating mainly whole plant foods now, without putting a label on anything. His favorite foods include curry, pasta, pizza, and tropical fruit.

His lifestyle and diet change resulted in:
  • lean and muscular body
  • clear and glowing skin
  • stronger hair
  • better energy and focus
  • more confidence & better thoughts
  • strong immune system
  • tons of motivation to explore the world and live life to the fullest


has enjoyed training in the fields of nutrition, music therapy, and social work. She is the heart and soul behind all the social media accounts, loves to respond to emails, and uses her drive to constantly learn and educate in order to write her articles. Her main goal is to help people find joy and peace around nutrition and to become whole. 

Alena has been a vegetarian since childhood, and a primarily whole food, plant-based eater for 4 years. She made the switch to veganism in 2010/2011 for ethical reasons. Her love for sweet fruit and satisfying starches, as well as green veggies and the occasional chocolate keep her happy, healthy and balanced. After trying out different vegan diets, she decided to make up her own way of eating – backed up both by science and her body. Her favorite foods include rice dishes, huge mixed salads, pasta, and baked potatoes.

Her lifestyle and diet change resulted in:
  • weight loss
  • better skin and shiny hair
  • mastering unhealthy cravings & making peace with food
  • overcoming anxiety and depression
  • more energy & drive to move around
  • overall happiness and confidence
  • tons of motivation to explore the world and live life to the fullest

What Others Are Saying

What you guys are doing is beyond helpful. Seriously, thank you for putting your time into this. It's comforting to know that there are people that want to support and educate you without charging for it!

(Lindsey S.)

Very beautiful site and I wholeheartedly support compassionate eating via a vegan approach for personal and planetary wellbeing. And it is always so uplifting to see such young people like yourselves leading the way with positive change!

(Evita O. from Evolving Wellness)

I wanted to tell you what a well done, thorough job you guys have done here. It’s so professional and I love how it’s all about showing people the basics of plant-based foods and the full spectrum of how to get started. I’m sure it’ll be a success!

(Christine R.)

Thank you so much, these past couple of emails have been very helpful and informative. It feels so good to reach out to someone who understands what I am going through right now! I am going to try my hardest to follow your advice and really listen to my body.

(Sarafina O.)

Your course was really quite good. Makes me want to try harder to incorporate this lifestyle. This is an awesome place to learn about being vegan - so simple and easy. Thank you for all the work you put forth to help us newbies!!

(Shannon M.)

Feel free to reach out or comment below ♡

  1. Melinda Says

    Just getting started from full on meat eater and loving sweets to Vegan. Looking forward to a whole new life!! Thanks for the support. I’ve printed the grocery list and headed to shop. I have how not to die book and recipe book, and other planetarian recipe book! Ready!!

    • Alena Says

      Hi Melinda,
      thanks so much for sharing! All of this sounds wonderful and I am very happy and excited for you to be making this change :)
      Look out for the article on January first, might be very helpful to you too – and there will be freebies!
      Be sure to email us if you need any further support.
      All my best,

  2. Richard Kones MD, FAHA, FESC, FRSM, FRSH, FCCP, FAGS Says

    Thank you for enjoyable, needed, and informative info! Including references would add tremendous value to your posts. Please consider this request–even if they are in a small font, or in a linked resource.
    —a fan

    • Alena Says

      Hi Richard,
      thanks so much for the comment and stopping by. In all our blog posts, we add reputable sources backing up what we write when we can – which is usually at least 5 or so per article. Or did I misunderstand your comment? We’re usually concerned with showing others where we got our information from. Feel free to clarify/give some examples :)
      Thanks and have a beautiful week!
      – Alena

  3. LeanneR Says

    Hello Alena, nice to find others out there with the same ideals.

    I have been waging my own war on waste since 2016 after attending a ‘waste free workshop’ here in Perth Western Australia with Lindsay Miles from https://treadingmyownpath.com
    I have been vegan since August 2017 when my daughter alerted me to the vegan way of life. I felt great in the first month, then I started to feel low and lethargic. A full blood count showed that was low in iron and ferritin. My levels are slowly coming up, after two and a half months of taking ‘ferro-grad C’ an iron supplement.

    A question for you, how do vegans stay on top of their iron requirements or do they all take supplements?

  4. DreamingTata_VeganMama Says

    Wonderful website that is informative, so easy to follow and beautiful! I’m so glad I found you two through google. We’ve been high carb, high oil vegans since 2012 (aka happy junk food vegans) for the animals and have seen amazing health benefits regardless of excess process foods and oil (it’s amazing what cutting animals products out could do to drastically improve ones health! My husband used to be in a wheelchair for acute Gout attack and body inflammation, taking ten meds/day for it and HBP, diabetes, but since going junk food Vegan, he never had an attack and no more wheelchair nor medicines!) So, we recently became interested in improving our health even more and also to lose weight. I’ve saved many Pins to try soon and make some for my awesome new Vegan neighbors! Thank you for all your hard work and being awesome people!!

    • Alena Says

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving this beautiful comment! It was wonderful learning a bit about you and your story, very happy that going vegan has already helped you guys so much. There’s always something we all could improve, so congrats on taking the next steps. Hope it’ll be very rewarding for you :)
      Feel free to reach out with any questions as they arise. Words like yours give us the energy to keep all of this up!

  5. Hello Lars and Alena,
    I also have a plant-based recipe site and blog, and I look at other sites all the time (as I bet you do, too)! I want to tell you that yours is among one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Your photos are crisp and beautiful, and your recipes lovely. Your blog posts are very informative for both early adopter plant-based eaters and newly curious ones.
    Thank you for making it so easy for so many to move toward eating more nutritiously and compassionate. Your 6-part course is so well laid out and easy to follow and FREE to subscribers! There’s so much content and great tips. I will be sharing this review on my site and and FB page to encourage my followers toward your site, also!

    Cheers to you both for the fabulous work you’re doing,
    Lauren V.
    Edible Musings

  6. Maryanne Elizabeth Picco Says

    New Vegan, Want to know all I can about nutrition, benefits what foods to eat and what not to eat. Thank you
    Look forward to hearing from you

  7. Recent Vegan

    Would like to learn more foods to eat not eat and nutritional benefits

  8. Aja Thompson Says

    I just wanted to say I love your website and how informative it is. My boyfriend and I will be starting our vegan journey in TWO DAYS at the start of 2019. I am nervous and excited to begin this journey and transformation to a healthier mind and body. I will be suing your website as a resource to guide our journey and to help us determine our path to a healthier life. Thank you. Congratulations to your accomplishments. Happy Holidays and God Bless.

    • Aja Says

      using* your website for inspiration, not suing. Yikes that would have been bad.

  9. Caroline Burton-Moore Says


    I was excited to buy your bundle Vegan Meal Planner and Weight Loss Planner for $65, but I don’t think I managed to download all the PDF’s because my computer shutdown. I got 7 downloads. Is this correct?

    Caroline Burton-Moore

  10. Erin Fleming Says

    I have been doing vegan for 3 months and hit a block this week of total exhaustion, and insomnia due to severe leg cramping. I have been having beans and whole foods everyday. I wonder what is going on?

  11. Jennifer Says

    Wow – so impressed with your website. Seriously amazing – the way you have provided it is such a way that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You have something amazing here. I have been referred to a many websites to help my journey to WFPB and came across yours by accident – but it is yours that I am going to use to help me. Thanks so much – this is the first time I have genuinely wished all the success in the world to two complete strangers!

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