40+ Best Vegan Books In 2022

by Alena

Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or a seasoned vegan, browse this must-get list of the best vegan books and snuggle up on the sofa! Find great recipes, lifestyle guides, kids’ books and essays about animal ethics in this article.

There are so many vegan books available at the store or online these days that it’s hard to keep track. But since we’re avid readers ourselves, we love checking out the latest and greatest books around!

Our collection of the best vegan books range from beginner-friendly recipes or guides on transitioning to a plant-based diet, nutrition primers and children’s books to animal rights activism and more.

Check out our favorite vegan cookbooks here if you’re mainly interested in recipes!

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Vegan Beginners & Transitioning

Starting out on a plant-based or vegan diet can be tricky. Get your toes into the water with this selection of beginner-friendly guides covering the basics of nutrition, family life, social situations and more.

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The Plant-Based Journey

This book is every newbie vegan’s game plan! Not only does Lani Muelrath lay out the foundations of a plant-based diet in a fun and accessible way; she also delivers a full step-by-step guide to help you with your transition.

“The Plant-Based Journey” provides everything you need to make your new lifestyle successful, with meal plans, recipes, pantry organization tips and even guidance on taking your plant-based lifestyle out of the kitchen and to social situations. 

You’ll even find a whole chapter on mastering your strength of mind!

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Becoming Vegan

Often referred to as the encyclopedia of vegan nutrition, “Becoming Vegan” provides everything you need to know about staying healthy on a vegan diet. 

Written by vegan RDs Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, this book answers many common questions surrounding nutrients, motives, athleticism and even vegan pregnancy — all backed by studies in a clear and concise way. 

Use this book to get a handle on everything your body needs, and as a handy reference at any time throughout your journey.

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Main Street Vegan 

If you’re looking for a helpful guide on all things veganism by someone with lots of experience, Victoria Moran is your woman! She’s an international speaker, lifestyle coach in private practice, author of 11 books and appeared on many well-known programs like Oprah.

Her popular book “Main Street Vegan” offers practical advice and inspiration for everyone interested in going vegan, no matter what tax bracket they’re in!

Victoria co-authored this book with her daughter Adair Moran who has been vegan since birth. Together, they created a guide that covers all aspects of the lifestyle choice to go vegan with an emphasis on practical steps.

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72 Reasons to Be Vegan

Reducing unnecessary suffering is just one of the many benefits when you go vegan! Find over 70 convincing reasons for ditching animal products in this book written by Gene Stone and Kathy Freston.

From lowering your risk for certain diseases to saving money and joining a great community, these arguments will get you stoked to go vegan sooner rather than later!

Through outstanding writing and research, Stone and Freston make eating plant-based thoroughly compelling and enjoyable; read this book and get ready for some seriously positive changes.

Animal Rights & Activism

Learn more about the ethical background of a vegan lifestyle and move beyond a plant-based diet to encompass all areas of life!

These books take a deep dive into our relationship with animals and how we can minimize unnecessary suffering.

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Eating Animals

In his riveting and detailed memoir “Eating Animals”, Jonathan Foer weighs up the arguments for and against eating animals – from the intelligence levels of our most popular meat-providers (pigs, chicken and cattle), to accounts of his loving grandmother’s meat-and-potatoes comfort meals and the socio-cultural meanings we attach with food. 

From his own point of view, Foer empathizes with every omnivore’s conundrum through his own dilemma – how and whether to raise his unborn son vegetarian. In exposing what really goes on behind slaughterhouse doors, Foer holds little back…making this book powerful and essential reading.

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Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

Why is it that we love some animals and allow others to suffer needlessly? Melanie Joy, PhD,  takes the exploration of this question one step further with this bold societal commentary.

Starting with the ethical and environmental effects of eating meat, Joy also turns much-needed attention to the meatpacking workers themselves – the hazards they face – and of course the vast negative health implications for millions of Americans every year.

Especially her dive into the psychological aspects behind how we view and treat other animals, a phenomenon she coined with the term “carnism”, is really eye-opening!

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Animal Liberation

Though there have been significant strides in our awareness of animal welfare in the decades since this book was written, it is as relevant today as it ever was. 

Peter Singer delves deep into the animal rights movement on both a psychological and philosophical level, sparking a wave of animal activism and even inspiring PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk to found the life-saving organization. 

“Animal Liberation” depicts the graphic scenes of animal cruelty and suffering that are rife today in the world’s farms and laboratories. For some it may be a difficult read…but it is nevertheless a life-changing one.

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Change of Heart

What encourages people to take action? How can charities and non-profits improve their response rates? How much is okay to ask, and how much is enough? 

Nick Cooney in his book “Change of Heart” explores what it really means to initiate social change and what makes people alter their behaviors so that large-scale change can happen.

Cooney draws on more than 80 years of historical research in his reasoning, including empirical studies in social psychology, communication, network studies and social marketing. This book has something to teach everyone!

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The End of Animal Farming

In this book, social scientist Jacy Reese pushes the conversion about the disturbing realities of factory farming forward by outlining a strategic roadmap to a humane, ethical, and efficient food system in which slaughterhouses are obsolete.

If you’ve just gone through Foer’s “Eating Animals” and are interested in the social forces leading us toward the downfall of animal agriculture, the technology making this change possible for the meat-hungry public and the activism driving consumer demand for plant-based and cultured foods, this is a must-read!

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How to Create a Vegan World 

As a passionate animal advocate, you want everyone around you to go vegan this instant, right? However, this isn’t the most realistic or pragmatic approach towards creating a kinder world.

In this thought-provoking book, Tobias Leenaert leaves well-trodden animal advocacy paths and takes a fresh look at the strategies, objectives and communication of the vegan and animal rights movement.

Everyone will be able to find helpful ideas and insights, from seasoned activists to organizational leaders and even entrepreneurs!

Vegan Lifestyle

Taking on a vegan lifestyle goes beyond what we eat. Almost everything we choose to buy, use and promote can have an impact on improving the lives of animals and the environment. 

These books explain how we can embody the vegan message in everything we do — no matter the age or stage of life.

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Vegan for Her

Staying healthy as a vegan is one thing, but staying healthy as a vegan woman can bring its own set of challenges. Women have their very own needs and functionalities, all of which need to be paid special attention to, whether you’re plant-based or not.

Read how to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, lower your risk of breast cancer and heart disease, build healthy bones and protect against osteoporosis, deal with conditions like migraines and arthritis, handle PMS and cramps and even improve your fertility — all on a vegan diet.

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The Mindful Vegan

This book by plant-based expert Lani Muelrath shows you how to find health, balance, peace, and happiness within just 30 days. 

She takes you right to the roots of your challenges around food and uses mindfulness as the key to stepping back from your auto-pilot, giving you the chance to reevaluate and create new patterns. 

Everything is nicely packed and comes with her unique humor, personal stories, lots of positivity, and a handful of delicious recipes. Stop stressing and start living!

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Never Too Late to Go Vegan

Yes, a vegan diet can work for any age…and “Never Too Late to Go Vegan” proves it! Whether you’re over 50 and are thinking of turning vegan, or have been vegan your whole life, this book will be your go-to handbook for ensuring you get the best care you deserve. 

It targets the most common issues that those over 50 may face on a vegan diet, explains how our nutrient needs change with age and what you need to be doing to keep up. 

You’ll also find plentiful advice on caring for older relatives who aren’t vegan as well tips on navigating the grocery store and restaurant menus (for new vegans). No matter when you decide to make the change, a vegan diet can work for all!

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Even Vegans Die by Carol J. Adams

This book raises the very real truth that even on a healthy diet, life can bring times of disease and sickness. Facing up to the fact that being vegan does not mean being invincible helps us avoid putting the health of ourselves and even others in danger. 

It also encourages us to take the best care of ourselves and stop idealizing specific body types so that we may not harm our legacy of compassion. 

“Even Vegans Die” is a must-read for anybody curious about how they can look after themselves – and others – in times of both wellness and sickness.

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The Joyful Vegan

While it’s not necessarily hard to find plant-based food and recipes to follow at home, dealing with the social, cultural and emotional aspects of being vegan is a whole different story.

In fact, it’s the most common reason why people go back to eating animal products, breaching their own values and sabotaging their own goals due to the fact they are surrounded by non-vegans.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, known as “The Joyful Vegan,” explains how it’s not a lack of willpower but rather the pressure to be perfect and the struggle to sustain healthy relationships with non-vegans. 

By implementing the tools provided in this book, readers will find they can live ethically, eat healthfully, engage socially — and remain a joyful vegan!

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Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger? 

Using humor and reason, this book takes common questions vegans hear at face value and also delves deeply into the motivations behind them, coming up with answers that are not only intelligent but insightful about human nature. 

From “Don’t animals eat other animals” to “What about plant sentience”, you’ll find great and articulate answers to every argument which leaves you empowered and educated.

This book definitely helps to see different perspectives and stay sane!

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Vegan Travel Handbook

Whether you’ve been vegan for years or are traveling as one for the first time, “The Vegan Travel Handbook” will help you discover, plan and book a huge range of vegan-friendly adventures around the globe.

Put together by the popular Lonely Planet company, you’ll find cooking classes in India, local farmer’s markets in New Zealand, DIY donut tours of the USA’s west coast and much more in this book!

Get essential advice and expert tips on everything from where to go when and the best vegan restaurants, accommodation and cities, to how to stay healthy on the road and order food with confidence.

Vegan Cookbooks

Whether you’ve already made the switch to veganism or are looking to incorporate a couple of vegan meals each week…we all need a bit of culinary inspiration sometimes. 

The below cookbooks are written by some of the biggest names in the vegan movement, who’ve kicked the stereotypes out of the kitchen and into the garbage can.

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But I Could Never Go Vegan!

Think going vegan means missing out on your favorite comfort foods? Let Kristy Turner prove you otherwise.

She takes all your usual go-to meals and turns them on their head, in a completely cruelty-free and of course insanely delicious way. Forget about craving cheese, you’ll be too distracted by Macadamia Ricotta, Tempeh Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Mushroom Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. 

Concerned about your sweet tooth? Don’t be, with caramel apple-stuffed french toast and oatmeal raisin ice cream sandwiches on the menu. “But I Could Never Go Vegan!” is every vegan’s kitchen savior, with recipes to suit every palate and craving.

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Eat Like You Give a F**k

The Thug Kitchen duo are practically superheroes when it comes to the vegan cookbook market. Not only do they know how to get damn tasty grub on our plates (and fast), they’re also adored for their straight-talking, no-nonsense conviction that real food is ALWAYS best. 

Whether you are looking to introduce your kitchen to the art of vegan cooking or a long-time vegan looking to up your food game, “Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F**k” is the book for you.

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Vegan with a Vengeance

If you want easy, cheap and delicious vegan food that can be whipped up in a mere moment (almost), then Isa Chandra’s your gal. 

“Vegan With a Vengeance’” has been praised for bringing ridiculous simplicity and gut-busting flavor to vegan food, without breaking the bank. 

Forget any fancy ingredients or special stores – everything in this cookbook can be created with basic ingredients found in your usual supermarket! These recipes are approachable, easy, fun and satisfying.

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Fast Easy Cheap Vegan 

Some people think that a vegan diet can be too time-consuming, too much work and too expensive! “Fast Easy Cheap Vegan” busts those myths with easy recipes that require 10 ingredients or less and are done in 30 minutes or less.

This awesome vegan cookbook is full of everyday recipes that are suitable for small budgets and the handbook itself costs just over 10 USD!

Sam Turnbull offers great food photography for each recipe from creamy basil gnocchi, quick quesadillas, cheesy cracker snackers to brownies in a cup.

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Plant-Powered Families

Ever wondered how you could get your kids to go vegan or even raise a vegan family? Dreena Burton is here to help.

Her book “Plant-Powered Families” delivers over 100, delicious, kid-approved, family-friendly recipes, including many “veganized” versions of your kids’ favorite comfort foods. Expect vanilla bean chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie smoothies, cinnamon French toast and sneaky chickpea burgers!

There are also sections on how to stock a vegan pantry, nutrition-approved references for tackling dietary concerns and tips and tricks on everything from pleasing picky eaters to packing school lunches and handling social situations.

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Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats 

Enjoy brilliant plant-based dishes that make cooking delicious vegan food every day genuinely easy! No bland or boring meals and forget all-day cooking.

Rachel takes inspiration from naturally vegan dishes and cuisines as well as her Caribbean and West African roots to create great full-flavor recipes that will inspire you to make vegan food part of your daily life.

Many recipes are quick and require only one pot, ingredient lists are short and supermarket-friendly. Find goodness such as cinnamon french toast with strawberries, chickpea sweet potato falafel, Caribbean fritters and carrot cake waffles in this cookbook.

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5-Ingredient Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook

Are you looking to follow a diet that’s not just devoid of all animal products but also based on healthy whole foods? If so, this cookbook will be for you.

Find expert guidance for transitioning to a WFPB lifestyle and tips and tricks to help you succeed while learning the essentials of cooking with whole foods that you can find in your local grocery store.

All recipes require only minimal ingredients, 30 minutes or less to prepare and cover essential staples like vegan cheese sauce, tofu scramble or barbecue marinade. Plus, the pictures are super colorful and fun to look at!

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Vegan Comfort Classics 

This vegan cookbook is sure to convert any plant-based skeptic with its fantastic dishes! 

In this bold collection of more than 100 recipes, the world of comfort food and vegan cooking collide as Lauren Toyota shares her favorite recipes and creative ways to make delicious meals with simple ingredients.

Be prepared to pile your plates high with vegan ranch, bacon, Philly cheesesteak, fried “chicken” and mac ‘n’ cheese and more deliciousness!

Plant-Based Health & Nutrition

In many of the world’s breakthrough studies concerning health and nutrition, eating plants seems to be a common denominator. 

Read about some of the biggest health discoveries and how you can stay vegan for the rest of your life without worrying about any deficiencies.

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Vegan for Life

With so many myths out there surrounding both plant-based and omnivorous diets, it can be tricky knowing whether going plant-based is right for you. 

Registered Dietitians Jack Norris and Virginia Messina will put all your concerns to rest in their book ‘“Vegan for Life”. Starting with the proven benefits of a plant-based diet and then debunking the myths that surround it, you’ll soon be ready to dive into the plant-based lifestyle head first using their accessible, science-backed knowledge. 

From meeting your needs for protein, calcium and iron, to breaking down the “real deal” on soy and what supplements you should be taking, this book will have your back no matter what stage of life you’re at.

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How Not to Die

From the nutrition expert and physician behind the world-renowned Nutrition Facts website, “How Not to Die” is an ultimate blueprint on how to live a healthier and longer life. 

From outlining the top 15 causes of death of Americans each year to explaining how changes we make in our lifestyle can fight these diseases, Dr. Michael Greger gives you everything you need to avoid losing your life to chronic illness.

Even if your genes hold a history of disease, from cancers and heart disease to diabetes and high blood pressure, Greger lets you in on the foods to eat that will lower your risk.

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The Western diet’s obsession with protein is embedded in doctors, dietitians and trainers advising us to eat more protein. But are we actually eating too much of it? 

Garth Davis, MD, turns the popular conception on its head to ask “Is all this animal protein making us healthier?” 

Using his own hands-on experiences with overweight patients combined with science-backed studies of longest-living populations, Davis shows how too much protein may actually be making us sick and how we can really lose weight, gain energy and stay healthy for life.

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Fiber Fueled

Having trouble with your digestion or would you like to optimize your microbiome? Renowned gastroenterologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz illuminates in this groundbreaking book the explosion of studies on the microbiome and what those little guys in our gut love to eat: fiber.

Gut health is related to boosting our metabolism, balancing our hormones and taming the inflammation that causes a host of diseases — all of which can be fueled by eating an abundant variety of colorful plants.

This book, written by a former junk-food junkie, comes with a 28-day jumpstart program with menus and more than 65 recipes, along with essential advice on food sensitivities and much more.

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Your Body in Balance 

This book, written by Neal Barnard, MD, provides step-by-step guidance for understanding what’s at the root of your health issues — and what you can do to feel better fast. 

It explains how hormones can wreak havoc on the body, including health issues like infertility, weight gain, hair loss, breast cancer, hot flushes, and many more.

Find out the delicious solution that improves health, reduces pain and even helps to shed weight while following simple recipes like cauliflower buffalo chowder, apple pie nachos, brownie batter hummus and kung pao wraps!

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The Proof is in the Plants 

Are you confused about all the different health and nutrition messages out there? What if there was a way of eating that can help us live healthier and longer?

The good news is that evidence now shows a plant-based diet may offer us exactly that – and straight-talking nutritionist Simon Hill has done the hard work of translating the science into actionable advice for everyday life.

Read all about common myths about foods, the positive impact of plant-based living, how to build a healthy meal, practical transition tips and much more in this book.

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Nourish: The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families 

Are you worried about transitioning your whole family over to a plant-based diet? This thorough guide written by Reshma Shah, MD, and Brenda Davis, RD, explores the many benefits of a plant-based diet and provides parents with the tools they need to feed their families for health and with joy.

This book is both evidence-based and really practical, explaining everything you need to know about plant-based nutrition for all stages of life.

As a kickstart for incorporating more plant-based meals into your family routine, you can jump into Chapter 6 – “What Makes a Healthy Diet”, Chapter 10 – “Family Meals”, and the final section of the book.

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The Plant-Based Baby and Toddler

If you’d like to help your kids eat more plant-based foods or transition them to a fully plant-based diet, this will be your guide! Written by RDs and moms Alexandra Caspero and Whitney English, it covers everything you need to know about feeding little ones from birth up to 3 years and beyond.

Find breastfeeding tips, meal planning advice, how a healthy plant-based plate for kids should look like, tips on baby-led weaning, portion sizes, vegan alternatives as well as nutritional needs for all ages in this primer!

There are also strategies for dealing with challenges such as having picky eaters as well as 50+ plant-based recipes created specifically for stages from first bites to age 3.

Vegan Kids Books

Raising vegan kids goes further than what you put on their plate. These books offer fantastic ways to explain veganism to your children in a friendly, accessible way!

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1416985123&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nutriciously 20&language=en US

Linus the Vegetarian T. Rex

This book tells the story of Linus, the herbivorous T. Rex that prefers to pick vegetables instead of prey on his leaf-eating neighbors. 

Dinosaur lover Ruth Ann MacKenzie is confused – she knows everything about dinosaurs, so why is Linus so different?

With colorful illustrations that keep children engaged, this adorable book cleverly brings home the truth about hunting fellow beings for food and is perfect for an eco-conscious storytime.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=0316554766&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nutriciously 20&language=de DE

The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig

When Steve and Derek adopted a mini pig named Esther, they had no idea that she would turn out to be not-so-mini after all.

When her new family saw just how big and wonderful Esther really was, they fell in love — and their lives changed forever. Esther would grow so large that they moved to a big farm where she and her animal friends all could fit happily.

This book is full of delightful illustrations that are comical, colorful and add just the right amount of detail to the well-written storyline. Young animal lovers will truly enjoy this book!

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1583946497&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nutriciously 20&language=de DE

V Is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind

Introducing 3-7 year-olds to the “ABCs” of a compassionate lifestyle, V Is for Vegan is a must-have for vegan parents, teachers, and activists! 

Acclaimed author and artist Ruby Roth brings her characteristic insight and good humor to a controversial and challenging subject, presenting the basics of animal rights and the vegan diet in an easy-to-understand format. 

Through memorable rhymes and charming illustrations, Roth introduces readers to the major vegan food groups (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits) as well as broader concepts such as animal protection and the environment.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1940184487&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nutriciously 20&language=de DE

Chickpea Runs Away

This vegan children’s book is based on the true story of chickpea the cow who lives in an overcrowded barn on a large farm. She watches as her friends and family are taken away to an uncertain fate. 

One day, the farmer leads Chickpea and all the rest of the cows outdoors to a scary-looking truck — right this instant, she leaps the fence and escapes into the woods where she discovers the world outside the farm.

From enjoying delicious vegan pie to making new friends, this book is filled with heart-warming moments!

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=194018441X&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nutriciously 20&language=de DE

That’s Not My Momma’s Milk

Perfect for the youngest of readers thanks to its simple, repetitive language and beautiful illustrations, this vegan board book introduces various animals.

It teaches compassion for all living beings and shows the unmistakable bond that all mommas have with their young — wonderful for teaching children that a momma’s milk is meant for her baby.

A simple and effective message about why we shouldn’t consume cow’s milk!

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=069298786X&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nutriciously 20&language=de DE

We All Love

“We all Love” is a book for tender-hearted kids who want to live a compassionate lifestyle. It explores the earliest stages of empathy where we learn to recognize the things we have in common with other sentient beings. 

By finding our similarities, we can begin having conversations about empathy and how we can live compassionately through a vegan lifestyle without focusing on the violent reality that most farm animals experience.

Kids love this book with a kind and easy-to-understand message!

Vegan Fitness Books

Is it possible to be fit and athletic on a plant-based diet? You bet it is! 

These books show how eating only plants is perfectly possible if you’re into fitness and can elevate your efforts in the gym.

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The Plant-Based Athlete 

Two well-known names in the vegan fitness industry teamed up to write this game-changing approach to peak performance: marathoner Matt Frazier and bodybuilder Robert Cheeke. 

This research-based guide reveals the incontrovertible proof that the human body does not need meat, eggs or dairy to be strong while outlining the many benefits of plant-based foods for athletes.

Learn all about transitioning to a plant-based diet as an athlete, understanding micronutrients and macronutrients, the importance of proper training and recovery and find lots of easy and nutritious recipes in this book!

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Finding Ultra

Rich Roll shares his incredible story of how he turned from an overweight midlifer to an endurance machine in a matter of mere months.

Starting with a wake-up call on the eve of his 40th birthday, Rich vowed he would overhaul his diet to a fully unprocessed, plant-based one, as well as implement daily training to become his best self. 

What followed two years later was a series of staggering athletic accomplishments, from the elite Ultraman competition to the Epic5, showing that willpower and determination are really all it takes.

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Eat & Run

Penned by ex-American 24-hour distance running record holder and one of the most dominant names in ultrarunning, Scott Jurek’s “Eat & Run” is a testament to his time as a plant-based athlete. 

From growing up in a conventional meat-and-potatoes family to transitioning to a plant-based diet, Jurek shares his tips and experiences of becoming a champion athlete. 

In this book, you’ll find not only Jurek’s secrets that led him on to worldwide success; you’ll also learn about how his plant-strong approach can help you reach your own athletic goals.

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Brendan Brazier’s “Thrive” has rapidly become a go-to guidebook for both professional and non-professional athletes alike. 

Starting with an explanation of why whole foods are nutritionally superior to processed foods for athletic performance, Brazier introduces his comprehensive 12-week plan that will help any athlete enhance their performance and recovery time and create healthier habits. 

Expect over 100 allergen-free recipes all geared for the ambitious athlete, including raw foods, homemade energy gels and sports drinks and of course those hearty recovery foods!

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No Meat Athlete

Whether you’re a runner looking to transition to a plant-based diet, or a long-time vegan looking to get into running, athlete Matt Frazier is your man. 

Starting out with the benefits of running on a plant-based diet (more energy, faster recovery, weight loss), he goes on to provide tips on how to make new habits stick and get all the nutrients you need.

Frazier also provides meal plans, over 60 recipes and training plans for runners of all abilities, as well as guidance on improving performance and avoiding injuries.

More Vegan Resources

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About Alena Handwritten FontAlena Schowalter is a Certified Vegan Nutritionist who has been a vegetarian since childhood and vegan since 2012. Together with her husband, she founded nutriciously in 2015 and has been guiding thousands of people through different transition stages towards a healthy plant-based diet. She’s received training in the fields of nutrition, music therapy and social work. Alena enjoys discussions around vegan ethics, walks through nature and creating new recipes.

24 thoughts on “40+ Best Vegan Books In 2022”

  1. Why isn’t “Comfortably Unaware” or “Food Choices” on your list? These two books were the basis for Cowspiracy and Dr. O speaks all over the world with his captivating and life changing lectures…many of the books on your list actually reference HIS books…so just wondering why they wouldn’t be on your list?

    • Hey Lauren,
      thanks so much for your feedback! We had to limit the number of books we featured so not everything could make the list. But it’s so true that Oppenlander is a huge and important influencer so we might add one (or both?) of his books once we go over the article again. We already have some other ideas about what else to add. Thanks again for the input, we value it very much :)

  2. Totally agree with Lauren Tureta above – I went to write a comment and she had already EXACTLY what I had planned to say! I recently bought and am enjoying “The Homemade Vegan Pantry” by Miyoko Schinner, “Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen” – only started this journey in late June 2017 and I am LOVING every minute!

    • Liz,
      the Homemade Vegan Pantry has just made it into my home as well and I’m looking forward to checking it out! We will definitely add a few gems to this article as time goes by but we had to limit the number of books somewhere plus we haven’t read all of these other books on the market. Thanks for your input, we will keep your suggestions in mind :)
      Let me know if you need any support on your plant-based journey! You can always join our free course or our FB group.
      Best wishes,

  3. Hi Everyone!

    Huge humble thanks to Nutriciously for such enthusiastic support of The Plant-Based Journey and The Mindful Vegan. I know what a tough field it is to pick from – there is such quality in the listings for vegan and plant-based books! I notice that several of my favorites are on your list as well.

    And it does beg the mention of so many other titles. When one undertakes the project of a “Top 40” list, it can be almost excruciating to have to decide what to be sure to include. Lauren mentions Richard Oppenlander’s books and these are definitely must reads. And Miyoko’s Homemade Vegan Pantry, as Liz mentions, is one of the most used books in my kitchen! I’m particularly fond of the melty cashew cheese that has no oil in it, and have devised my own varieties of herb flavors and smokey flavors of same. I have a batch brewing in the kitchen as we speak.

    Thank you again Alena, nice work and all best of luck on the ‘next 40’ article!

    Cheers, plants, and peace to all,
    Lani Muelrath

    • Dear Lani,
      always a pleasure to hear from you! Your message is beautiful and resonates very much with us :) So, of course your work had to be included here. We apparently have to overhaul the article soon and include some of the books people, including you, have mentioned here.
      Best of luck with everything you do!
      Thanks for making the world a brighter place.

  4. Hi Alenawhy
    This is a fantastic list! Many of these books were a tremendous help to me when I made the transition to a vegan lifestyle, such as “Vegan for Her” by Ginny Messina and JL Fields, and “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows” by Melanie Joy. I’m also thrilled to see books by some dear friends of mine, including Lani Muelrath and Caitlin Galer-Unti (Hi ladies!). If you enjoyed Caitlin’s “Essential Vegan Travel Guide”, I think you would also like my new book, “Veggie Planet: Uncover the Vegan Treasures Hiding in Your Favorite World Cuisines”. In Veggie Planet, I highlight many of the naturally vegan dishes in 11 of the world’s most popular cuisines and show just how vegan-friendly these cuisines really are. It’s the perfect companion when you’re looking for a delicious vegan meal while traveling, or even just when eating out in your own home town.

    • I’m not sure how that “why” got tacked on to the end of your name in my comment, Alena. Must have been the Internet goblins!

    • Hey Wendy,
      thanks so much for your comment and checking out the article! You’re right, Veggie Planet deserves its place here as well. We will try to overhaul the article soon so you can be featured, as well :)
      Thanks again for reaching out to us!

  5. Thanks Alena, very useful guide. My personal favourites are Neal Barnard’s – he wrote the forward to my vegan book, ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’ too :-)
    Great that there are some kids resources too! Good job on another great post :-)

    • Hey Laura,
      we love Neal Barnard! No idea he wrote the foreword to your book, how amazing… will go take a look asap.
      Thanks for checking in!

  6. I was curious if you ever considered changing the layout
    of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could
    connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having
    1 or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  7. Hello. Like the list! Some I have, others on wish list.
    Vegan For Life and How to Be Vegan
    Over 50. After over 20 years as a vegetarian, living through a mysterious health crisis and back to vegetarianism I have been transitioning to veganism. I never felt better! That is my two cents.
    Best I health, mind and heart,

  8. Hi, I literally just found your site about 15 minutes ago and already love it! So much like minded information and information I dreamed of having in one place myself some day and here it is! Curious though if you have already or are intending on updating this article for 2019? If not, let me just leave that little suggestion here ;)
    Thank you very much for this wonderful site!!

  9. Great list! I have (and love!) How Not to Die and The China Study! I would like to read The Cheese Trap, Proteinaholic, Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease, Finding Ultra, Eat and Run, Animal Liberation. Trying to pick a few to ask my boyfriend to get me for Christmas. So many amazing sources of information to choose from! Thanks! :)

  10. A great website! Although I have been eating whole food plant based now for about eight months, I always love to check in to new sites I haven’t seen and get some new info and “tighten up” on the other. You guys have done that. I love your resource list of books and documentaries, especially and where to find them. I am very happy to see that there are more documentaries to view and books to read. Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

    • thank you so much for the lovely feedback!! This just made my evening :) Happy that you like our work, feel free to share ♡


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