120 Fantastic Vegan Gifts Everyone Will Love

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Looking for the best vegan gifts that show how much you care about your loved ones? This list is full of handpicked items and unique ideas covering everything from food to clothes, books, tools and more!

Did you recently go vegan or have someone in your family following a vegan lifestyle?

No worries; the market for vegan-friendly items is growing rapidly, and we’re constantly on the hunt for the best vegan gift ideas for the whole family.

Whether you want to stay on a budget or are looking for a more expensive gift for anyone from toddler to grandparent, this article has you covered!

Access our categories of vegan gifts by opening the table of contents below and jumping to any relevant section.

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Top Vegan Gift Ideas

Vegan Food Gifts

Is your giftee a total foodie or cannot find vegan-friendly goodness locally? This selection features lots of treats and culinary convenience.

Top Pick: Snack Subscription Box

Get a monthly box of different vegan goodies delivered to your house! Perfect for always having a good variety of new vegan treats around.

brown carton saying vegancuts with different vegan snack foods around

Wellness & Beauty Gift Ideas

Choose beauty and body products that are labeled cruelty-free and vegan! Our best-of selection below will make this process a lot easier.

Top Pick: Vegancuts Beauty Box

Receive a delivery of 4 or more carefully curated full-size luxurious vegan skin care and body care products that treat your outside as good as you treat your inside. Everything’s 100% cruelty-free and made by conscious brands!

blue surface with a paper box full of vegan personal care products by vegancuts

Vegan Books & Cookbooks

Everyone loves a good cookbook or helpful guide for their chosen lifestyle! This section includes the best vegan books for all tastes.

Top Pick: Power Plates

These 100 recipes for wholesome and nourishing vegan food from blogger, RD, and author Gena Hamshaw help you make delicious vegan meals for one that deliver balanced and sustained energy. Get ready for scrumptious bowls, smoky lentil stews, roasted cauliflower salad, and tons of beautiful photos!


Vegan Fashion Gifts

Ethical clothing and accessories make great vegan gifts as they can be worn again and again while remaining in line with the receiver’s morals and values.

Here you can find statement shirts, jewelry, non-leather bags, belts, and shoes that offer something for every style.

Top Pick: Powered By Plants T-Shirt

This super soft unisex tee is a fabulous summer staple for urban frolicking. With the words “Powered by Plants” printed on the front, it reminds any onlookers that one doesn’t need to consume animals to be healthy and happy.

purple colored cotton t shirt with the print "powered by plants" next to a pair of jeans and vegan shoes

Vegan Gifts for the Kitchen

Whether the person receiving vegan gifts from you is an advanced chef or gets their energy from microwave meals and coffee, there are different kinds of helpful knick-knacks for all things cooking, eating, and drinking!

Top Pick: Online Cooking & Lifestyle Program

Using several multimedia formats like HD video, audio, and written content, this online course covers all about vegan cooking, encouraging you to get in the kitchen and start making the foods you love. Find an ever-growing library of recipes, meal prepping, and cook-along videos guaranteed to make you fall in love with cooking and stay on the vegan lifestyle for good!

Blonde woman wearing a blue shirt standing in a white modern kitchen in front of a glass bowl with some flour

Vegan Gifts for Him

Can’t think of anything good to buy for the man in your life? Browse this handy selection of vegan-friendly gifts that is sure to contain something for your dad, hubby, or friend.

Top Pick: Vegan Winter Coat

Expertly handmade in Italy in small batches, Will’s Vegan coats are truly something else. The sustainable slow fashion brand offers a good selection of styles to meet anyone’s preferences and needs! 

From jackets to parkas, vegan wool coats, and more — these will keep your guy warm.

black vegan coat
  • Deep Tissue Massager Tool (for the hard-working guy who either works out way too much or way too little)
  • The Ryker Bag Tool Organizers (with different compartments and detachable tool pouches, everyone will be surprised how many tools can be packed into this organizer)
  • Vegan Vibes Baseball Cap (timeless design, a wide selection of colors, made in the USA)
  • Travel Toiletry Bag (large enough to meet most travel needs with a dry & wet separation pocket, durable and water-resistant materials)
  • Mens Grooming Kit (professional set that can handle any type of hair with a pro-shaver design made in Japan)
  • Wood Phone Docking Station (nightstand organizer for glasses, watches, phones, bracelets, keys, and more; made from bamboo with a durable finish)
  • Insulated Coffee Mug (handy & stylish thermos for hot or cold drinks that keep their temperature for 6-8 hours)

Vegan Gifts for Her

Make the woman in your life happy by getting her one of these vegan gifts! Whether she is interested in fashion or cooking, these presents are sure to make her smile.

Top Pick: Vegan Saddle Bag

Every woman needs a good handbag! However, vegan-friendly ones can be hard to find — especially if you’re looking for high-quality handbags.

This saddle bag offers a beautiful, timeless design, is very luxurious, and is handmade with Italian vegan leather made with plants!

brown vegan saddle bag
  • Mom’s Kitchen Apron (perfect if she likes cooking, modern design & available in different colors)
  • Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box (modern Scandinavian design that makes this box as beautiful as it is functional; approximately 5×5 inches diameter, available in 3 color schemes)
  • Fair Trade Vegan Scarf (eco-conscious oversized scarf to keep her warm, available in beautiful earthy colors)
  • Bullet Dotted Journal (notebook with extra thick paper, lay-flat binding, vegan leather cover, back pocket, bookmark, and elastic fastener)
  • Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter Set (funny Christmas gift idea to make the prettiest “ugly” cookies)
  • Vegan Jewellery (earrings, necklaces, rings, & bangles that are highly curated and using innovative and sustainable materials)
  • Vegan Comfort Cooking (easy, feel-good recipes for every day by a classically trained vegan chef & practicing Buddhist)

Eco-Conscious Gifts

Eco has become the new chic, and is certainly a hot topic for most vegans! The following selection covers reusable items like cups, straws, bags, and the best zero-waste products out there.

Top Pick: Customizable Zero-Waste Kit

This Zero-Waste Kit by Spruce & Pine Co. contains necessities like reusable produce bags, a string market bag, stainless steel stackable snack tins, straws, bamboo cutlery, and an eco-friendly sponge. You can customize your kit to include the products you want and choose your own beautiful fabric, making it the perfect gift!

set of bamboo cutlery, reusable bags, straws and snack tin next to a carton

Vegan Gifts for Animal Lovers

Here’s our little selection of goodies for your companion animal, donation ideas for wild animals, those in captivity, and some decorative items.

Top Pick: Effective Animal Advocacy Donation

Few things are more thoughtful than a good old-fashioned charity donation. Your giftee will be more than grateful for your generous donation on their behalf to a cause they care about deeply! The great thing about this organization is that they use your money in the most efficient way to improve animals’ lives.

logo of the animal charity evaluators showing a teal circle with white lines

Gifting Experiences

If you want to create special memories with your loved ones, nothing is better than experiencing one-of-a-kind moments together!

When you choose to gift experiences instead of dust collectors, you can create memories that truly bring people together. 

Top Pick: Visiting a Sanctuary

This is a very thoughtful and fitting gift for any vegan and animal lover! Farmed animals, from pigs to cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, and more, find refuge and are allowed to live out their lives amongst people who truly care about them.

Learn more about their lives within and outside the sanctuary, meet like-minded people, and experience the pure joy of these places! Extra points if you leave a small donation for the animals.

Farmer girl feeding the goats on a sanctuary
  • Concert tickets
  • Balloon ride
  • Massage voucher
  • Forest tour
  • Vegan cooking class
  • Museum membership
  • Family game night
  • Vegan hotel trip
  • Vegan wine tasting
  • Theater tickets

Easy & DIY Vegan Gifts

Homemade and DIY gifts can be just as meaningful – if not more so – as store-bought ones! Sometimes, a simple gesture for that person can be all you need to make them feel appreciated, and it can save you money, too.

  • Give out some homemade vegan cookies in a jar
  • Make some pretty & tasty coconut bliss balls
  • Collect fresh herbs from your garden or gift them dried
  • Create delicious spice mixes for home cooking
  • Get a bottle of vegan wine or champagne
  • Go out to a vegan restaurant together or get a voucher
  • Gift a stay at a vegan hotel anywhere around the world
  • Go on an adventure or fun trip together
  • Watch a vegan documentary together to learn about veganism

Vegan Gift Buying Guide

New to Veganism?

If you’re a vegan beginner and have managed to keep your home vegan thus far, it can seem super overwhelming to shop only vegan gifts for your friends and family.

Because veganism is a lifestyle that seeks to exclude, as much as practicable and possible, all unnecessary harm to animals in all areas of life, it does make sense to think about every single purchase you make.

But if grandma gives you a new pair of woolen socks or your mother-in-law presents her non-vegan cookies, it’s up to you to decide if that’s a hard “no” for you.

Take things at your own pace to ensure that you stick to the vegan lifestyle for good!

These Gifts Are Not Vegan

  • Food containing meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, whey, ghee, or lard
  • Beverages that have been filtered through egg whites or fish bladder
  • Clothes, textiles, or jewelry made out of fur, leather, wool, feathers, down, pearls, or silk
  • Beauty items and body products that have been tested on animals or contain ingredients such as beeswax, carmine, or lanolin
  • Homeware made with bone china and candles made with beeswax

This handy list lets you check for yourself if you want to purchase a specific item.

Luckily, our handpicked selection of vegan-friendly presents takes out the stress and offers a plethora of ideas to choose from!

Where to Find Vegan Gifts?

Nowadays, many stores offer vegan-friendly products. You don’t need to seek out super niche and expensive shops just to find something that’s fully vegan.

While it’s true that supporting 100% vegan businesses is a lovely idea and gesture, it isn’t very accessible to everyone, and we think that buying a vegan-friendly item anywhere supports the vegan movement.

If you know that your giftee is especially concerned about the environment, you can look out for eco-friendly or recycled packaging or check to see whether a business is donating parts of their profits to charity.

The Greatest Gift: Support Veganism

Generally, one of the greatest gifts you can give to a vegan is to look into veganism yourself and understand what made this person in your life go vegan – you can get a feel for the most common and convincing reasons for a vegan lifestyle here. 

Providing some vegan food at the party or gathering is also a wonderful gift in and of itself because plant-based eaters aren’t always used to being catered for. 

Small gestures like this are already very helpful and heart-warming!

Happy Vegan Gift Giving

We hope you enjoyed our lovingly curated list of all the different vegan gifts you could give for a birthday, Christmas, or just because you appreciate someone in your life.

We do our best to keep this list updated so you can always find high-quality items to choose from!

Which of our vegan gifts did you like the most? Will you give any of these to a loved one this year? Share with us in the comments below and Pin this guide here.

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