22 Best Vegan Cookbooks For Beginners

by Alena

Find the best vegan cookbooks for beginners and all kinds of dietary or taste preferences on this list! From everyday choices to holiday recipes, high-protein meals or whole-food plant-based dishes — we’ve got you covered.

Especially if you’re new to plant-based eating and just started transitioning to a vegan diet, having the right vegan cookbook can be a game-changer!

We wanted to make this choice less overwhelming for you and collected the best-rated, most popular cookbooks that just hit the market or have been established and loved for years.

No matter if you want to recreate your favorite comfort foods on a vegan diet, need to stay on a budget or would like to follow a whole food plant-based diet free from oil and sugar, our hand-selected books from different categories will offer the best picks for every single preference!

Find more vegan books here (this article also covers lifestyle, nutrition, health and kids books) and browse our list of vegan gift ideas if you’re on the hunt right now!

We also have more helpful vegan resources for you, such as:

Enjoy this list of diverse, easy and crowd-pleasing vegan recipes for everyone!

Everyday Vegan Cookbooks

Let’s start with our go-to category for everyday vegan cooking and food preparation! These books feature no-fuss, quick, tasty and approachable plant-based recipes.

Isa Does It

Written by America’s bestselling vegan cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz, this popular beginner’s cookbook features 150 recipes that are flavorful, satisfying and often ready to enjoy in 30 minutes or less.

Mouthwatering dishes like summer seitan saute, bistro beet burgers, banana nut muffins or Chimichurri pumpkin bowls are featured in 11 different categories from soups to bowls and desserts!

Vegan on the Go: Fast, Easy, Affordable 

Don’t we all want our food preparation to be easy and fast while keeping the grocery bill low? “Vegan on the Go” packs 100 plant-based recipes that are portable, quick and really delicious.

With a focus on lunchbox ideas, this cookbook has everything from tofu sushi to vegan sausage salad, pizza, muesli bars or sweet potato burgers — all of which are photographed to whet your appetite.

Vegan Fakeaway

Recreate the delicious flavors of takeaway at home with this awesome vegan cookbook! Divided into chapters on American, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern classics, you’ll find recipes that take just 15 minutes to cook, slow-cooker recipes that do the hard work for you as well as menus that will feed up to 4 people.

Enjoy sesame spring rolls, Sicilian-style pizza, chili burritos or falafel flatbread, all without leaving the house.

The First Mess Cookbook

Simple and sustainable vegan cooking takes on a new lease of life in Laura Wright’s cookbook. Derived from her Saveur award-winning blog, “The First Mess” guides you through eating locally and sustainably, ensuring there’s always something good on your plate no matter what time of year. 

If her unique flavor pairings and genius twists don’t get you excited (such as her earl grey & vanilla bean tiramisu or romanesco confetti salad), then the stunning imagery that accompanies each recipe will. 

Oh She Glows Cookbook

Founder of one of the plant-based market’s earliest food blogs, Angela Liddon may just be the queen of delicious, healthy vegan cooking. 

From the start of her quest for a kinder life – both to herself and to animals – right up to her current challenges of raising a vegan family, Angela has proved time and time again that wholesome, plant-based cooking does not have to be complicated, bland or boring. 

“The Oh She Glows Cookbook” features over 100 recipes covering entrees, snacks, light bites, desserts and breakfasts, each one delivering a hit of hearty, nourishing goodness. Whether you’re cooking for one or for many, Angela has plenty of delights up her sleeve that will keep their tasters coming back for more.


Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are here to bring you over 140 simple recipes that are outrageously tasty and undetectably vegan!

Always ensuring they stick to fresh, supermarket-friendly ingredients, these guys truly create “plant-based food for everyone”. Find crowd-pleasing party pieces, sumptuous desserts, hearty dinners and more satisfying recipes in their book!

Fuss-Free Vegan 

Our blogger colleague Sam Turnbull shares her unique voice and approachable vegan recipes in this beginner-friendly cookbook! 

Over 100 everyday comfort food favorites are recreated in a fully vegan way; tried-and-tested pizza pockets, fluffy pancakes, macaroni and cheese and rich chocolate brownies that Sam loved most in her pre-vegan days!

Plants-Only Kitchen

No fuss, no fancy ingredients — just fantastic food using plants, only. Gaz Oakley’s crowd-pleasing recipes don’t just make any transition to veganism a lot more fun, they are totally suitable for non-vegans as well!

Find over 70 delicious, super simple and protein-packed recipes for busy people in his popular cookbook which features lots of gorgeous photos as well as symbols flagging recipes that are gluten-free, high-protein or meal prep-friendly.

Ethnic Cuisines

Enjoy all of the delicious flavors different parts of the world have to offer! From Asian cuisine to African American, Mexican and Indian food — here’s how to make all of it vegan-friendly.

La Vida Verde

Follow along with Jocelyn Ramirez as she transforms the traditional dishes she grew up making into wonderfully flavorful plant-based meals everyone will love.

Capturing all the spicy, earthy, savory deliciousness of authentic Mexican cooking, these 60 recipes range from tortillas to fresh cheese, jackfruit tacos and árbol chiles with tomatillo. Everything is made with only a few simple and affordable vegan substitutions!

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen 

Whether you want to enjoy Indian cooking, try some new spices, add more protein to your meals using legumes and lentils or make veggies taste really delicious, this book has got you covered!

From delicious dals to rich curries, savory breakfasts, snacks, desserts and much more, this book brings you Richa Hingle’s collection of plant-based Indian recipes inspired by regional cuisines, Indian culture, and local foods.

Everything’s super flavorful and approved by non-vegans!

Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen

Luckily, we can enjoy all of the delicious Italian dishes on a plant-based diet! From creamy pasta sauce to cheesy pizza or luscious tiramisu, Chloe shares familiar classics which she makes vegan-friendly by using simple swaps.

Find crumbled sausage mozzarella pizza, lasagna bolognese, eggplant parmesan, chocolate-dipped almond biscotti and gelato sandwiches in this cookbook!

East Meets Vegan

“East Meets Vegan” combines the best of Asian home cooking in a plant-based and delicious way! 

Including traditional Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian recipes like spring rolls, shiitake ramen, mango lassis, tandoori cauliflower, pineapple fried rice and vegan butter chicken, Sasha Gill proves that plant-based dishes can be easy and affordable.

All of her recipes are bursting with flavors and feature beautiful photographs!

Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné Claiborne brings over 100 easy vegan recipes full of Southern flavors into your kitchen! Full of smoke, sugar and spice, she recreates crowd-pleasing soul food in a simple and delicious way.

Jenné revives the long tradition of using fresh and local ingredients in recipes like fried cauliflower chicken, coconut collard salad, gumbo, jalapeno hush puppies and watermelon peach salad!

Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes

If you’re looking for healthy vegan recipes in particular, this section of cookbooks is for you! Based on healthy whole food ingredients, these nourishing dishes help you meet your nutritional needs in a breeze.

Straight Up Food

You may think it’s hard to make healthy food taste good, but “Straight Up Food” proves otherwise. Cathy Fisher’s book delivers over 100 delicious recipes that are completely plant-based, gluten-free and made only from whole, unprocessed plant foods! 

Her recipes cover many of your favorite family-friendly meals, such as ‘beef’ stew, Caesar salad, coleslaw, pancakes, and blueberry muffins. Fisher explains the hows and the whys of cooking without salt, oil or sugar, including shopping lists, tips on substituting traditional ingredients and detailed nutrient and calorie breakdowns for every recipe.

The Engine 2 Cookbook

Rip and Jane Esselstyn have been eating a whole food plant-based diet for decades and sure know how to make lip-smacking recipes the whole family will enjoy!

From Mac-N-Cash to badass banana bread, terrific teriyaki tofu bowls and two-handed sloppy joes, this cookbook features healthy and delicious recipes for every occasion.

You will also find extra tips for creating a plant-strong kitchen as well as personal stories from the Esselstyn family.

Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Diet Cookbook

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive! Find out how to whip up 3 filling whole food plant-based meals a day for just $7 in Kathy Davis’ “Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Diet Cookbook”.

The recipes are both accessible and tasty, keeping your belly full and your grocery bill in check! Find ratatouille pasta, peanut butter energy bites, breakfast hash and more recipes that are all free from animal products, oil, salt and sugar.

Forks Over Knives: Flavor!

If you’re familiar with the popular documentary “Forks Over Knives”, you’ll love their cookbooks! This edition of their product line brings you 150 delicious, all-new and easy-to-prepare whole food plant-based recipes full of flavor.

Find internationally-inspired meals such as black bean chilaquiles, Thai red curry noodles, polenta pizza and simple staples like date paste, homemade almond milk, cheese sauce or vegetable stock in this all-encompassing cookbook.

How Not to Die Cookbook 

Co-authored by plant-based legend and founder of the wildly popular website “Nutrition Facts” Micheal Greger, MD, this beautifully photographed vegan cookbook offers over 100 health-supporting and delicious recipes.

Reduce your risk for common lifestyle diseases by eating easy meals from the “Daily Dozen” food list — from morning grain bowls and French toast to beans and greens quesadilla, stuffed winter squash, tempeh wraps and oatmeal walnut cookies.

Vegan Specialty Cookbooks

Here are some great picks that showcase how to be vegan with certain allergies, during the holidays, as an athlete and more!

This Cheese is Nuts!

This is the essential primer and guide to preparing nut-based vegan cheese at home! Julie Piatt, wife of ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, inspires you to embrace a fully vegan lifestyle where you don’t have to miss the cheese.

All recipes are remarkably simple to prepare with few ingredients and a basic dehydrator and cover goodness like aged almond cheddar, cashew truffle cream, brazil nut pesto, cashew camembert and more!

The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

Remember bestselling author Isa Chandra Moskowitz who we mentioned at the beginning of this list? Well, she also created a wonderful vegan cookbook specifically for the holidays!

Find festive vegan food for any occasion that’s delicious, easy and fun to make! From biscuits and gravy to churro biscotti, cinnamon apple crepes and lots of finger food, these 250 seasonal recipes equip you for Christmas, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and more.

The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook 

If you happen to own a pressure cooker, this is the vegan cookbook to get! We’ve already shared our favorite vegan Instant Pot recipes on the blog, but this book takes things a step further.

Over 90 nutritious and delicious everyday vegan recipes make cooking a snap! Enjoy hands-off cooking while tasting the full repertoire of vegan dishes like homemade coconut yogurt, breakfast enchilada casserole, mushroom risotto and double fudge chocolate cake.

The High-Protein Vegan Cookbook for Athletes

Fuel your body with these 70 wholesome high-protein vegan recipes! Being a top-performing no-meat athlete has never been easier — this awesome book comes with a handy nutrition 101 chapter, tips for stocking your kitchen and lots of nutrition information for each recipe.

Jenna Braddock, RD, really knows how to make healthy and delicious protein-packed recipes ranging from quick breakfast choices to portable snacks, energizing bowls, sandwiches, dinners and desserts! 

The Complete Gluten-Free Vegan Cookbook

If you need to avoid gluten, you can totally do so on a vegan diet! Check out these 125 filling and satisfying recipes which offer a wealth of options for everyone — whether you’re gluten-free yourself or want to cook for someone else.

Find lots of additional dietary labels such as soy-free or nut-free (super allergy-friendly!) and enjoy fluffy baked goods, hearty entrées, quick snacks, breakfasts and sweets.

More Vegan Resources

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