Are you interested in adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle but nobody around you seems to feel the same? We were faced with the exact challenge when we decided to go vegan. Being the only plant munchers around, we each checked the internet to find out how others were leading a compassionate and healthy life. Sometimes, having some vegan YouTubers to follow is just what you need in order to get started!


But it wasn't just important to have role models or inspiring people in the beginning of our journeys - until this day, we watch some of our favorite YouTube channels almost daily. It's really a blessing to have such wonderful people who put themselves out there and share their personal lives and thoughts, people who spend so much time and energy creating high-quality videos which we can watch for free.

So in order to get my inner fan girl rolling, I decided to put together a list of my current favorite vegan channels as well as over 30 others that I haven't delved into very deeply yet. I really want to give you the chance to get inspired daily to eat colorful yummy foods, move your precious body, and live with more awareness and compassion!

The following people and their channels are in no particular order - we enjoy all of them equally! There's no way of comparing them either since every individual has a different personality, way of talking about things, topics of interest, and magic around them. Additionally to some info about each channel, we decided to include one of their videos representing the channel the most so you could get a better idea of what to expect. So let's get right into it!

DISCLAIMER! This is an older article and we need to update it as soon as we can. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, we have lots of great YouTubers to add. Everything's changing so fast on the internet and some of the people you will find here are NOT vegan anymore (Bonny Rebecca & Rawvana). Updated version will be up soon.

1. Sweet Potato Soul

The person behind this popular brand is Jenné, a glowing woman currently living in NYC. She's a vegan chef, health coach, and cooking instructor who makes awesome videos and takes stunning pictures of her delicious vegan food as well as snapshots from her daily life.


In her videos, you'll find nourishing recipes for body and soul as well as travel or "What I Eat in a Day" vlogs as well as information on vegan fashion. Jenné also likes to sit down and have an honest heart-to-heart chat on popular questions she receives such as healthy weight loss, kitchen tours, skin care, and supplementation.

What We Like

Jennés peaceful and inspiring way of presenting her life and meals is really outstanding. Her positivity will make you want to binge-watch everything all at once!

2. High Carb Hannah

After having eaten a high raw vegan diet for a year and gaining 33 lbs during that time, Hannah has taken on the starch-based route 2 years ago and is feeling better than ever. All her social media profiles cover that process beautifully and offer a lot of weight loss inspiration. Together with her husband Derek (YouTube channel) and their two dogs, she currently lives in a tiny house in Arizona.


Her expertise ranges from healthy plant-based weight loss and creating simple delicious recipes to taking beautiful pictures and living an eco-friendly minimal lifestyle. The couple documented not only how they met and fell in love, got married and moved in together - also their whole planning and building of their own tiny house can be seen on YouTube. Her mukbangs are awesome too!

What We Like

We feel like Hannah is really speaking our language. Our personal story is very similar to Derek's and hers - so thank you for making a whole food (cooked) vegan diet so popular on YouTube. She doesn't stop at veganism though but also tries to live as naturally and zero waste as possible.

3. That Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luca have followed their passion and moved from Australia to Thailand. This means great inexpensive whole plant-based food, cycling up mountains, and inspiring others with their lifestyle by sharing lots of it on social media. Besides their volunteer work in many different countries, they decided to focus on the fields of lifestyle coaching, fitness, yoga, and online activism. You can read more about them in our interview.


When watching their YouTube channel, you'll find a lot of response videos to non-vegan YouTubers full of insightful tips on how they could solve some type of problem they described. This effective approach has already inspired a very popular YouTuber with a beauty channel to adopt a plant-based diet and inspire her subscribers to do the same. Natasha and Luca also like to answer common questions around veganism and health, inspire with their vlogs, share recipes, have mukbangs, and comment on recent news.

What We Like

The phrase with which the couple ends every video sums up most of which we love about them: "Going vegan isn't the most we can do. It's the least we can do." They are very kind and real as they offer the viewer a perspective of how the victims in our society must feel - starting with the most oppressed, the animals.

4. Eco-Vegan Gal

Eco-Vegan Gal is an online empowerment resource for people who, like you, are curious about how to be better to their bodies and the planet. The awesome lady behind this project is Whitney, a vegan since 2003, who currently lives in Los Angeles. She has a background in film production and received an Environmental Activist Award in 2014.


Whitney recently started a series on her YouTube channel where she reads and then talks about books in the areas of health, weight loss, self-love, and self-improvement. These videos come in handy because you can get her notes too and don't have to get every single book yourself! Apart from that, she likes to share recipes, eco-vegan products she buys, personal routines, DIYs, interviews, and more.

What We Like

We agree that sustainability is a very important subject as well. Whitney is very insightful and has a lot to offer from her experience, which she can present in a very understandable way. Her positivity will make you want to watch all of her videos in one go!

5. Earthling Ed

This young activist is from the UK and has been getting quite a lot of attention because of the way he approaches and confronts passengers on the street. Because veganism changed his life and perspective on so many issues, he believes that this is the way back to compassion and love - while solving a lot of worldwide issues in the process.


Most of his videos show him talking with strangers on topics like morality or oppression which he eloquently weaves into the subject of consuming animals and objectifying them. Most passengers react in a positive way and are grateful for having their perspective broadened. He also makes videos on common questions towards vegans such as the cruelty behind wool, the circle of life, destruction of the planet, and all things morality.

What We Like

Vegan activism has been getting many faces recently and we absolutely adore Ed's attitude and way of approaching people. It's something we can all learn from. He never sees himself as above anyone else and it's so easy to make that connection with him. His knowledge base is very sound and he has the perfect answer for anything that comes up.

6. Banana Blondie

Michelle is a 40-year-old yoga lover who has been practicing since 2000 and has been eating a whole foods plant-based diet since late 2012. The mom of two currently lives in Miami, Florida where she works as an entrepreneur on a website called "Thriving plant-based", giving online yoga classes, offering food journals, group coaching and more.


Her social media accounts are half dominated by yoga pictures (more so than videos) of amazing postures and answering questions she gets or talking about what happened in her life. She likes to comment on the behavior people around her have or the things they say - giving her honest and raw opinion can sometimes end in a rant with lots of cuss words, but that's also what makes her unique and a source of inspiration.

What We Like

She manages life with her 2 children pretty well, teaching them her values and packing awesome vegan lunches. We like that she has a high standard and is a hard worker while being so down to earth. She shows how you can be a vegan and still be a f*%king lady.

Find her on:

7. Cheap Lazy Vegan

The bubbly red-haired woman behind this project is Rose, a young Canadian woman living in the UK. After hearing many people say that veganism would be for the super rich only, she decided to come up with Cheap Lazy Vegan to add some truth to this myth. Because it turns out, she didn't have to give up her social life or sacrifice her foodie status - and her food costs are lower than ever. 


Rose likes to comment on current topics such as veganism being more than a diet, honey, morality, and vegan holidays. She also talks about eating out as a vegan, showing how to live on £1 a day on vegan food, quick & easy recipes, grocery shopping, and more. Her meal preparation videos, where she films what she likes to eat in a day, are a special treat.

What We Like

We've been getting into meal prepping because of this lady! Honestly, her videos on easy vegan meals are very inspiring and take away the excuse of inconvenience. She also shows how to eat out at different restaurants and why veganism doesn't have to be a struggle. Plus her personality is super encouraging and awesome!

8. Brianna Jackson

Speaking of bubbly: meet Brianna, a young lady from England. After having struggled with anorexia, she decided to go on a raw vegan (rather, fruitarian) diet for her recovery - which, unfortunately, just turned her existing eating disorder into orthorexia. She bravely documented her recovery process, showing what she eats now and which steps she took to free herself from any restrictive thoughts and behaviors.


Brianna likes to travel. More importantly, she likes to take her camera with her and discover awesome places and even more awesome vegan food in different countries! She shows what she eats in a day, makes mukbangs, taste tests, and shares recipes. But she also likes to take a stand on topics such as drama, weight gain, makeup, education, anxiety, and societal issues. 

What We Like

Her humor is contagious! Her YouTuber impressions are priceless, her accent is lovely and she is incredibly wise for her age. We loved watching her transform and grow out of her eating disorder as well as her bravery for talking about many difficult subjects.

9. Happy Healthy Vegan

Ryan and Anji are a fit vegan couple in their 40 somethings and live with their 2 cats in beautiful Los Angeles, California. They have been following a plant-based vegan diet for around 5 years now, appeared on "The Doctors" and also have their own band called "Lovespirals". 


Their posts range from high carb vegan recipes to fitness, interviews, what I eat in a day style videos, and - most popular - their thoughts and comments on popular topics around health and veganism. They are not afraid to call out others on spreading misinformation and backing it up with solid science. 

What We Like

We always smile throughout every of their videos because they bring such a chill, joyful, and logical vibe along with them. It's partly because of their comparably older age, but the wisdom and attitude in their videos is pretty outstanding! Keep it carbed and keep it chill :)

10. Mantras and Mangos

The lovely Mary from Australia shares her story on how she overcame struggling with anxiety and eating disorders through a vegan lifestyle and nourished herself back to health. The trained nurse offers an awesome ebook and loves to travel the world as well as inspiring like-minded people.


Her holistic approach to health and life shines through her videos and pictures - that's why her topics cover many aspects of her lifestyle and experiences, including physical, mental, and spiritual issues. She makes vlogs, food diaries, travel videos, shares recipes, motivational advice, and more.

What We Like

Mary's attitude and personality is one of a kind! She very openly shared her struggles around eating and body image, building other women up and showing how they can truly come to love themselves and life. You'll get hooked after watching a few of her videos!

11. Happy and Healthy 96

The 19-year-old Steph with Chinese roots is currently living in beautiful Vancouver BC and interested in veganism, self-growth, and Netflix. Having danced for many years of her young life, she found herself in a battle with eating disorders one day and knew something needed to change. She found the documentary Forks Over Knives, turned vegan, and re-discovered her love for herself and life.


During her "Cereal Talks", Steph likes to share how she puts together her current favorite meals and topics she's been thinking about recently. She's also big on gratitude, self-growth, happiness, and traveling. Because of her past, she also likes to talk about all things body image, weight issues, and eating disorders. But don't miss out on her random and fun "What I Ate Today" videos!

What We Like

Steph is one of the YouTubers who is very wise and mature for her young age - something we can all learn a lot from. Because of the wide range of her topics, you won't get tired of her videos. We love how real, loving, and kind she is. Stay inspiring, Steph!

12. Family Freedom

Martin is a funny and loving husband and father to his vegan son Jojo. The family of 3 is based in England where they all try to create smiles, spread the vegan message and make the world a better place. He has given speeches about veganism and likes a no-nonsense approach to science and the truth.


Since there aren't many other vegan kids on YouTube, Martin likes to show what his son eats and does in a day which is very surprising and entertaining. He also hosts regular Q&As, shows his groceries and pantries, does street interviews, explains his position or view on controversial topics and brings his camera along when he travels.

What We Like

His and Jojo's way of talking and acting with each other is something you don't see every day. Their kind and uplifting attitude will have you smile through the whole video! Martin is very authentic and passionate, not afraid to talk about any subject and simply very entertaining.

13. Jenny Mustard

Jenny is a Swedish minimalist lifestyle blogger with a passion for vegan food and movies. She currently lives in Berlin, Germany where she shoots her professional videos together with her partner David and wallows in the world of fashion.


While most of her videos are about veganism, health, and food-related issues, another main focus is definitely minimalism. She lives in a very bright and clean apartment with only few belongings which is an alternative but very inspiring lifestyle. She also talks about fashion, her wardrobe, how to stop shopping, night routines, and how to create your dream life. 

What We Like

The style of Jenny's videos is certainly something else! Very refreshing, clear and to the point. Since we're also very much into minimalism and clean spaces, we're interested in just about anything she has to share! Check her out and fall in love with awesome camera shots, subtle colors, and her cute Swedish accent.

14. Guilt Free TV

Jeff Morgan is a father and husband living in Israel and enjoying a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Through his social media accounts, he wants to show how easy it is to be fit and strong on plants while still enjoying life, traveling, having a family, and occasionally talking to one of the famous plant-based doctors. 


His videos revolve around health and fitness most of the time. Jeff shows what he likes to eat and how he prepares his food, shares his workouts, parenting tips, and answers popular questions. He is best known for his interviews with Dr. Greger and Dr. Campbell as well as being a great role model for anyone aspiring to be a healthy bodybuilder or athlete.

What We Like

He is a source of inspiration for anyone who is serious about making vegan gains, staying healthy, and making the world a better place. His calm, kind, and witty attitude make you want to watch all of his videos in one sitting! As with some other vegan YouTubers, we love to see him and his diet evolve over time as he finds out which foods work best for him.

Find him on:

15. Melissa Alexandria

Another woman who focuses not only on veganism but also on minimalism is Melissa Alexandria from Canada. After quitting her job and minimizing her life in order to follow her passions, she built an online business and turned around her diet and lifestyle. Her interests include fashion, positivity, and traveling.


Her topics range from motivational videos to life advice, minimalist living, what she eats in a day, weight loss, entrepreneurship, capsule wardrobe, room tours, money saving, self-love, gratitude, beauty, and traveling. You sometimes see her vlogging while walking her dog or sitting down for a Q&A session. Lately, she's been including some low-fat vegan recipe videos as well!

What We Like

We always feel a sense of simplicity and peace when watching her videos. She likes to eat very similarly to us (rather starch-based) and so her recipes are always a win! We also love that she covers topics such as living a fulfilled life and making dreams come true - overall a great picture of a beautiful way to live.

16. Bite Size Vegan

No list would be complete without the queen of making educational, truthful, in-depth videos on veganism: Emily from Bite Size Vegan. She dedicated all of her time to this topic and creating epic, mostly short or "bite-sized" content. The activist and educator also holds credentials in the fields of fine arts, yoga, and personal training.


Emily seems to cover anything you need to know about veganism from the production of wool or eggs to ethical and philosophical topics such as "Are we born vegan?". Some things that really stand out are her beautiful graphics that can break down even very complicated information as well as her videos from the perspective of an animal. If there's anything to know or share about the concept of veganism - you will find it on her channel.

What We Like

Emily is one of the most dedicated people we have ever seen. Everything is so well-researched and thought through that the quality of her work speaks for itself. She is busy not only creating her own content but also gives international speeches and can be found protesting in front of slaughterhouses for a more peaceful world. She has the ability to talk to kids just as well as to well-educated grown-ups so that everyone can understand her simple yet powerful message.

17. Mr & Mrs Vegan

The name alone of this lovely Californian couple (soon to be family of 3) is probably enough to make that list. They are eager to spread the message of eating a healthy low fat vegan diet consisting of whole foods, predominantly starches and surely make it seem hip, fun, and delicious. With their 25 years of combined knowledge of healthy vegan living, they offer you tricks, recipes, and show how to enjoy life to the fullest.


Mr and Mrs Vegan cover a whole range of topics around healthy eating, making veganism practical, breaking down complicated information as well as showing what they eat and do in a day. The great thing is that they spread a very positive message! In an entertaining way, they make veganism seem pretty easy. From snacks to holiday food, college veganism, and cheap, healthy shopping ideas - they share all the great helpful ideas that'll ensure you stay on track.

What We Like

It's most of all a lot of fun to watch their videos! They keep even dry topics very entertaining, come up with great ideas to help the viewer remember important parts of their videos and have a very down-to-earth approach. You will find yourself smiling and being surprised when watching them. Even though they're a bit older than most YouTubers in this list, they still have a young, quirky vibe. Thanks for being so inspiring and uplifting!

18. Bananiac

Tino currently lives in Florida and holds a degree in Dietetics. Having been on a fruit-based vegan diet in the past, he switched over to a simple plant-based diet, eating primarily whole foods. He likes to answer any questions regarding health and nutrition as well as interviewing many of the popular plant-based doctors. More recently, you can find him taking his bike around and pushing his fitness. He's already contributed to our blog where he shared his insight on carbohydrates. 


On his YouTube channel, he puts out weekly videos showing what he likes to eat, cycling tips or bike rides, addressing what food makes you fat and sick, answering ethical questions or anything regarding weight loss as well as commenting on recent news surrounding veganism and other vegans. Overall, he gives some pretty good ideas where to get your information on nutrition from and who the real authorities in this field are. 

What We Like

Tino is very chill and down-to-earth. We love his honesty and that he tries to keep all of his videos very respectful and inviting to the non-vegan person watching. He's not afraid to speak up and call out others on their potentially harmful statements! It's awesome that he is both so relaxed, friendly, and very knowledgeable. 

19. Sweet Simple Vegan

The beautiful young woman behind this popular name is Jasmine, a Nutritional Science student living in Los Angeles. Having struggled with disordered eating in the past, she is now dedicated to spreading a message of health and happiness after going vegan in college. Jasmine also designed awesome clothing items and, along with all the free recipes on her blog, wrote a beautiful recipe ebook.


On her YouTube channel, you will find easy to follow recipes, videos on what she eats in a day, grocery hauls, vegan meetups, travel vlogs, as well as mukbangs. She also shares her favorite products and her life experiences such as couple advice, eating problems, and de-stressing. Her perfect photos make her Instagram account a wonderful source of inspiration as well!

What We Like

"Sweet" really is the best way to describe Jasmine's personality! We love that she's so much into the ethical aspect of veganism as well and wears awesome vegan tees. And since everyone has way too little time and energy on their hands, simplicity and convenience is really what we need - thank you for your inspiring work!

20. Henya Mania

Henya is a 26 years young vegan from Israel who likes to travel the world and share her lifestyle. After having followed different vegan diets, she decided to drop all the rules and eat "just vegan". You can find her munching down tons of bread with hummus or exploring local vegan restaurants around the places she stays. She is very straight forward, likes to comment on other people's videos, and shares her struggles with health issues.


Her videos are somewhat controversial - people seem to either love or hate her. Besides the typical "What I Eat in a Day" videos , travel vlogs and meetups, she lets the viewer know about many details in her life, including her health issues, her personal motivations, her eating disorder history and more. She is also into topics like going braless, stopping shaving, body image, and breaking societal rules.

What We Like

Henya is incredibly outspoken and won't back down. We appreciate her authenticity, that she talks in a very straight-forward manner and isn't afraid to discuss uncomfortable topics. She is her own woman and very self-confident, often times going against mainstream and swearing when appropriate. Her passion is awesome and you feel very empowered after watching her videos!

21. Naturally Stefanie

If you're looking for some female vegan "fitspo", then look no further than Stefanie from Scottland. The charming 23-year-old likes to lift heavy things in the gym, make gains, eat awesome vegan food and review products. After graduating from University with an honor's degree in psychology, she now focuses all of her time and attention to her health and fitness lifestyle while helping others reach their own goals.


Stefanie likes to share what she eats in a day, her gym workouts, skincare products, supplements as well as lots of traveling and Q&As. You can find her eating accidentally vegan junk foods, listen to her life advice and occasionally check out her lean and strong body. She shares many tips in detail so everyone could be able to follow the same routine and lifestyle as her.

What We Like

First of all - her accent is one of a kind! There aren't many popular Scottish YouTubers out there so she really stands out amongst other vloggers. Also, Stefanie is really serious about her fitness and lifting, she gives out great tips for vegan athletes and has a lovely, quirky personality. You'll really want to hit the gym after watching some of her videos!

Find her on:

22. Jon Venus

Now over to the male equivalent in the vegan bulking and fitness scene: Jon Venus. He is a fitness athlete and public figure who focuses on showing the world that it is possible to achieve greatness while starting from the bottom. He offers online training as well as vegan meal plans and travels the world together with his girlfriend Kathrine Moen.


He really likes to travel and show all the beautiful places he discovers on this planet. But you can also find out what he eats in a day when trying to improve his game! Jon also reviews his favorite gear, talks about his relationship, intermittent fasting, comments on news regarding veganism or fitness, and reads hate comments that are incredibly funny. But let's not forget about his 13,000 calorie challenge and his workout routines!

What We Like

Jon really attracts a whole different type of people to veganism through his explosive and funny attitude. He is able to show just how easy it is to make some vegan gains and look incredibly shredded while still being able to eat huge amounts of food. His power and passion are visible in every single video! We love how he likes to make fun of himself too and stays very down to earth.

... but wait, there's more!

We could go on for days because of the sheer amount of great vegans putting themselves out there. Unfortunately, this blog post would be too bloated (and take 5 minutes to load) if every channel was introduced that way. The ones mentioned above are the people we follow on a regular basis and are very familiar with.

But since we're always looking for new channels, we wanted to keep an ongoing list down here where we will add those vegans we either just found recently and don't know well enough yet or who aren't as active and don't want to share a lot on social media. Please go check them out as well!

Mic The Vegan

Honestly, we have been watching every single one of his videos. Get ready for some serious scientific answers to common vegan questions - answered in a witty, humorous, intelligent, and charming way. Gotta love Mic the Vegan! Go check out his awesome videos.

Vegan Activist

If you're looking for educational videos, inspiring short films and powerful documentaries about veganism and activism - look no further. The work of The Vegan Activist is incredibly professional, well done and inspiring! Check it out here

Lily Koi Hawaii

Are you ready for some heart to heart talk about all things veganism and weight loss? Lily lives on the Big Island and very authentically shares her experience around food, health, non-vegans, and more. You need to check out her awesome personality in all of her videos right now!

Healthy Crazy Cool

Miles used to be a professional athlete - until an injury and eating disorder ended his career and almost his life as well. Now he's a vegan nutritional therapist and helps others heal their bodies by working with them as well as shooting informational and inspirational videos!

Erin Janus

Erin is a passionate vegan, activist, writer, journalist, video producer and aspiring musician from Canada. She's more or less active on various platforms, so make sure to follow her everywhere. Her work is one of the most meaningful within the vegan movement - find her videos here.

Matt Cama

Matt is a fit, knowledgeable and inspiring young man who teaches you how to look and feel more confident, sexy and healthy - in a simple and effective way. If you're struggling with bad habits or binge eating, check out his great resources! Matt's YouTube is here

Edgy Veg

Are you in the mood for some real vegan cooking? Instead of salads and smoothies, Candice & James choose to re-purpose familiar favorites for an audience with sophisticated palettes and food-nerd obsessions. Be sure to check out their videos!

Rice And Raw

Sasha has a past of disordered eating and healed herself with the help of a high carb vegan diet. She has overcome anemia, candida issues, and has significantly lowered her high "hereditary" cholesterol. These days, she is interested in lifting and fitness as you can see in her videos.

Hench Herbivore

Paul is a vegan personal trainer and nutrition advisor based in Norwich, England. In his videos, he shares what he likes to eat, fitness advice, animal rescues, and street interviews. So if you're interested in anything related to vegan fitness, he's your guy!

Banana Warrior Princess

Emma, a UK-based vegan online activist, wants to show how easy it is to go vegan overnight with minimal effort required. She is most known for her awesome street interviews, her patience with meat eaters as well as her courageous and thoughtful questions. Follow her activism here!

Plantbased Athlete

Holding a certificate in plant-based nutrition as well as a black belt, Jay lives a powerful and inspiring healthy vegan lifestyle. His whole food plant-based meals are most of the time very simple and he opens up fit, strong dudes to veganism with his calm and strong personality. You can find his videos here - don't forget to check out his website as well!

Healthy Vegan Life

Tirza is a lovely young woman from the Netherlands who finished Dr. McDougall's Starch Solution Course in 2014 and is now determined to share this message in order to save people's health, the animals, and the planet. She makes great videos on what she eats, recipes, and other tips around nutrition.

Jason Pizzino

This vegan mate loves to travel! After spending some months in South-East Asia as well as Europe, he's discovered awesome vegan food in many different countries and is now back in Australia. Find out how he stays so fit and earns a passive income by working online here in his videos - and don't forget to check his other profiles on different platforms.


Vegetaryn is a place for you to find resources and inspiration on the journey to creating a healthy lifestyle. These come in the form of delicious ways to support your mind, body, and soul with whole, plant-based foods as well as free, easy-to-follow recipes, grocery shopping lists, and suggestions for eating at restaurants. Find her YouTube channel here.


Olga is a plants eater and cats lover from Canada who wants to help make your next lunch fabulously easy and healthy! Find out what she eats as a business lady, follow her on her travels, get tons of holiday recipes, salad dressings, snacks, treats, and more! We love her food videos a lot and highly recommend the channel. 

Potato Strong

Will is a 46-year-old Canadian who used to be an overweight meat eater, then vegetarian who ate tons of cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream. After going low fat no oil vegan he lost 35 lbs and is now building some muscle! He is inspired by the work of Dr. McDougall, Forks Over Knives, The China Study, and more. Watch his story and find his food ideas here!

Tami Torossian

Tami is a yogi, fitness instructor, integrative nutrition vegan health coach and YouTuber who wants to help you on your journey to a lean, strong, and healthy body. You can find weight loss tips, what she eats in a day, food hauls, as well as uncut chats about life on her YouTube channel.

Banana TV

Nicole and Cayley are a passionate vegan couple living on Sint Maarten, eating lots of fruits, riding their bikes, and exploring nature. They are active on many levels and regarding issues such as LGBT, veganism, social justice, and more. Follow them for food inspiration, different experiments, and of course the beautiful scenery!

Vegan Gains

This man probably needs no introduction. Richard from Canada has been making the famous "Worst of the Fitness Industry" videos in order to call self-proclaimed experts out on their bad nutritional advice. He is straight-forward, honest, provocative, and makes sure to stay well educated. You either love him or hate him - Mr. Gains made the list and you can check him out here. 

Apples and Amandas

Amanda is a future M.S., R.D. from the States who has found her passion and happiness through a compassionate plant-based lifestyle. In her videos, she shares valuable tips for vegans in college, her thoughts on current topics, what she eats in a day as well as workouts and Q&As. We just found her and are looking forward to her future videos!

Ellie The Earthling

This channel is run by Ellie, 23, who was born vegan and is fighting for change. She talks about important topics and other things she is passionate about including veganism, activism, the environment, zero waste, permaculture, natural cosmetics, food, traveling and more! We love her street activism with the UK vegan crowd. You guys rock! Check out her channel here. 

Regan the Vegan

Regan is an Aussie guy who lives in his van and likes to make witty videos on veganism, nutrition, foods, and travelling. His style is pretty funny, down-to-earth, and inspiring! Check out his awesome videos here.

Supreme Banana

Do you want to see a vegan try every vegan option at random fast food places? Then this channel is for you. Cami is a very outspoken young woman who loves to travel, share what awesome vegan foods she eats in a day, and discusses touchy topics. If you want to feel energized, motivated, and sometimes a little weirded out (in a good way), definitely watch her videos.

The Fairly Local Vegan

Amber is a vegan, a mother, a maker, a wife, and an activist; and in her videos, she chats about everything from attachment parenting to vegan food hauls to minimalism. We really like the mixture of topics and how peaceful and good her videos make us feel. Go say hello to her and her family!

Liv's Healthy Life

Olivia Biermann makes high-quality videos around the topics of vegan lunch ideas, eating vegan on a budget or when you're lazy, snacking, meal prepping, and more. You'll also find delicious and inspiring recipes, beauty routines, and life wisdom on here. Make sure to check out her awesome videos!

Sustainably Vegan

This channel is all about making the connection between Veganism and Environmentalism - how they are intertwined and essential to saving ourselves, our planet and the animals. Find great food inspiration, tips regarding minimalism as well as great DIY tips here!

The Happy Pear

Meet Dave and Steve, the identical twins chefs that started The Happy Pear back in 2004 which is now a natural food market: shop, cafe, restaurant & farm based in magical Ireland. They are all about healthy tasty food, building a community and having great fun doing it all! Find their videos here.

Tess Begg

The 19-year-old Tess from Australia is into fitness and delicious vegan food. In her videos, she'll let you know which exercises she does for her slim and fit body, which equipment she uses, and what she likes to eat. Tess also discusses popular topics such as finding the ideal diet and dealing with indigestion. Let her inspire you with her beautiful videos!

Caitlin Shoemaker

Are you looking for amazing vegan vibes, beautiful photography and delicious wholesome recipes? The 21-year-old college student Caitlin is your girl! With her wonderful attitude and amazing talent for preparing food, she will inspire you to take your health and meals one step further towards awesomeness. Make sure to check out all of her stuff! 

Unnatural Vegan

Swayze went vegan for health reasons initially and tried out a high carb raw vegan diet which didn't make her feel very well in the end. She has switched up her diet to a primarily cooked, higher fat and protein one and is known for her great critical thinking skills as well as commentaries on controversial topics around vegan. Check out her videos here

Brian Turner

The 9 year natural vegan bodybuilder puts out videos for people to relate, teach a bit and have fun. He lives in San Diego, California and talks about topics such as fitness (obviously), bulking, healing acne, fat loss, and workout routines. You can also find recipes, mukbangs, and vegan news on his channel.

That Vegan Mom

Staying on the topic, Natasha from That Vegan Mom is a 26-year old mother of a vegan toddler who shares topics for staying healthy with a busy schedule, recices and much more. She likes to expose vegan myths and misinformation as well as staying fit. Find her great videos here

Holly Brown Fit

Are you interested in vegan fitness? Let Holly show you how it can be done. On her channel, you will find nutrition advice, workout gear, great protein sources, physique updates as well as information on standard fitness nutrition tips and how they are not helpful. 


If you're a modern vegan looking for a positive vision of the future of veganism, you've come to the right place! Margaret is interested in animal rights, minimalism, futurism and technology (among a host of other things). ModVegan was born out of a desire to redesign vegan living for a new era and explore how veganism can move forward. Find her awesome channel here

Sarah Lemkus

Sarah lives with her vegan husband and their little daughter in beautiful New Zealand. On her channel, you will see videos about compassionate living, her families' vegan lifestyle, travel, recipes, vlogs, tips and tricks and hopefully more! We love her positivity and attitude. 

James Aspey

This Australian animal's rights activist is best known for his 1-year vow of silence for those who cannot speak: the animals. He is here to increase the peace, educate and inspire, spread vegan vibes and make the most out of this sweet gift called life! Find his inspiring videos here

A Privileged Vegan

The woman behind this channel is Marine - a 25 year old, cis, bi, French-American, vegan, feminist who doesn't really like labels. She is silly and opinionated, and she created her channel to talk about intersectional justice, always making sure that humans and other animals are a part of that conversation.

The Vegan Solution

Brittany Schafer is a Health Coach Certified in PlantBased Nutrition and follows a high carb low fat vegan diet. On her channel, she likes to talk about eating in abundance, tips and tricks to lose weight, intuitive eating, advice for parents and more. You can also see what she eats in a day.

Cam and Nina

Looking for creative and loving young Australians? Cam and Nina share their awesome and simple vegan food ideas, skin secrets, upload travel vlogs, and just overall awesome video to their channel. Their loving and dreamy videos are something special that we want to explore more!


The 19-year-old from Sydney, Australia wants to pursue a carreer in social media, sharing what she eats on a vegan diet and how she lives her life. You can find recipes, interviews as well as Q&As on her upbeat and beautiful channel. 


Jessica is a 22 year old beauty therapist sharing her passion for products and treatments through tutorials and reviews on YouTube. She also shares what she eats in a day, her favorite vegan makeup brands, and talks about her lifestyle. You can find her videos here. .

Kate Flowers

The 28-year-old fruitbat uses her channel as her outlet for creativity, activism, inspiration, love, beauty, & life. She is eating not only a vegan, but a raw vegan diet and is happily sharing this lifestyle with her partner Mae. You can also find fitness and intermitting fasting tips in her videos. 

Are you following any of these awesome vegans already? Who resonates the most with you and who's going to be your new favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Alena has been eating a plant-based diet for 6 years and is passionate about sharing her learnings in the fields of nutrition, wellbeing, and vegan ethics. She is the co-creator of nutriciously and loves music, reading, nature, traveling, yoga & good food. Alena received training in the fields of nutrition, music therapy, and social work.