40+ Best Vegan YouTubers & Influencers in 2023

by Alena
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These fantastic vegan YouTubers and social media influencers will inspire you to go or stay vegan with lots of insightful tips and inspiring material!

Are you shying away from going vegan or finding it hard to commit to this lifestyle because you don’t get enough support from your friends and family?

You’re really not alone — this is what most of us are experiencing. And this can feel so isolating!

Luckily, there are scores of fantastic vegan YouTubers and social media influencers who help us come together and move this important movement forward online,

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Since a lack of social support is one of the most common reasons why people turn back to eating animal products, we want to make it a priority to bring people together and share easy-to-access information on how to make veganism easy and enjoyable!

There’s a wealth of choices about how you want to educate yourself these days — just check our articles below.

The following list of vegan YouTubers is a reflection of our personal areas of interest, and we don’t claim that it’s the complete list of vegan YouTube channels!

Since we’re not much into hauls, gossip, pranks, gaming, drama, beauty or family content, you won’t see those types of YouTubers in this article.

If the sheer amount of vegan YouTubers is a bit overwhelming for you, here are our suggestions for which channels to check out!

The Best Vegan YouTubers & Influencers

We’re so excited to share this hand-selected list of vegan YouTubers and influencers with you! They are all close to our hearts, and we watch a couple of them pretty much every single day.

Though we tried to separate our favorite vegan YouTubers and influencers into categories, it’s obvious that there will be overlaps! Luckily, none of them limit themselves to talking only about one specific area of veganism, but these categorizations still offer you a general idea of what their content is mostly about.

Vegan Lifestyle Youtubers

Let’s start with some YouTube channels that share their vegan lifestyle, meaning pretty much all aspects of living vegan. Remember that veganism also plays into other areas of life than just food, and with these YouTubers, you can discover animal cruelty-free beauty products, books and more!

These kinds of channels were the most helpful to us when we first started to follow a vegan lifestyle — getting started is just so much easier when you feel connected to others in your community, and having long-term vegans at your side is a huge help!

Sadia from Pick Up Limes drizzling sauce over stack of pancakes with lots of green plant in the background

Image source: Youtube

Pick Up Limes

Sadia’s channel Pick Up Limes is among the most popular vegan YouTube channels – and rightfully so. Her gentle approach to food, nutrition, minimalism and conscious living attracts not only vegans but also a large non-vegan audience, all of whom can get a glimpse of how simple and delicious plant-based meals can be!

The Dietitian from Canada currently lives in the Netherlands where she regularly puts out new and helpful videos with her team. No matter which one you watch, you’ll be left with a cozy feeling and inspired to take action!

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Jenné from Sweet Potato Soul holding phone to her ear and setting in front of a laptop with some food arranged around her

Image source: sweetpotatosoul.com

Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné is a vegan chef, health coach, cooking instructor and mom from the US sharing not just nutritious vegan meals but also tips around health and life in general.

Her positive vibe makes her videos really enjoyable – from “What I Eat in a Day” to “Q&A with Jenné,” a series where she talks about popular topics such as skincare, supplementation, healthy weight loss or takes you on kitchen tours, this channel is an amazing vegan allrounder. 

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Madeleine Olivia sitting cross-legged on bed holding a book in front of her chest

Image source: madeleineolivia.co.uk

Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine started her YouTube channel in 2016 and has achieved huge success with her authentic videos about her personal development.

Straight from beautiful Britain, you can enjoy her lovely accent while she talks about not only mental health, minimalism and DIY projects but also shows how to make approachable and satisfying vegan meals, many of them budget-friendly.

At the beginning of 2020, she published her first book on sustainability, a topic that also makes up a large part of her channel.

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Jasmine and Chris from Sweet Simple Vegan sitting next to each other and looking on laptop screen

Image source: Instagram

Sweet Simple Vegan

Although this YouTube channel was started by Jasmine, nowadays most of her content also features her awesome boyfriend Chris (and sometimes their little wiener dog Berry).

We’ve been long-term followers of her work and recognize that her content and style have changed a bit over time. The good news? It’s now better than ever!

From sharing her struggles with disordered eating in the past to entertaining vlogs, her videos are high-quality and feature fun recipes, challenges, taste tests, “What We Eat in a Day” – with the occasional glimpse of the couple’s private lives — and so much more. You definitely need to check them out!

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Rachel Ama standing in kitchen leaning on countertop and smiling with some vegetables, condiments and pasta on the table

Image source: Instagram

Rachel Ama

Although we’re still new to Rachel’s channel (YouTube is overflowing with vegan videos and it can be hard for some channels to reach your “recommended” section), we’ve quickly fallen in love with her content.

From scrumptious yet easy vegan recipes and meal prep videos to Q&As and sit-down-style content, Rachel shares so much fun and helpful content around veganism.

She tries vegan options at popular fast-food chains, does challenges and even takes you on her personal health and fitness journey! The London-based influencer has also published a book on her tasty vegan eats.

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Vegan Food & Recipe YouTubers

This is why we’re all here, right? Awesome vegan food inspiration, tasty recipe videos and meal prep instructions – we love it! Food plays arguably the biggest role in a vegan lifestyle, and we can always use some more mouth-watering culinary inspiration.

If you’re new to veganism, this is where you can find simple, approachable and healthy recipes as well as meal ideas that would make any meat lover fall to their knees.

Gaz from Avantgarde Vegan smiling and standing next to shelf with lots of kitchenware

Image source: Youtube

Avantgarde Vegan

Gaz Oakly, the popular professional vegan chef behind this large YouTube channel, shares scrumptious vegan recipes in a modern and entertaining manner. The way he talks is very soothing to us, and he makes everything look so mouth-watering!

He also shares what he eats in a day, uploads travel videos and is the go-to source for anyone wanting to cook up a feast for meat-eaters. Gaz has also published some epic vegan cookbooks, which have persuaded many of his friends and colleagues to go vegan!

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Rose from Cheap Lazy Vegan smiling and eating a colorful dish with chopsticks

Image source: Instagram

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Especially for those who are new to a vegan diet, Rose’s channel can be a fantastic source! We still enjoy watching her cooking and talking videos after years and years because her personality is incredibly lovely, funny and refreshing.

Making vegan comfort food really approachable and budget-friendly, she shares a lot of vegan hacks, high protein recipes and “What I Eat in a Day” videos along with some vegan lifestyle content.

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Lauren from Hot For Food standing in front of stove with funny expression, throwing her left arm into the air while stirring vegetables in a pan with her right arm

Image source: hotforfoodblog.com

Hot For Food

If you’ve been around vegan recipes for any large amount of time, you’ve probably come across Lauren Toyota! She’s a Toronto-based television personality turned vegan chef extraordinaire who now makes very professional and fun-to-watch videos on YouTube.

The plant-based meals she shares help break all of the misconceptions you’ve ever heard about veganism and are sure to have you drooling over your keyboard in no time. She’s also the author of “Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face”.

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Caitlin Shoemaker standing in kitchen and smiling

Image source: frommybowl.com

Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin is an inspiring and down-to-earth vegan influencer across all her social media – on top of her wonderful blog, she also runs a great YouTube channel and has an impressive Instagram following.

The young woman is very passionate about all things food, veganism and living a healthy lifestyle, with her videos as of late heavily focusing on the food-part.

While she does share parts of her personal life, yoga, relationship content and mental health tips, she’s a master at creating fantastic-looking vegan comfort food that’s easy to make and secretly healthy!

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Dave and Steve from The Happy Pear in colorful clothes standing in front of shop entrance, looking at each other and laughing

Image source: thehappypear.ie

The Happy Pear

Meet Dave and Steve, the Ireland-based identical twin chefs who started The Happy Pear back in 2004 as a vegetable shop. Supplying thousands of their Happy Pear products all over Ireland and the UK, they also authored 3 best selling cookbooks and run online vegan health and cooking courses.

Their YouTube videos are all about healthy and tasty food, building a community and having great fun doing it! Easy 5-minute dinners, one-pot wonders and energetic tutorials are their jam. The brothers cover a wide variety of cultures and taste preferences while keeping their meals super convenient.

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Olivia from Liv B standing in front of different vegan groceries in her white kitchen

Image source: Youtube

Liv B

Olivia’s self-proclaimed goal isn’t to teach you how to be “perfect” but to instead inspire you to make some simple lifestyle changes that will have a huge impact on your health, the environment, and the lives of animals.

She’s like the cool friend we all wished we had in real life! Her content ranges from cooking simple and delicious plant-based recipes with mostly budget-friendly ingredients to vegan grocery hauls and “What I Eat in a Day” videos.

Although her content is mostly about making approachable vegan food, you also get a glimpse of her life in general.

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Chris from The Vegan Zombie with black shirt standing in nature with trees in the background

Image source: kickstarter.com

The Vegan Zombie

Meet 25+ year vegan Chris – who’s obviously obsessed with horror movies! His YouTube channel mostly consists of vegan cooking videos “set in the zombie apocalypse – giving you tips and tricks on how to survive it AND create delicious vegan meals”.

Apart from recipe videos, this fun channel also covers travel, lifestyle, shopping on a budget and reviews of vegan products. Chris’ style is certainly different from many YouTubers on this list, but he might appeal to you anyway!

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Candice from The Edgy Veg smiling and holding vegan wrap in her hands

Image source: Instagram

The Edgy Veg

Candice, the edgy Canadian woman behind this channel, wants us to revolutionize how we think about food, eco-conscious living and feminism. Her recipe videos are really refreshing and so much fun to watch, and she creates the most amazing and mouth-watering vegan comfort meals!

Candice takes a candid and humorous approach when talking about veganism, mental health and female empowerment. She’s also written the cookbook ”138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes”.

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Top Vegan Street Activists

Move over, food – now we’re getting to the real deal about how to help create a vegan world! Vegan street activism has become more and more popular, which has been great for the movement. 

You can find all types of approaches to vegan activism on YouTube from the Socratic method (challenging people’s beliefs through questioning) to a more direct confrontation with the reality of animal agriculture. While you might disagree with some of these approaches, we appreciate that every single one has its place. Here are the top vegan street activists (at least, in our books).

Ed from Earthling Ed marching with other vegan activists through the streets and holding a megaphone

Image source: Instagram

Earthling Ed

If there’s one YouTuber or vegan influencer we’ve probably seen every single video of, it would definitely be Ed. We remember following him back when he just started his channel and were immediately mesmerized by his revolutionary approach (so much so that we even got him to write an article for us!).

The UK-based activist is known for using the Socratic method in his outreach and is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of living vegan, including solutions for how to create a fully vegan world. He also does some commentary content, gives fantastic speeches and has his own podcast.

Apart from that, he also co-founded a vegan restaurant in London and works on different projects with the animal rights organization Surge. He is the vegan you’d want to represent the movement!

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Jack from Humane Hancock in front of graffitied wall with red "Soyboy" jumper

Image source: animalriots.com

Humane Hancock

Jack is an up and coming vegan activist who has a somewhat similar style to Ed, but is definitely more confrontational. His dedication, patience and courage are outstanding – the discussions he has with other people can sometimes result in shouting matches, only to have Jack quickly find some common ground with them again.

Unafraid to speak his truth, he likes to talk to people of other social movements or devout religious believers to uncover their logical inconsistencies when it comes to animal ethics.

Jack also explores philosophical topics such as wildlife suffering and creates response videos to vegans and non-vegans alike, sprinkled with funny skits that never disappoint! We love his humor and passion – definitely our favorite “Soyboy”

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Luca and Natashe fro That Vegan Couple posing with "V" signs at an animal rights march

Image source: Instagram

That Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luca from Australia have been among the first people on YouTube to take vegan ethics to the streets. While the couple shared mostly health-related content on their YouTube channel at first, the channel has since evolved in a straightforwardly ethical direction, and today, they use their platform to strengthen the vegan movement as a whole.

In their own words, they went from vegans to animal rights activists who toured around the world to support local direct action groups and help liberate animals everywhere.

They have really kind personalities, and we love that they are so authentic and candid! Natasha and Luca have their own clothing line and published a few eBooks.

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Alex from Amazing Vegan Outreach with cap and hoodie speaking into microphone

Image source: Instagram

Amazing Vegan Outreach

This rather small YouTube channel run by Canadian vegan Alex Bez definitely deserves more attention and praise. He’s made it his mission to share the most effective outreach methods with other vegans, a task helped by his professional background in communication and adult learning.

You will find that his street activism videos are somewhat different to most other channels because he creates a true connection with the non-vegans he talks to, which is incredibly impressive and successful.

Another proponent of the Socratic method, he likes to ask questions to really understand the other person instead of just schooling them. We highly recommend you watch some of his videos!

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Joshua Entis sitting cross-legged on a lawn, holding a chicken in his hands

Image source: joshuaentis.com

Joshua Entis

Joshua has dedicated his life to full-time animal rights activism. He’s traveled to 27 countries, given over 120 training workshops and participated in 400+ activism events between 2017 and 2020.

This full-blown ethical vegan was heavily influenced by the documentary Earthlings and actually started eating a plant-based diet after reading the book The China Study before making the connection to animal rights. His kind outreach approach is wonderful to watch because he manages to have a clear stance on animal abuse that he communicates in a very respectful manner.

His videos also cover minimalism and consumerism as well as sit-down videos on real-life vegan challenges.

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James Aspey gesticulating and speaking into microphone

Image source: jamesaspey.com.au

James Aspey

This Australian animal rights activist is best known for his 1-year vow of silence for those who cannot speak: the animals. James loves to spread a peaceful message of non-violence, to educate and inspire and to spread vegan vibes.

His calm approach is one of a kind, and apart from street activism, he shares different vegan lifestyle videos and covers topics like self-improvement, meditation and travel content.

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Joey Carbstrong face to face with a cow

Image source: Instagram

Joey Carbstrong

One of the more confrontational, and therefore controversial, animal rights activists on our list (and the whole of YouTube) is Australian vegan Joey Carbstrong.

Having been on international television several times, he’s never shied away from forcefully speaking up for animals and urging people to put themselves in their perspective – even if this means being portrayed as too radical by the mainstream media.

His approach is very straightforward and blunt, no matter who he talks to. Joey is very down-to-earth and wants the world to wake up to the reality of animal agriculture. You can find heated street debates on his channels as well as sit-down videos. Different strokes for different folks!

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Vegan Health & Science YouTubers

Unlike many fad diets, the health benefits of following a plant-based lifestyle are actually rooted in a large body of scientific evidence.

Although there’s almost always a little bit of “room” for some animal products in a very healthy diet – which is why the health argument alone isn’t enough to make someone fully vegan – there’s a huge amount of science in favor of largely plant-based diets.

Mic from Mic The Vegan standing in front of red rocks looking sideways, hands resting on his hip,

Image source: micthevegan.com

Mic The Vegan

Another channel of which we’ve probably seen every single video! Mic’s approach to bringing complicated science topics to us ordinary mortals is like a breath of fresh air, and his skits never fail to make us laugh.

His videos are very educational, offering just enough details to not be overwhelming. But Mic (“short for microphone, not Mick!”) covers more than just vegan health topics! From the odd “What I Eat in a Day” to environmental issues, debunking currently trending articles or videos and interviews with other vegan experts, his channel is a must-watch.

The US-based science writer (and cookbook author!) is currently studying Public Health at the Master’s level while building his own tiny house with his partner – needless to say, we just love all of his content.

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Dr. Greger from Nutritionfacts smiling and pointing at laptop screen that shows nutritionfacts website

Image source: nutritionfacts.org

Nutrition Facts

Dr. Michael Greger, one of the most popular vegan MDs, is the face behind this large YouTube channel. Together with a team of volunteers, he publishes new videos almost daily and gives you a deep dive into a plethora of topics, such as blood pressure, intermittent fasting, single nutrients and how to increase their absorption, gluten, hormonal health, and diabetes.

He seems to have read every single nutrition study under the sun, and his non-profit website is one of our favorite sources to do research! He has also authored several popular books and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. His way of talking and presenting data is really one of a kind!

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Group of people from the PCRM looking upwards, waving their hands and holding signs showcasing the PCRM power plate

Image source: Youtube

Physicians Committee

With more than 10,000 physician members, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine works to promote healthy vegan diets for disease prevention as well as to end the use of animals in education and experiments.

We’ve been browsing their informative website for years and were so happy to see that they now also have a YouTube channel! The committee’s founder, Dr. Neal Barnard, is one of our favorite vegan MDs. He frequently appears both in longer and shorter format videos where he talks about all things plant-based health: hormonal issues, heart disease, immune health, strokes and so much more.

The channel also shares episodes of their podcast “Exam Room,” which are really educational and a joy to watch – just like pretty much every other video they upload!

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Simon from Gojiman sitting in a yellow chair in front of a red wall, some plants and two lights

Image source: Youtube


Simon is currently studying for an MSc in Food, Nutrition & Health in the UK – needless to say, his videos are incredibly fact-dense and well-researched. He focuses a lot on all things gut health, a topic that is often overlooked and gets too little attention.

Simon became especially interested in nutrition after losing close family members to chronic diseases, which is why he wants to help others live their healthiest lives by following science-based approaches to eating – “because your body is the only place you have to live”.

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Vegan Philosophy Channels

Let’s get to the root of veganism. Most people don’t realize this, but there’s a general philosophical belief behind this lifestyle, not just a dietary pattern. More than just refraining from animal products in one’s diet, vegans try to reduce unnecessary harm towards all sentient beings as much as practicably possible. 

While philosophical content can be a bit harder to digest compared to fun recipe videos, it’s important that we think about our moral and epistemological foundations. As stated above, we included vegans on this list who might not agree on a lot of things – but the beauty of discussion is that it can challenge your views and can get us all closer to the truth!

Alex from Cosmic Skeptic posing in nature with plant-powered shirt

Image source: teemill.com

Cosmic Skeptic

A YouTube channel we’ve been following almost since the beginning, Alex J. O’Connor started out as a witty atheist challenging religious beliefs. Not afraid of consistently questioning his own moral beliefs and consistencies, he ended up reading Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation,” and upon completion, he felt obligated to make the switch to veganism.

Soon after this change, he started creating videos on this subject with a solid philosophical foundation, gave speeches on animal rights, defended his position in various online debates and talked about the issue of animal exploitation on his Podcast.

We love Alex’s brilliant thinking and down-to-earth attitude as well as his commitment to practical ethics. If you’re interested in philosophical inquiry, this is the channel you should turn to!

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Lewis from Perspective Philosophy holding microphone with a pond and some people in the background

Image source: Youtube

Perspective Philosophy

If you’re into some in-depth philosophical discussions as well as a UK accent, Lewis is your man! He studied philosophy and covers topics ranging from veganism to antinatalism, objective morality, free will and societal issues.

You can see him in long-format debates and even on the street talking to people about veganism while always keeping his rational approach and kind attitude. In our opinion, Perspective Philosophy is a really underrated channel!

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Vegan Fitness YouTubers & Influencers

Let’s debunk the myth that vegans are frail and cannot build any muscle without consuming animal protein! From triathlon to ironman runners, bodybuilders and other endurance athletes, vegans can succeed in any area of physical fitness.

Granted, we’re not all that much into fitness and are therefore the least familiar with the following content, but we still watch these YouTubers from time to time.

Derek from Simnett Nutrition with cap and sunglasses doing calisthenics on metal ropes showing his muscular body

Image source: Instagram

Simnett Nutrition

Although Derek’s content is also heavily focused on plant-based nutrition, recipes, lifestyle and travels, we decided to put him into the vegan fitness category because of the jaw-dropping share of muscle on his body.

A Certified Nutritional Practitioner, he focuses on an approachable whole food plant-based diet and regular physical activity for optimal health. His personal favorites are calisthenics and taking long walks in nature with his girlfriend, who regularly appears in his videos.

We simply love his attitude and the two of them making videos together because their content is always fun, inspirational and easy to watch.

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Stefanie from Naturally Stefanie posing outside on concrete stairway, smiling and having her eyes closed

Image source: veganaesthetics.co.uk

Naturally Stefanie

If you’re looking for some female vegan “fitspo,” then look no further than Stefanie from Scotland. This charming young woman likes to lift heavy things in the gym, make gains, eat awesome vegan food and review products.

After graduating from university with an honours degree in psychology, she now focuses all of her time and attention on health and fitness while helping others reach their own goals. You can find videos about her vegan diet, product reviews, daily routines, gym workouts, travel content as well as “What I Eat in a Day” videos.

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Brian Turner smiling and showing off his right biceps while holding vegan sandwich with his left hand

Image source: Instagram

Brian Turner

With about 10 years of natural vegan bodybuilding under his belt, we simply had to feature Brian Turner! His work definitely pays off as his physique is quite impressive. Brian is also a certified trainer and overcame years-long struggles with cystic acne after transitioning to a healthy vegan diet.

He makes “What I Eat in a Day” videos, meal preps, vegan recipes, talks with vegan experts and doctors, tries vegan fast food and also publishes funny commentary content.

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Image source: Youtube

Vegan Commentary Channels

Last but definitely not least, let’s check out some vegan commentary and news channels. Because the movement has been growing exponentially, there are so many changes when it comes to new vegan products, pro- or anti-vegan media coverage and new studies that it can be hard to keep up!

We love that there are great channels who respond to false information about veganism, let us know about the latest news on all things plant-based nutrition, environmental issues and even legislative changes.

The team of Plant Based News standing in front of black wall, smiling and waving into the camera

Image source: plantbasednews.org

Plant-Based News

You’ve probably seen videos by Plant-Based News before – they are pretty popular all over their different social media platforms.

What started with Klaus in his greenhouse a couple of years ago has now grown into a large news outlet-style vegan YouTube channel covering anything from plant-based health topics to environmental issues and interviews with the biggest names in the plant-based world.

Each year, they put together a fantastic vegan documentary so everyone can get a feel for how much the movement has grown. This channel is a fantastic news source and we highly recommend it!

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Anji and Ryan from Happy Healthy Vegan standing next to each other in their studio smiling

Image source: Youtube

Happy Healthy Vegan

Ryan and Anji are a 50-something couple from Southern California who have been vegan since 2013. You won’t find more laid back and kind people like these two!

Ryan and Anji are proponents of a mainly high carb vegan diet and share easy recipes, interviews, travel videos, and “What I Eat in a Day” content. Ryan’s specialty is doing commentary-style videos where he dissects articles or media coverage about veganism with logic and science – you won’t find much more respectful debunking anywhere.

The couple also makes music together under the name Lovespirals, and Anji has published her own recipe eBook. If you’re looking for a chill vibe and want to know how to “keep it carbed,” check their videos!

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Swayze from Unnatural Vegan sitting in her living room, wearing a grey sweater and black glasses

Image source: Youtube

Unnatural Vegan

Swayze went through quite a transformation: back when she started her channel 10 years ago, she was a full-blown raw foodist, eventually finding her way to a more and more science-based approach to following a vegan diet.

She regularly calls out other vegans on statements she doesn’t agree with (in a respectful manner, of course) and speaks to a very unique audience within the vegan and also flexitarian movements.

She also reviews older videos of herself as a raw vegan, not shying away from having a laugh at herself and calling out her former pseudo-scientific beliefs. Swayze has a dry sense of humor and likes to ramble about her personal life at the end of some of her videos (which we personally love!).

She follows a higher protein vegan diet with lots of soy, mock meat, coffee and all the latest vegan treats from the store! If you’re looking for approachable and non-dogmatic vegan lifestyle content, this is the channel to check out.

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Ana and Brian from Those Annoing Vegans standing in front of some greenery holding a glass of smoothie each

Image source: Instagram

Those Annoying Vegans

Ana and Brian are trying to change hearts and minds one conversation at a time. The animal rights activists have changed their content on YouTube over the years from mainly focusing on vegan recipe videos and mukbangs to showing the reality of animal agriculture, responding to other YouTubers (vegan or not), or doing rebuttals and commentary about movies and media coverage.

Recently, they also started sharing their ethical vegan debates online to help everyone question their own reasons for choosing one food over the other. Another highly underrated channel in our opinion!

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Nisha, Nicole and Hannah from The Vegan View sitting down next to each, other holding mugs and laughing

Image source: Instagram

The Vegan View

This is a weekly vegan talk show with a California touch! Every Monday morning, co-hosts Nisha Balsara, Nicole Vranjican, and Hannah Hagler talk about different vegan lifestyle-related topics ranging from new products at the grocery store to fashion, health topics, vegan essentials, personal questions and easy recipes.

Along with the occasional “What We Eat in a Day,” they round up their content by having different guests like athletes, dietitians and entrepreneurs on the show.

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More Vegan Resources

Looking for more vegan content? Our blog is full of helpful lifestyle content like this. Why not check out these articles next!

Which influencers do you like to follow and did you find any new favorites on our list? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to Pin this article here.

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  2. I’m so happy for this list! One of my favorites is the channel of Shir Levi – every time I watch one of her videos I end us with a great sense of peace and bliss. Veganism is only part of the topics that she’s sharing but it did make an impact on me.

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    I second Unnatural Vegan (said by another commenter) and would add A Privileged Vegan, Honeybunch of Onion Tops, Cam and Nina, thrivingonplants, Antastesia, Annie Tarasova, Jenell B. Stewart, and James Aspey.

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      thanks so much for your suggestion! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Holly before. I reviewed her videos and added her to the list today.
      Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. I love ALL of these people too! I am surprised though that you didn’t mention Alyse or Kate! (Alyse = RawAlignment & Kate = KateFruitFlowers). Both are more RAW than VEGAN but it’s still considered Vegan. Alyse & Kate both talk about self love. Alyse also discusses minimalism in her life. – I hope you have a beautiful day, and thank you for making this post so I can share with my friends that ask who I recommend!

    • Hi Heather,
      well, you got me here – I don’t really watch many raw vegan channels, this is why I haven’t come across these 2 ladies probably.
      I will take some time out today to review their channels and might add them to the list then! Most people are attracted by a broader vegan diet than just raw foods (this is why I didn’t add FullyRaw Kristina), but you’re right – should be something for everyone here.
      Have a lovely weekend! x

  5. The look of the website and blogs look super clean! Really like it.
    So many vegan YouTube’s making great content, keep up the great work ??

    • Hi Ness,
      thanks so much for your lovely feedback! Do you follow any other YouTubers we’ve forgotten to list here as well?
      Have a wonderful year 2017!

  6. Alright guys wtf…MarissaKai (previously lifestylewithme) should’ve made this list! shes my favorite and is studying to be a dietician

  7. And Mango Island Mamma makes amazing raw vegan and cooked vegan recipes in her videos! She has two young boys, a husband, and a house in Hawaii! Her videos are beautiful, fun, inspiring and super educational. She has a blog too.

    And Hot for Food! Lauren Toyota and her partner John Diemer makes suppper amazing, funny and nicely shot videos of vegan junk food. There’s healthier foods, fun junky foods, and food challenges! They have a blog too and Lauren has her own channel where she talks about many interesting topics including veganism.

    • Hi Mila,
      all of your suggestions sound amazing!! I took notes and will make sure to update the article very soon :) Thanks for the tips, I’m excited to check out these channels.

  8. Surprised we didn’t make your list! I opened Planet Raw Restaurant in 1994 in San Francisco when 99.9% of the population never heard of raw cuisine before! I truly believe I was the first person to make ravioli and it was an accident, which sometimes, the best things come out of! Anyway, love the list, love the comments, just thought we belong on it too! :))
    Enclosing one of many original vegan recipe video’s we made.

    • Hi Cara,
      thanks for the tip! The reason why your channel is not on the list is because we’re not into the raw food scene very much and only know a few big raw food channels. I will make sure to check yours out soon and see if we can include it in the updated version of the article!
      Best wishes,

  9. Wow! Honoured to be on this list! Thanks so much for the shoutout, and thanks for all the other great channel suggestions.

    • Hi Margaret,
      thanks so much for your comment! We have been getting into your videos more and more over the past weeks and really like your rational approach. The Philosophical Vegan Forum is really interesting as well! Keep up the awesome work and let us know if you ever want to contribute an article to our blog. We’d be honored.
      All my best

    • Not something we watch at all, I’m afraid. This is a personal favorites list, but we’ll check out the channel and think about adding it if we like what we see :)

    • I was going to mention him, as well. I just discovered him about a week ago, and I immediately subscribed. She probably doesn’t like that he swears so much. I find him really charming, and apparently you do, too. That’s alright. I think what’s really impressive to me is that I don’t get the impression that he would have been “one of our kind” had he not been trying to cure an illness. I think it’s great, no matter what the motivation behind it is. “Regular guys” going vegan gives me a little more hope in my fellow humans.

  10. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for including me! I am beyond flattered to be included in your line up! So much love to you ❤❤❤❤ Thank you!!

    Amber aka The Fairly Local Vegan ?

    • Hey Amber, it was our pleasure! We totally roll with your vibe :) Very inspirational and warm videos, please keep them coming. Let us know if you want to contribute to our blog sometime! We’d be flattered.
      Warm wishes,

  11. You should check out the vegan zombie. They do recipies and vegan on a budget things. They also have a great theme.

  12. I think this list is a great idea! However, I do get tired of seeing the majority of websites being about only vegan food. Veganism is so much more than that as we know, and unfortunately there isn’t enough vegan sites supporting every aspect of being vegan.

    Maybe because many vegans feel talking about vegan foods/nutrition is the easiest, safest form of activism without the fear of getting people upset?

    I just wish there were more people discussing veganism as a whole and not just as a diet. No wonder why most non-vegans think all one has to do to be vegan is to stop eating animals; the vegan community seems to push it for people to think that way. Practically every vegan site home page shows food and nothing else. So sadly, most people think veganism is just about diet.

    • Hey Lorrie,
      I agree that veganism is about so much more than just what someone eats. It is a philosophy. Food makes up the biggest part of this, though, and most people are more easily convinced to make some kind of change when there’s something in it for them as well – like losing weight, getting off medication etc. The feeling good in one’s body is what keeps many people on this path. We chose to focus on the food aspect and don’t just recommend eating any vegan food but healthy plant-based food most of the time. It’s just our specialty. You can find many websites, like Peta, who give more advice around activism, lifestyle, and accidentally vegan foods (which can be found in our free course, BTW). And here’s our piece on vegan activism: http://nutriciously.com/how-to-become-a-vegan-activist/
      Hope this helps x

  13. A great list of vegan YouTubers, and so good to see it’s expanding (like veganism is).

    Would love if you checked out our channel too.
    Courtney and I have been vegan for many years and love promoting a whole foods, higher raw, healthy vegan lifestyle.

    Here’s a link to our channel in case you would like to check it out :)


    Vegan Regards,
    Todd & Courtney

    • Hi Todd,
      thanks so much for checking in with us! Glad you like the article, we definitely have to overhaul it soon because we’ve been getting many requests and ideas. Will definitely check your channel, sounds pretty legit. Thanks for the tip :)
      Peace & veggies

  14. This is an amazing detailed resource, thank you!!! Love all of them but I believe you left out my absolute favourite vegan YouTuber: Ellen Fisher. She’s a super mindful mama who lives in Hawaii with her husband and two kids (cutest I have seen, seriously!) and offers many many tips on veganism, raw recipes and gentle parenting! A must add!! :)

    • Hi Rafaella,
      what a beautiful name! Thanks for the lovely feedback, we’ll definitely post an updated version of this soon. You’re right about Ellen, how could I forget about her? I guess this just happens when you’ve already thought of 50 other channels :D
      Best wishes x

  15. I loved this post! I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in my vegan habits lately, what with no recipe inspiration and such, and this has really helped me out! One more suggestion for the list: Sadia from pickuplimes.com. Her youtube channel is also called pickuplimes. She is a dietitian, comes across very calm and sweet and happy and has a lot of helpful videos. She brings us recipes and Q&A’s but also things like shopping lists and pantry staples and tips for beginning vegans. I learned a lot from her. Her youtube and blog also work together perfectly: she has free printables on her blog with every recipe she shows on youtube, and I just adore her. I hope you will check her out, she is amazing!

    • You’re so right, Sadia needs to make that list as well! I’ve been loving her videos ever since I discovered her channel a few weeks ago. We need to update the article soon so we can add her :)
      I’m very glad to hear that some of these YouTube channels were able to inspire you… I have experienced the same and love watching almost daily. It keeps you in the mood and helps you stay on track in a non-vegan world.
      best wishes!

  16. I follow most of these awesome vegan youtubers. Hopefully, one day my channel will be on this list…Thank you

  17. Please check out The Vegan Zombie; Chris & John do many cooking videos and throw in humor, shopping trips, animal issues, and fun…love those guys! Thank you for the list ☺

    • Oh yes, just recently discovered them too and like these channels very much! This article is in need of an update, definitely – will add them for sure :)

  18. Are you still recommending Family Fizz (formerly Vegan Family TV)? While they are still vegan, they RARELY talk about it anymore and no longer do mukbangs or “what I eat in a day”. I actually found your article because I was looking for recommendations of health-conscious vegan vloggers to watch in lieu of them. You have provided a ton of options! :)

    • Hi there Laurie,
      funny that you mention it – we unsubscribed from their channel a while ago because their videos weren’t all that relevant anymore. This article is overdue for an update I suppose… just so many things on our list, haha!
      Happy to have been helpful anyway. Thanks :)

    • Have you tried Madeleine Olivia. She’s a vegan vlogger with loads of great recipes and lifestyle views, very real and natural!

  19. Great article! But I was disappointed that Health with Kisha didn’t make the list. She’s helped me transition to a plant based lifestyle. Check her out!

  20. hey! I just wanted to say these are so helpful thank you and another vegan youtuber I absolutely love is Olivia Vargus I’m thinking of becoming vegan and all your posts are very helpful and inspiring ❤️ thanks x

  21. You should check out Maddie Lymburner. Her and her boyfriend, Kyle are amazing and very inspiring for the vegan lifestyle. She shares alot of “what i eat in a day” videos, vegan recipe videos, traveling abrod vegan vlogs, and she also has a separate fittness channel now for at home workouts. Please check her out and consider adding her to this list. Thanks!

    • Hey Britt,
      yessss I’ve heard of her! Great videos – so sorry I haven’t come around to updating the article, so many good suggestions so far. Will definitely include her once we overhaul this thing here.
      Thanks again :)

  22. I pay a quick visit each day a few sites and blogs to read articles or reviews, but this blog presents quality based content.

  23. I’m not at all a fan of That Vegan Couple. Most of their ‘helpful’ videos telling other youtubers to go vegan come off as personal attacks. It’s not a good vibe at all. If it were me, I’d switch them out for Kalyn Nicholson. Kalyn gives wonderful life advice ranging across a variety of topics and her video have never once made me feel the Mean Girls ‘tormenting the kids that are different’ theme.

  24. As someone who is interested in going vegan, this is very helpful. I am still experimenting with recipes, and finding out what I like and what I don’t like. I hope I can make the full transition later on this year!

  25. Where is Vegan Zombie??? Love him!!
    Also, Bonny Rebecca, Rawvana and Raw Alignment need to be removed from this list since they all have come out with “Why I Am No Longer Vegan” videos. They all have reverted to eating fish and eggs due to “health issues” ie…. issues due to extreme water and juices cleanses and poorly planned vegan meals. Bonny Rebecca has also started using animal skins and animal furs in her apartment decor videos (wool rugs, etc.).

    • Hey Robin,
      thanks so much for the comment! True, Vegan Zombie needs to be added – we actually have been wanting to update this post for a while but there are different priorities right now… need to do this ASAP.
      Especially since these 3 women all went back to eating animals, YES! Watched many videos on this and totally agree that they shouldn’t be on the list anymore. Thanks so much for pointing this out, I’ll add a Disclaimer for now and really want to update it as soon as I can.
      Also thinking about writing an article on how to STAY vegan and not make these mistakes others did.
      Best wishes to you,

  26. Hey it seems that some of the influencers in this article are no longer plant based. Please consider revising this article or taking it down and making a new post. Thanks

    • interesting, never heard of her! Added to my list of channels to review so I can eventually overhaul this article :) Thanks, Amelia!


    Another great vegan YOU TUBER is JESS BEAUTICIAN…I know its not a vegan related name , but her videos are all vegan dishes…..Her dishes are amaaaazing, The setup and style is so professional and her dishes are so inventive and unique….Im not vegan but i binge watch her videos all the time…
    actually one of the best vegan videos/youtuber i have come across .
    PLEASE CHECK HER OUT….U will love her videos.

  28. Vegan Black Metal Chef, Colleen Patrick Goudreau, The Happy Pear, Connie’s Rawsome Kitchen, East Meets Kitchen, Cooking with Plants, Veggie Rose, Bosh!, The Viet Vegan, Dora’s table, The Chic Natural are just a few that I like :)

    • that’s true, he’s right up there with Jon & Brian just not on our regular watch list – I’ll make sure to add him once I get to it :)

  29. The Happy Pear shouldn’t be on this list. The one who has a daughter proudly proclaimed that he couldn’t be a full vegan because he would have to disappoint his daughter when they walk by an ice cream place and spend time to educate her on why they don’t eat dairy based ice cream. Therefore, he basically said, in a video on his channel, that he’s not really vegan.

    Oh, and do we really want Gojiman on this list? He’s vegan alright. But he posted a highly critical video of the Gamechangers and decided a lot of the nutrition information was incorrect. Umm, tell me again how long he’s been vegan? I find a lot of twenty-something vegans aka baby vegans, who have that “i know everything” mindset. The Vegan View have a similar issue that I won’t get into here. I stopped watching their videos because I don’t get any pleasure from a couple of just between tweens, trying to act like a web based version of “The View”. And, of course, not having the vocabulary to pull off such a show. He has a great channel and posts often. It was he, Andre Venus, who had to deal with the heckles of his older brother, Jon, when he first went vegan. He most certainly should be on this list.

    Oh, and that wonderful wizard of food, who is like a mad scientist recreating some of the most difficult recipes currently packaged up for sale. I’m speaking of the man behind Sauce Stache. I believe his name is Mark as well. He takes all excuses for not being vegan away from everyone by showing how easy it is to recreate some of the recipes most of us figured were/are highly difficult. He’s created vegan sausages, and even made a sauce stache version of the Just Egg vegan product.

    Oh, and what about Jon’s brother, the doctor.

  30. Jon Venus just posted a video saying he is no longer vegan. He apparently hasn’t been since the birth of his son.

  31. Great source – will definitely give these a follow. Have you considered adding Plant Proof (Simon Hill)? He’s the reason I became plant based!

  32. This list should really be updated (add your own):

    1. Hench Herbivore: he is a science focused (nutitionist) British bodybuilder – yes, those exist (and actually does know his science, being a nutritionist and all).

    2. “Unnatural vegan” even states that she is not(!) (a) vegan; she has been called out multiple times over for nonsense she insists on that she can not proof, and that is scientifically categorically wrong, to the point that she refuses to discuss anything / participate in debates; plus, she has been banned due to her childish behavior to be even referred to by name by various vegan YT channels.

    3. There are a few vegan MDs that have YT channels (Dr Fuhrman, Dr. Klaper, …) – these should also be added.

  33. What a fantastic list! Thank you so much! Most of them I knew however, there were still several I look forward to looking up! May I also share my site which also helps to promote as many vegan recipe sites as possible? Please check out “Super Quick Plant-Based Recipes” on Facebook. Each day I post a recipe that takes only 5-20 minutes prep time and uses as few ingredients as possible. I advertise as many vegan recipe sites as I can find! Thank you!

  34. I would like to see David Ramms added to the list! If you haven’t already, I recommend checking his YouTube channel for some great content for vegans (also for vegans to share to non-vegans). From outreach conversations to reporting vegan news and informational videos, David makes some very entertaining content!

    • cool, sounds interesting! Looking forward to checking out his video — I just saw that he likes Lifting Vegan Logic who I also enjoy :)


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