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There are countless reasons to choose a plant-based diet and lifestyle – but making the shift can seem totally overwhelming. Our free transition eCourse breaks down the key elements of a healthy and sustainable plant-based lifestyle for you in easy-to-follow steps. You’ll receive 6 easy-to-follow lessons with handy printables and a full 3-day meal plan.

Part 1: Reasons & Benefits

This is what will give you the initial spark to start your transition journey and keep you going when things get a bit complicated. We collected all of the most important reasons for following a plant-based diet for you here to get you really motivated!


Find out what we recommend you put on your plate and what to look out for when grocery shopping. From hidden animal products to foods that you thought were healthy but aren’t, we’ve revealed all the secrets to smart eating choices, showing you the whole spectrum of foods you can enjoy.


What does a well-rounded plant-based diet look like? How hard is it to meet all of your essential nutrient needs, and do you require any supplements? This is where things get juicy. We’ll tell you all about food groups, portion sizes, macros, and equip you with some downloadable worksheets.


Let’s put everything into practice! If things have seemed a bit too theoretical so far, then this will be for you. We created a full 3-day meal plan (including a shopping list and nutritional information) that you can print out and follow. Definitely our centerpiece!


Unsure whether a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle are really a great idea once you hear objections from other people? Fear not — we touch on the most common myths about and arguments against veganism in this part to equip you for future conversations.


Knowing which food to eat is just the beginning. But how do you eat out at restaurants or deal with cravings? We’ll touch on the most common pitfalls when it comes to making this lifestyle change stick for good and empower you to take real action.

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make real change happen.

Transition at your own pace with powerful steps
Overhaul your kitchen and fill up on affordable staple foods
Become healthier than ever instead of falling for fads
Empower yourself with arguments and reasons for veganism
Follow science-based, reasonable nutrition tips
Take action with our downloadable worksheets and perks
Join a positive community that can answer all of your questions
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This free resource has helped thousands of our readers follow a plant-based diet and reach their goals. Benefit from our years of experience and get on board! We’d love to have you and share what we’ve learned.

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