11 Best Vegan Subscription Boxes (Snacks & More)

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by Alena Schowalter
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Make plant-based eating more convenient and fun with these hand-selected vegan subscription boxes! Get delicious snacks delivered straight to your doorstep and discover new favorites.

Whether you’re a vegan newbie or have been following this lifestyle for years, it can never hurt to have a few more treats in your arsenal.

While there are some great plant-based snacks you can buy at most stores, the vegan marketplace is growing fast and there is just so much to discover!

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Vegan snack boxes can be great vegan gift ideas or just a fun treat to keep you munching on plant-based crackers or nut and fruit bars instead of your old non-vegan go-to foods you’d like to replace.

Some companies also deliver beauty boxes or have their own online stores where you can buy individual items instead of signing up for a recurring subscription.

Check out the best vegan meal delivery and food boxes here, and look out for some tips and special discount codes that we’ve collected for you below!

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Best vegan subscription boxes

Want to get straight to the point? If you are short on time and can’t read the whole article, find your best vegan subscription box here:

Keep on reading to find out more about the aforementioned boxes and all of the other vegan snack boxes that might just be perfect for YOU.


brown carton saying vegancuts with different vegan snack foods aroundpin it

If you ever looked for a popular vegan snack box – you’ve probably come across this brand. This is no coincidence because Vegancuts is super well-established and never fails to make their customers happy with each box!

Their main goal is to make it fun and easy for their members to discover new vegan products – from hippeas (organic chickpea puffs) to avocado chips, pancake mixes, exotic crunchy chocolates and more.

Get 10 or more vegan foods and snacks delivered to your doorstep with each box, or browse their online store, where you can buy various snacks, cruelty-free cosmetics, pantry items, and gift boxes individually.

Good to know

  • Costs $24.95 per box. Save $15 when you choose 6 months and save $40 when you choose 12 months.
  • Ships to the US, Canada and worldwide. Shipping to the US is free, with a charge of $6.95 to Canada and $14.95 to the rest of the world.
  • Subscription options are available for every month, 3, 6, 12 — box gets delivered monthly
  • Special discount: Get $5 off your first order with the coupon code nutriciously!


Urthbox snack box on a blanket filled with a variety of vegan snackspin it

Too busy to make health a priority in your life? The people behind Urthbox pride themselves on packing your box with a collection of full-size healthy snacks that must pass strict standards.

Since they aren’t an all-vegan company, be sure to choose the vegan box type when ordering and be ready to save some real money: their snacking packages can have a retail value of up to $100! 

Choose from their mini box (7+ snacks), small (14+), medium (20+), or large (27+) boxes, and expect goodies such as cookies, chips, chocolates, snack bars, crackers, granola, and juices.

Good to know

  • Costs $19-49.99 per box, depending on your preferred size.
  • Ships to the US for free and to Canada for $6.95
  • Subscription options are available for every month, 3, 6, 12 (you’ll get a bonus box with every multi-month order) — box gets delivered monthly
  • Special discount: Get $10 off with code SNACKBOX10


Overhead view of various snacks and drinks like oat squares and latte on white surfacepin it

This snack service is unlike most others! All their boxes are highly individualized based on dietary and taste preferences.

The company continues to develop new snacks over time, so you’re always going to find interesting options! And these won’t be your regular store-bought snacks you might recognize but rather lovingly packed little boxes filled with lemon cakes or spicy cashews.

If you appreciate individually-created vegan snack boxes with special goodies, this is the company to check out! By the way, we adore their “mystery bundles,” which come in 3 different sizes and help you save lots of money.

Good to know

  • Costs £4.49 per box (the first box is only £2.24)
  • Ships to anywhere in the UK (shipping for the subscription boxes and orders over £20 is free, otherwise standard shipping is £2.80)
  • Subscription options: You can choose to have twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly deliveries of the graze subscription box
  • You can also buy lots of vegan snacks individually at their store or save money with their mystery bundles!
  • Special discount: get 50% off your first box with code AW50


green background with several vegan snacks from the delicious door boxpin it

Meet the new kid on the block! DeliciousDoor offers 100% plant-based, healthy, and delicious subscription boxes containing 12 items each.

Find your next favorite snack when receiving goodies such as oat milk chocolate bars, cinnamon cocoa cashews, cheezy superfood popcorn, or chocolate peanut butter bites.

The contents of this vegan subscription box will vary each month, so it’s always fresh and exciting!

You can also shop specialty boxes like vegan cheese & chocolate gift boxes or the Mega Munch Snack Box.

Good to know

  • Costs $36 per monthly box; save $4 on each box when signing up for 12 months
  • Ships to the US only at this point
  • Subscription options are available for every month, 3, 6, 12 — box gets delivered monthly
  • Special discount: get 50% off when using the link below


Different vegan snacks like protein bars, candies and chips on a wooden surfacepin it

SnackSack is all about focusing on wholesome and simple ingredients for your vegan snacks! The people behind this project are constantly on the lookout for high-quality, creative products that they share in their snack boxes. 

Be sure to choose the vegan option when ordering and receive 11-15 healthy snacks, including many gluten-free options!

Expect fruit bars, popcorn, roasted chickpeas, rice crispy treats, sweet potato chips, and oat bars and be sure to let SnackSack know if you happen to fall in love with a particular snack: They’ll hook you up with the best deal!

Plus, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee should you be unhappy with one of the snacks.

Good to know

  • Costs $25.95 per month
  • Ships for free via USPS Priority Mail (US only)
  • Subscription options are available for every month, 3, 6, 12 — box gets delivered monthly
  • Special discount: 15% off with coupon code STUDY (time-sensitive)

The Good Grocer

Wooden surface with six different vegan snacks and a box with the words The Good Grocer written on it

Don’t want to get a new account just to buy a vegan snack box? The Good Grocer’s care package is available on Amazon which most of us are likely to be already familiar with.

Their vegan snack box is completely gluten-free and filled with a 28-pieces fun and nutritious assortment perfect for adults and kids alike.

Lots of delicious but better-for-you treats like roasted cashews, brussel sprout puffs, fruit crisps and veggie straws await you to not only delight your taste buds but also fuel your body.

Each box is clearly marked with the earliest expiration date and ships really fast!

Good to know

  • Costs $46.95 per box
  • Ships to the US for free
  • No subscription options available right now
  • Find special premium packages that differ in size and are allergen-free in their shop!

Louisville Jerky Co.

Three boxes of vegan jerky on a dark surface surrounded by plantspin it

Missing meat? Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. is famous for its incredible, 100% plant-based jerky…which you can conveniently have delivered straight to your door.

All of Louisville’s vegan jerky is hand-seasoned with natural ingredients and spices, making it the perfect moreish snack. 

This company truly makes plant-based jerky appealing to the masses with flavors like maple bacon, pepperoni and buffalo dill!

Their delicious selection goes beyond just vegan jerky and includes crispy vegan toppings like bacon bits, pepperoni bits and limited edition small batch offers.

Good to know

  • Costs $32 for the variety pack with 5 delicious flavors
  • Ships internationally with free shipping for orders over $48
  • No subscription options available right now

The Goodness Project

Overhead view of the contents of a snack box from The Goodness Project: Dash water, oat thins cacao powder and vegan barspin it

Do you find yourself going to 3-4 different stores to get all of your vegan goodies? The people behind The Goodness Project feel you – and ultimately joined forces to deliver healthy vegan snacks and other treats straight to the door of its lucky subscribers.

Each box might include the odd beauty or lifestyle product, too! Just be sure to choose the Vegan Box for 100% vegan content.

You’ll find a variety of plant-based snacks ranging from almond biscotti and vegetable chips to white chocolate bars, protein balls, organic tea or seed butter.

There are three different sizes to choose from: the Letterbox (includes 4-5 vegan snacks); the Mini (which offers 5-6 full-size products), or the Maxi (8-10 full-size products, with body care products, occasionally included).

Good to know

  • Costs: Letterbox-friendly: £9.50, Mini Goodness box: £10.95, Maxi Goodness box: £18.95
  • Ships to the UK (free delivery for orders over £50) and worldwide
  • Subscription options: Boxes arrive monthly, with options to subscribe for 1, 3, or 6 months
  • Buy lots of vegan snacks individually at their online store!

Lifebox Food Co.

Overhead view of white box with Lifebox printed on it and a variety of vegan snacks and drinks arranged around it such as protein pancake mix, black eyed pea puffs and mushroom coffeepin it

Discover new cruelty-free and vegan brands with Lifebox! Their vegan boxes arm you with snacks, foods, and wellness products that can help you to live a healthy, well-balanced life.

If you’re a health foodie, you will really appreciate their selection of vegan and minimally-processed foods that are lovingly curated by nutritionists.

You can just get a single box to try it out and then make it a recurring subscription later. Or why not send one as a beautiful gift?

Expect herbal teas, snacks, puffed beans, bars, dried fruits, nuts, and spice mixes, all of which can be enjoyed on the go or integrated into your cooking or baking.

Good to know

  • Costs £22.95 per box
  • Ships free to the UK, international shipping (no USA, Canada or Australasia) will incur an extra cost
  • Subscription options Boxes arrive monthly, with options for 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions that don’t renew
  • You can pause your subscription at any point!
  • Special discount: save 15% on your first order when signing up for their newsletter

The Vegan Box

Overhead view of the contents of The Vegan Box arranged on a white fabric: sweet potato chips, protein powder, choc mint chunks and several skin care productspin it

This Vegan Box is specifically for our Aussie friends! Similar to other popular companies like Vegancuts, you can get a variety of awesome vegan snacks each month with the odd skincare and lifestyle product. 

This box is a great way to discover new favorites within the world of vegan snacking. And if you sign up for 6 months, you can skip the shipping costs, too!

Get a lovely surprise each month consisting of 5-8 vegan snacks, occasionally superfoods, skincare, and lifestyle products, in a combination of full size, travel size, and sample sizes. 

Good to know

  • Costs $25 per month for a box valued at over $30
  • Ships to Australia. Shipping costs are $6.50 for both the monthly Vegan Box and the bi-monthly Beauty Box. You save $7.50 if you buy a 3 monthly Vegan Box subscription, and shipping is free for a 6 monthly Vegan Box subscription.
  • Subscription options: Monthly and bi-monthly boxes available with options to subscribe for 1, 3 or 6 months
  • Special discount available for newsletter subscribers (10% off your first order)


Man and woman standing by a table with lots of vegan snacks and a grocery bagpin it

Relatively new on the market, Kelly and Shane want to offer more than just a box. They are working closely with established and startup plant-based brands to bring you the latest and tastiest products!

Rootly understand themselves as a movement of caring, conscious, and united people of all diets trying to create a more ethical world. This means that they support brands that stay away from palm oil, are registered B Corps, and certified diverse suppliers.

Also, their boxes, packaging tape, and marketing materials are recyclable and compostable! Depending on your membership, you’ll receive either 6 or 12 full-sized products each month ranging from chocolates and crackers to baked goods, vegan burger patties, egg replacements, or bottled sauces.

Good to know

  • Costs $59.99 for the Starter Membership and $99.99 for the Premium Membership
  • Ships to the 48 contiguous United States
  • Subscription options: Two different box sizes are available both of which get delivered monthly
  • Share your $10 referral code with friends and family to receive $10 off next month’s box!

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5 thoughts on “11 Best Vegan Subscription Boxes (Snacks & More)”

  1. I am really excited about the idea of vegan snack boxes and appreciate this roundup.

    And as a Californian who just witnessed the ravages of climate change through multiple lethal wildfires and weeks of smoke, I am also really concerned about the carbon footprint of snack boxes that travel hundreds or even thousands of extra miles, racking up a whole bunch of additional food miles.

    I like to think that many vegans care more about this than the average person (since eating low on the food chain is a super effective way of decreasing carbon footprint). So, I just want to encourage people to take a second to creatively brainstorm alternatives to having your snacks mailed from a distant place… like… could you hire a local high schooler to make a monthly grocery run for you and bring you a big bag of (local?) vegan snacks? Can you team up with vegan friends to batch prepare food, or take turns doing snack shopping? ….Or, if you are definitely sure you need to order a mail delivered snack box, can you choose one that creates the smallest carbon footprint for you (i.e. if you live in Texas, choose the one that ships from Dallas?)

    I have a sister-in-law interested in snack boxes, so I wrote to some of these snack box companies and asked them these five questions:
    (1). Where do you ship from? (so you can calculate food miles from the company to consumer)
    (2) Estimated food miles from producer to snack box company (so you can calculate total food miles for your snack box)… though my guess is that most won’t know.
    (3) What percentage of snacks are organic
    (4) Info about packaging waste (how much packaging overall, how much to the landfill, how much recycling, including snackbox packaging and individual snack packaging)
    (5) Any other info about how their company seeks to address climate change.

    Lars, maybe if I hear back from these companies, you could add some of this info to your infoboxes above — especially #1? I could forward you the responses if it is helpful.

    • Wow Marti, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate the thoughts you put into this and totally agree with everything you said.

      In fact, a couple of weeks ago, during the time of researching and putting this article together, Alena and I got hooked by the zero waste lifestyle and we’ve been trying to buy as local as possible and produce as little waste as possible ever since. Needless to say, we felt a bit uncertain whether promoting these subscription boxes would still be a good idea.

      We decided to go ahead and still publish the piece because of the many emails we received from readers that caused us to come up with the article idea in the first place: So many newly-vegans wrote us about all the sweets and snacks they’d miss and the cravings they’d constantly get being on a plant-based diet.

      While it’s certainly not ideal to have these foods shipped over long distances, it might still be worth it if it helps you stick to a vegan diet long term and feel less restricted! After all, ditching all animals products has such as massive effect on reducing ones carbon footprint and if it takes a monthly box of goodies for some folks to stay excited on this lifestyle or transition towards it, we’re happy to support that! :)

      That said, I totally dig your suggestions for alternatives of getting your hands on these snacks! And yes, please report back what the different companies have to say about your 5 points…I’m super curious to hear that and happy to include it in the article. Feel free to comment again here or send us an email.

  2. I might be in the wrong comment section as I am concerned about infants . 0-6 mos live only on breastmilk. Breast milk however is not vegan as it comes from a living being. Breastmilk from a vegan mom is considered high risk and needs assurance with attention and supplements. If any mom cannot breastfeed or runs low is it OK to give your baby milk based formula ? Is the diet , needs and digestive system of a developing new born very different than adults? Should a baby be fed homemade vegan formula is brewers yeast, almond milk, molasses void of FDA inspection ? There have been many recalls on almonds alone. Is a babies digestive system designed for plants or formula made closest to breast milk ?Will a die hard vegan make an exception for their baby?

  3. The list of subscription boxes sounds amazing I would honestly love to try one of them as I love trying food from around the world. Thanks

  4. Knowing that there are so many brands available is mind boggling, I’ll start with somewhere to try each of them before committing to one.

    Thanks for curating so many subscription boxes.


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