25 Plant-Based Snacks to Buy at the Store

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by Alena Schowalter
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These healthy and tasty plant-based snacks you can buy at many stores or make at home are perfect as an emergency stash or take them with you on road trips!

Sudden bursts of hunger when you’re on the go can be really stressful if you’ve just made the switch to a different way of eating.

You frantically go through the list of old favorites just to assume that none of your snacks are vegan-friendly. So, what now? 

Get a piece of paper and a pen, here are 25 great plant-based snacks to buy at the store next time you do your vegan grocery shopping!

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From simple staple foods you might not have thought of to classic treats that can easily be made vegan with just a few simple food swaps, the following list will be super handy.

We’ll cover tasty plant-based snacks for road trips or camping, some choices you are sure to find at any store and others that you can order online like vegan snack boxes!

As a bonus, we’ll share with you our favorite easy snack recipes so you can make your own treats from scratch at home and take them with you anywhere you go.

Best plant-based snacks to buy

You’re out and about but need to grab something really quick? These are our favorite plant-based snacks you can find at many stores.

Trail mix

Crunchy nuts and naturally sweet fruit make for one of our favorite plant-based snacks we get from the store almost every week!

Although you could make your own at home by mixing and matching different nuts, seeds and fruits, we love to grab pre-made trail mix at the store for a super convenient snack.

Trail mix is definitely one of the healthier plant-based snacks out there!

white table with strawberries, blueberries, white beans, hemp seeds, banana, almonds and cauliflower

Fresh fruit

From apples to bananas, grapes or tangerines: fresh fruit is such a simple and ubiquitous plant-based snack! 

Great to have at home for healthy snacking, juicy fruit can also be taken with you on trips or picnics and everyone will find at least one variety they love!

Some fruit is pretty cheap, especially when bought seasonally, and for added convenience, you can also buy it pre-cut and portioned. 


Wheat-based, seed-based or any other way, we sure love our crackers! Nowadays, you can find flaxseed-based crackers or other healthier versions that are lower in added salt as well as some that are gluten-free for those with intolerances. 

From almond flour-based vegan paleo crackers to graham crackers or saltines, they are wonderful plant-based snacks — especially when paired with a creamy dip!

hand holding a piece of bread that was dipped in oil-free vegan hummus over a plate for fresh veggies


Once some vegan crackers have found their way in your grocery cart, look out for tasty dips like hummus! Go for traditional hummus or try beetroot, lemon-garlic and chili flavors.

Not only is this dip easy to find at stores but also pretty healthy because it’s based on legumes. High in protein and fiber, hummus can help you feel full for several hours! You can also pair hummus with raw veggies instead of crackers.


Another commonly found plant-based snack component that can be used in many different ways is guacamole

Made from creamy and healthy avocado, it tastes fantastic with crackers, tortilla chips or in a homemade bean burrito.

freshly baked oil-free tortilla chips in a small bowl next to some guacamole and red salsa

Corn or potato chips

Especially when unflavored, classic corn or potato chips are usually fully plant-based! Enjoy them with a healthy dip like salsa, guacamole or hummus and be sure to read the ingredients list before purchasing!

Some chips that are accidentally vegan include Fritos, Ruffles, Doritos and Pringles — find the exact items in this article.

Dried fruit

Get a package of dried fruit as an easy plant-based snack for your next road trip! From dates to figs, apples, raisins or cherries, they are naturally high in sugar and really delicious.

Combine your dried fruit with foods like almonds, walnuts, pistachios or sunflower seeds for a healthy balance of sweet and savory!

cutting board on a table with several dried dates two of which are being stuffed with almond butter

Nut butter

Peanut butter and almond butter are our favorite dips for banana or sliced apples whenever we fancy a quick snack at home! 

You can also pair them with celery and create “Ants on a Log” or stuff dates with nut butter. This food is high in calories and filling!

Veggie chips

If you don’t like potato or corn chips, why not try some veggie chips? 

Especially kale chips have become really popular and although they offer a different texture and look, they are oftentimes already vegan and not fried in oil.

There are also seaweed or legume-based chips you can try!

white table with green onion, red onion, tomatoes, carrots, lime and green chiles

Fresh veggies

We’ve mentioned raw veggies before as a vehicle to enjoy some creamy hummus but we thought they deserve their own mention!

They are great to pack as a plant-based road trip snack and can also be enjoyed with vegan ricotta or cream cheese! 

Our favorites include carrot sticks, sliced peppers, celery, sugar snap peas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and broccoli florets.


A bag of nuts can go a long way! Especially handy if you’re on the go, raw nuts like almonds, walnuts or cashews don’t take up a lot of space, can be brought with you on an airplane and are super energy-dense.

Pair with some fresh or dried fruit if you like!

white table with three bowls containing different high-protein roasted beans

Roasted legumes

Similar to roasted nuts but lower in calories and fat and high in plant-based protein are roasted legumes! 

Chickpeas are most common but there are also other varieties like lupini beans or edamame you can try. 


Wait, you can have popcorn on a plant-based diet? Yup, not all popcorn is made with butter! So, go ahead and check the ingredient lists.

While pre-made store-bought popcorn usually features oil and sugar, you can make your own healthier version at home in an air popper if you like.

Vegan protein bars

Plant-based snack bars have become really popular and you can find many brands offering fully vegan protein bars these days!

Look out for Clif, Nugo, Garden of Life, No Cow, Rise, Simply Protein and KIND — here’s a list of 20 plant-based bars you can buy.

four slices of chocolate quinoa bars topped with coconut shreds on a white table

Fruit & nut bars

Just as convenient and portable as protein bars but made up of completely different ingredients are fruit and nut bars. One popular brand is called Larabar but there are so many more available around the world!

Usually based on dates, raisins or figs, they are naturally sweetened and may feature cashews, almonds or even greens.

Plant-based yogurt

No matter if it’s made from coconut, almond, soy or oats: plant-based yogurt is great for snacking or adding to vegan meals!

Choose plain and unflavored to pair with savory crackers or salad and go for vanilla or berry for sweet snacks! We personally love eating almond yogurt with vegan granola.


Bottled smoothies may contain fruit juices but they are just such convenient on-the-go snacks for plant-based folk! 

They are available in a plethora of flavors and can also be easily made at home in advance and taken with you.

Find 25 delicious plant-based smoothies here!

woman standing next to three plant-based smoothies that are red, green and yellow

Breakfast biscuits

Are you familiar with belVita? These crunchy breakfast biscuits provide you with lasting energy and come in delicious flavors such as Toasted Coconut and Cinnamon Brown Sugar.

Ingredients may very likely differ from country to country, so if you’re outside of the US, please check the label!

Apple & banana chips

Apple chips usually come in small bags and are naturally sweetened which makes them a great grab-and-go plant-based snack. Especially tasty with some nuts or nut butters!

Banana chips are also among our favorites but they are a little richer since they are often made with oil. Tip: combine them with coconut flakes for an awesome combination!

Oatmeal cups

Great for busy mornings or if you need a more substantial snack any time throughout the day: oatmeal cups! 

These single-serving cups only need some hot water and a good stir before you can enjoy the mixture of whole grains, seeds, nuts or fruit (depending on the flavors you’ve picked at the store).

glass jar in which freshly baked vegan date granola is being put with a spoon for meal prep


Hopefully we’re not the only ones snacking on vegan granola? Be sure to skim the label for any added honey and enjoy it on its own, with vegan yogurt, fresh fruit or a smoothie.

You can prepare your own healthy granola at home for a super quick breakfast in the morning, too!

Oreo cookies

It’s probably not a surprise to a lot of people anymore but the classic oreo cookies are “accidentally vegan”. 

Be sure not to pick up the wrong variety (the vegan ones aren’t labeled as vegan but no animal products are on the ingredient list) and make your kids super happy during the next road trip!

Here’s a healthier chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe as an alternative.

Energy balls

Bliss balls, energy balls, protein balls: these delicious and versatile plant-based snacks are popping up everywhere!

Try different flavors and brands to find your next favorite go-to treat or simply make them at home by checking out our guide on how to make bliss balls.

different colored bliss balls with matcha, coconut, cocoa and pistachios on white parchment paper

Dark chocolate

For those moments when you really feel like rewarding yourself with a sweet treat, dark chocolate to the rescue! Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and most always vegan — especially when you aim for at least 70% cacao.

Enjoy on its own, with a warm almond latte or some fresh fruit!

Mini pretzels 

Most of Snyder’s mini pretzel varieties are vegan, but some are not (looking at you, Butter Snaps). Most of the gluten-free varieties are also vegan!

When it comes to flavored pretzel pieces, look for Buffalo Wing, Peanut Butter Filled, Jalapeno, and Cinnamon Sugar and please double-check the ingredients because manufacturers can change their recipe.

top view of a table loaded with vegan snacks from muffins and oat bars to fresh fruit and more

What ingredients are not vegan?

When reading food labels at the store, be sure the product doesn’t contain any milk, eggs, butter, gelatine, whey, casein, lactose, shellac, honey or animal-based flavorings for chips. 

Even though you wouldn’t expect a specific product to contain animal products, we recommend looking for a vegan label or reading the ingredients list — you wouldn’t believe where milk powder is hidden!

At the same time, there are bacon chips that are accidentally vegan although they don’t sound vegan-friendly at all!

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Easy plant-based snack recipes

If you want to make your own easy and healthy plant-based snacks at home, choose from these popular lists!

More plant-based guides

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Did you try any of these plant-based snacks from the store? Let us know which ones you liked the most and whether we forgot to mention any! You can Pin this article here or share it on social media.

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