6 Wonderful Vegan Children’s Books

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by Alena Schowalter
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Teach kindness and empathy towards animals with this selection of beautiful vegan children’s books! Hand-selected with love for you.

Raising vegan kids goes further than what you put on their plate.

These books offer fantastic ways to explain veganism to your children in a friendly, accessible way!

They are a wonderful medium that can help parents talk about why we shouldn’t eat animals and help create a compassionate mindset.

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Best Vegan Children’s Books

Linus the Vegetarian T. Rex

This book tells the story of Linus, the herbivorous T. Rex that prefers to pick vegetables instead of prey on his leaf-eating neighbors. 

Dinosaur lover Ruth Ann MacKenzie is confused – she knows everything about dinosaurs, so why is Linus so different?

With colorful illustrations that keep children engaged, this adorable book cleverly brings home the truth about hunting fellow beings for food and is perfect for an eco-conscious storytime.

Robert Neubecker Linus the Vegetarian T Rex Cover

The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig

When Steve and Derek adopted a mini pig named Esther, they had no idea that she would turn out to be not-so-mini after all.

When her new family saw just how big and wonderful Esther really was, they fell in love — and their lives changed forever. Esther would grow so large that they moved to a big farm where she and her animal friends could all fit in happily.

This book is full of delightful illustrations that are comical and colorful and add just the right amount of detail to the well-written storyline. Young animal lovers will truly enjoy this book!

Esther the Wonderpig Cover
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V Is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind

Introducing 3-7 year-olds to the “ABCs” of a compassionate lifestyle, V Is for Vegan is a must-have for vegan parents, teachers, and activists! 

Acclaimed author and artist Ruby Roth brings her characteristic insight and good humor to a controversial and challenging subject, presenting the basics of animal rights and the vegan diet in an easy-to-understand format. 

Through memorable rhymes and charming illustrations, Roth introduces readers to the major vegan food groups (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits) as well as broader concepts such as animal protection and the environment.

Ruby Roth V is for Vegan Cover

Chickpea Runs Away

This vegan children’s book is based on the true story of chickpea, the cow who lives in an overcrowded barn on a large farm. She watches as her friends and family are taken away to an uncertain fate. 

One day, the farmer leads Chickpea and all the rest of the cows outdoors to a scary-looking truck — right this instant, she leaps the fence and escapes into the woods, where she discovers the world outside the farm.

From enjoying delicious vegan pie to making new friends, this book is filled with heart-warming moments!

Sarat Colling Chickpea Runs Away Cover

That’s Not My Momma’s Milk

Perfect for the youngest of readers thanks to its simple, repetitive language and beautiful illustrations, this vegan board book introduces various animals.

It teaches compassion for all living beings and shows the unmistakable bond that all mommas have with their young — wonderful for teaching children that a momma’s milk is meant for her baby.

A simple and effective message about why we shouldn’t consume cow’s milk!

Julia Barcalow Thats Not My Mommas Milk Cover

We All Love

“We all Love” is a book for tender-hearted kids who want to live a compassionate lifestyle. It explores the earliest stages of empathy, where we learn to recognize the things we have in common with other sentient beings. 

By finding our similarities, we can begin having conversations about empathy and how we can live compassionately through a vegan lifestyle without focusing on the violent reality that most farm animals experience.

Kids love this book with a kind and easy-to-understand message!

Julie Hauser We All Love Cover

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