25 Best Vegan Birthday Gifts & Wishes

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by Alena Schowalter
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Are you looking for the perfect vegan birthday present? Our vetted ideas are clever, original, and ideal for kicking off a heartfelt birthday celebration!

Are you looking for the perfect vegan gift to brighten someone’s day? Or a funny vegan birthday wish?

Look no further; with a great selection of curated baskets, DIY treats, and presents that will impress any vegan, finding a personal gift has never been so fun!

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Whether you are shopping for a loved one’s birthday or trying to find the perfect gift for a friend who already has everything, this article has you covered.

Enjoy our unique birthday ideas and find more great vegan gifts at the end of this article!

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Vegan Birthday Wishes

  • If you thought we didn’t carrot ’bout your birthday – you’re wrong! Lettuce celebrate your birthday.
  • Happy birthday to one of my best “spud-dies!”
  • Happy birthday, my vegan buddy! On this day, you celebrate — but so do all the animals in the world. You are an example for all of us; keep it up.
  • Hope your day’s not “medi-okra!” Happy birthday, vegan!
  • Happy birthday, friend! I hope you have a berry good time and that your party is totally nuts!
  • I love you from my head “to-ma-toes!” Happy birthday, vegan!
  • Happy birthday, vegan! I was going to tell you a silly joke, but I’m worried it might be too “cheesy!”
  • Congratulations on your birthday! I know you’re busy saving the world, but don’t forget to save me some cake.
  • A birthday “hi” to the guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly!
  • Being a vegan isn’t easy, but you sure make it look like a breeze. Have a great birthday!
  • I saw someone I thought was you yesterday. After a few seconds, I realized I’d never seen “herbivore!” Happy birthday!

Best Vegan Birthday Gifts

These vegan-friendly gift ideas will make your loved ones really happy and feel special! Perhaps, you’ll want to gift yourself some of them, too.

Vegan Birthday Card

Spread the birthday cheer from the farm yard with this adorable animal appreciation card. 

A very cute illustrated baby cow, smiling pig, and yellow chick wish a warm happy birthday from all the animals that you saved this year! The inside of the card is blank, leaving ample space to share your personal birthday wishes.

vegan birthday card with two animals

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Birthstones are a thing of the past; instead, give a birth flower! Different varieties of flowers represent all 12 months of the year — truly a gift that will brighten and add living beauty to their home. 

The birth month grow kit is unique, offering a soil-free grow medium in a trendy glass vase and multifunction cork lid. Whether your friend is a viola or carnation flower, this is a personal gift they have never seen before!

three different birth flowers in glass jars

Oat Milk Coffee Mug

This coffee mug will be the perfect gift for your vegan latte-loving friend! They will never have to worry again about asking, “which one is vegan?”. Bonus idea, gift this mug with a carton of their favorite plant-based mylk to start the celebration! 

white cup saying mine's with oat milk

Vegan French Macarons Set

Delicate, sweet treats are always a welcomed gift on anyone’s birthday. Aquafaba is the secret ingredient in these decadent vegan french macarons. The company offers 27 delicious flavors that will melt in your mouth! 

box of colorful macaroons as a vegan birthday gift

How To Cook Everything Vegan Print

This thoughtful gift is perfect for a friend who is newly vegan or someone who is expanding their knowledge in the kitchen. It includes tasty recipes, helpful measurements, and storage suggestions specifically for a vegan home!

how to cook everything vegan poster in a frame

Chocolate Heart Box

Few things are as iconic as saying “I love you” with a heart-shaped box of assorted chocolate. 

This fully vegan dessert box includes a variety of luxurious truffles with fillings that include vegan nougat, salted caramel, and lime ganache. Wow your vegan darling with this sweet chocolate treat, they will absolutely love it!


Go Vegan Phone Case

From social media to checking emails and every app in between, smartphones have become a part of our everyday life. These Go Vegan Phone Cases are a great gift that will surely be appreciated and used daily!

seit of 5 vegan phone cases

Online Vegan Transition Course

“The Roadmap” is an easy, accessible online course that teaches you the “how”s and “why”s of going vegan, or just helps you make more vegan choices. Using several multimedia formats like HD video, audio, and written content, the course covers everything from first steps, basic vegan nutrition, meal planning recipes, eating out, raising a vegan family, and much more.

blonde woman with red scarf sitting on chair in a room and smiling with the words Brownble The Roadmap written next to her

Seed Sprouting Mason Jar Kit

This cute seed sprouting kit has everything you need to make your own sprouted foods at home, including two glass mason jars, sprouting lids and screens, and two stands and trays. Just add seeds and water and enjoy the magic of creating healthy foods right in your own kitchen!


Exfoliating Sea Salt Body Scrub

Elevate any shower ritual with this gentle exfoliator! A blend of organic and vegan ingredients with scents ranging from grapefruit to orange, coconut, peppermint, or eucalyptus leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. This scrub is both nourishing to the skin and calming to the mind!


Geometric Necklace

Share the strength and stature of one of the biggest and strongest herbivores that ever lived, the Brachiosaurus! This cute and delicate geometric dinosaur necklace comes in gold and silver plated options.  

favorite herbivore bracelet in a box

Vegan Leather Backpack

Share the strength and stature of one of the biggest and strongest herbivores that ever lived, the Brachiosaurus! This cute and delicate geometric dinosaur necklace comes in gold and silver plated options.


Fruit Loops Whipped Body Butter

Think yummy fruity rainbow, but for your skin! Gift a thoughtful present to soothe dry skin and treat your loved one like a queen this year. The secret to this skincare product is the fluffy whipped coconut oil that is body butter perfection!


Team Herbivore Shirt

This cute statement shirt is a great birthday gift for the vegan in your life. With illustrated adorable dinosaurs, everyone will know what team they’re on! It comes in a variety of colors, including trendy earth tones!

team herbivore shirt next to jeans and shoes

Unbelievably Vegan Cookbook

Celebrity Chef Charity Morgan puts together 100 of her favorite recipes in a beautiful hardcover cookbook. With comforting recipes that will become new favorites and easy-to-prepare dishes, this makes for a beloved gift!


Vegan Tote Bag

Show off the whole smiling barnyard with this “Friends Not Food” vegan tote bag. An ideal multifunctional birthday gift. 

This super durable and robust tote bag is made from 100% cotton and easy to wash! It comes in three shades, black, white, and natural, making it a great gift, especially for those hard-to-shop for birthdays.

vegan tote bag with four animals

Soy Candle-Making Kit

A vegan-friendly gift that is also a fun birthday activity! This DIY Soy Candle Kit comes with all the tools and materials to make fragrant aromatherapy candles. 

With essential oils, including lavender, cinnamon vanilla, coconut lime, and cotton clean, there is an enjoyable scent for everyone and endless options for custom blends!


Vegan Bath Set

As great as it is to have grand celebrations, birthdays are also a time for relaxing and self-love. Pamper your vegan friend with bentonite clay fizzing herbal bath bombs! 

The clay absorbs and deionizes free radicals, powerfully washing away dirt and pollution, leaving your skin glowing into the next year.

fizzy vegan bath set

Tofu Press

An excellent gift for the creative vegan cook! There are few things as satisfying and tasty as homemade tofu. 

This press is a distinguished tool in the kitchen. For the right chef, it can become multifunctional, producing inventive and yummy dishes!


Vegan Cork Wallet

Your birthday galpal will definitely not own this! A sustainable, zip-shut, vegan cork wallet complete with credit card compartments, a coin pocket, and a strap. 

This accessory is a thoughtful present that will stand out among the others – so stylish!


Morse Code Bracelet

What appears here is not always what it seems! This playful, unisex bracelet is a great understated gift for your passionate vegan friend. 

The bracelet features black beads that use morse code to spell out “Vegan AF” – great for guys or gals!


Vegan Hoodie

A retro vegan hoodie that is so groovy your gift recipient will never want to take it off! It comes in unisex sizes and four colors to choose from. 

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the sweater is soft and will last for birthdays to come!

woman with dark hair wearing a vegan hoodie

Mitch’s Vegan Jerky

Umami is considered one of the five basic tastes and is described as “meaty.” Nothing quite tickles the taste buds like savory vegan jerky. 

For your friend who loves satisfying snacks, get them their own bag of birthday vegan jerky!

three bags of vegan jerky

Breakfast Snacks Care Package

It wouldn’t be a complete birthday without breakfast in bed. This certified vegan breakfast box includes all the fixings for a great start to a dazzling day! 

With items like protein mylk, ancient grain granola, and eat your coffee protein bars, this package will fuel the birthday fun!


More Vegan Gifts

Did you find some good vegan gifts? Let us know what you’ll get in the comments below and Pin this article here for more inspiration.

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