21 Clever & Funny Vegan Gifts

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by Alena Schowalter
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Looking for a gift that any vegan would love? Our 21 hand-selected ideas are unique, funny, and guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face this year.

Are you looking for the perfect vegan gift to brighten someone’s day? 

Look no further, with a variety of online marketplaces featuring artisan gifts, funny gag gifts, and delicious baskets, finding the perfect curated present has never been easier. 

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We are always in pursuit of the best vegan gifts everyone will enjoy!

Whether you are purchasing a feel-good present for your sweetheart or a plant-based co-worker, this article has you covered. 

Enjoy our LOL-worthy ideas and find more awesome vegan gifts at the end of this article!

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Clever & Funny Vegan Gifts

From socks to sweaters, kitchen equipment, books, earrings, and bath noodles (yup!), these funny vegan gifts will make your giftee’s day so much brighter.

Cute Vegan Card Game

This unique vegan gift idea combines the fun of playing cards with learning fascinating facts about veganism and healthy eating!

It comes with 54 cute illustrated characters and asks questions like “Which has more iron… Spinach or Kale?” The cards are professionally printed on environmentally-friendly sourced material.

wooden floor with a white box on which lots of different fruits and vegetables are draw and plant-based cards for a game inside

Funny Vegan Pin Set

Badges and pins are a great way to customize coats, bags, and belts. This Vegan & Proud badge pack from Grindstore adds a touch of vegan attitude and humor to any clothing or household item.


Funny Grocery Bag

An ideal gift for picky eaters! This super durable and robust tote bag is made from 100% cotton sheeting, great for trips to the market! Featuring the funny text: “broccoli doesn’t like you either” this bag is sure to make a statement and have your friends giggling. 

broccoli tote

Cutting Board

A cutting board customized for vegans makes the perfect gift for those who love to cook! This high-quality bamboo cutting board is laser engraved with a funny text that will make anyone chuckle.  The company also allows you to customize it. An excellent opportunity to give a personalized gift!

cutting board

Funny Cat Coffee Mug

Every vegan has been asked the question: “Where do you get your protein from?” So, get the chuckles going with this sassy cat mug! The mug features a cute black and white illustrated cat who knows exactly how to respond to that irritating question!

protein mug

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Who doesn’t appreciate an ugly Christmas sweater? What better way to keep your loved ones warm this holiday season than with this vegan-inclusive knit sweater! Made from a cozy cotton blend, your secret Santa will love staying festive this year.

vegan christmas sweater

Cute Avocado iPhone Case

Give the gift that they will use every day! These adorable avocado phone cases will melt your heart. Sweet illustrations of smiling avocados on mate pastel covers – compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi!

avocado phone cases

Vegan Survival Kit In A Can

The holidays can be challenging for any vegan! With grandma’s buttery apple pie or an estranged uncle who has never heard of quinoa, it’s not easy sitting down to dinner.

Support your vegan buddy with a holiday survival kit! This funny gift will surely put a smile on any face – bonus, it comes with yummy vegan jelly beans.

survival can vegan

Vegan Baby Onesies

It’s never too early to give a cute vegan-friendly baby gift! This adorable “locally grown” onesie is perfect for all babies, comes in sizes perfect for 0-12 months old, and is made from 100% soft organic cotton!


Eat Your Own Leg Sticker

Gift this edgy rooster vinyl sticker to the radical vegan in your life! A weatherproof illustrated sticker printed with long-lasting and high-quality Ecosolvent Ink. Perfect to use inside or outside. Stick it on a car window or decorate a laptop!

chicken sticker

Bath Noodles

Take your two favorite things, bubble baths and spicy Asian noodles, and put them together! These vegan bath noodles will literally spice up any bathtime routine. The soap noodles come in 3 aromatic and Asian-inspired scents and nourish sad winter skin!

vegan bath noodles

Vegan Chef’s Apron

For the vegan cook in your life who is also a rebel. Have a friend who cooks delicious food, but isn’t interested in your feedback? This funny mushroom apron will be a welcomed addition to the kitchen – one size fits all!


Vegan AF Socks

It wouldn’t be the holidays if someone didn’t give socks! But done are the days of gifting generic socks your grandpa knitted. Instead, try these ultra soft and high-quality β€œVegan AF” socks, perfect for teens and young adults. 

vegan af socks

Corn Earrings

Handmade from polymer clay, these adorable corn earrings will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Happy smiling yellow corn cobs are so cute and perfect for your darling that loves the farmers market. In addition, the stud earrings are lead-free and come in a handcrafted gift box! 

corn earrings

Vegan Decorative Pillow

A great gift that pays homage to Star Wars! This vegan-friendly soft throw pillow features a starry night sky and text in iconic star wars font. Ideal for your friends who are serious about veganism – made in the USA!

vegan pillow

Vegan Birthday Card

Spread birthday cheer with this funny card. Featuring a simple and vegan-friendly dad joke, it is certain to make your friends laugh on their birthday! On the inside, the card is blank, leaving tons of space for you to share your good wishes and customize it.

birthday card

Funny Vegan Mug

Gift a mug that will be the talk of the coffee station! We all have a friend who insists on potty talk. This cheeky mug is excellent for that friend who also loves to drink hot beverages and attract attention!

vegan mug poop

Vegan Coloring Book

Coloring books are not just for kids; this adult coloring book is an excellent gift for your vegan friend or loved one. Full of beautifully designed mandalas and hilariously witty problems every vegan will relate to. The entertainment will keep going on every page they color!


Animal Lovers T-Shirt

Let’s be serious; who doesn’t love potatoes? A great gift not only for vegans but also for your carnivore friend. Whether they are crispy, mashed, fried, or baked, this shirt imitates a traditional butcher’s map in a playful and vegan-friendly way!

potato shirt

Pet Avocado

Every pet has a personality, and this cute avocado is no different. Handmade and unique, this little guy is perfect for your avocado obsessed loved one and is guaranteed to guac their world!

pet avocado

Vegan Tote Bag

Get your friends styled with a sassy vegan-inspired shopping tote. This bag is solid and durable with a comfortable long strap – perfect for shopping, day trips, or lugging around vegan cookbooks!

tomatoes tote

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Did you find some good vegan gifts? Let us know what you’ll get in the comments below, and Pin this article here for more inspiration.

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