49 Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes (Breakfast to Dinner)

by Alena

Try these delicious vegan Easter recipes ranging from breakfast and brunch to dinner and dessert! Over 40 easy recipes for the whole family, picky eaters and health foodies — salads, pasta, veggie dishes, chocolate and lots of baked goods.

Spring is just around the corner, and we’re in the mood for all the seasonal produce! They can be the foundation for really beautiful and healthy vegan Easter recipes that you can enjoy with the whole family.

No need to restrict yourself to only preparing these delicious plant-based breakfast, dinner or dessert recipes during the Easter holidays – they are perfect for spring or summer and, with some modification, can work all throughout the year.

Family gatherings and festivities are probably stressful for all of us. But add to that the fact that you need to cater to different dietary preferences or needs and you’ll soon feel totally overwhelmed!

The following hand-picked list of healthy vegan recipes offers great choices for young and old alike. Some are very plant-forward; others are lower on the veggies and work for picky eaters.

We decided to go with kind of a vegan egg theme here and show you some great plant-based replacements for this animal product! You will also find lots of spring-inspired produce in colorful salads, dips and toppings everywhere.

Let the following Easter dishes and treats empower you to make a plant-based menu for the whole family. Enjoy!

Easter Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

We’ll start this culinary journey on Easter morning – no matter if you’re planning a modest plant-based Easter breakfast or if you’re ready to whip up some more complicated  “easy-yet-impressive” vegan dishes for your Easter family brunch, our hand-picked items cover all your needs.

Pretty Easter Pancakes

stack of three vegan pancakes with yogurt and an apricot as a vegan Easter recipe idea
Recipe by Elephantastic Vegan

Wait, did we include eggs here? Nope. Even though the topping for these fully vegan pancakes looks an awful lot like fried eggs, it’s actually just vegan yogurt with half a canned apricot. Who says that looks like these are reserved for animal products? We love this little twist!

No-Bake Lemon Coconut Bars

grey plate with six crumbly no-bake lemon bars topped with a slice of lemon and a hand reaching for one
Recipe by Cotter Crunch

If you’d like to have some vegan Easter Breakfast treats to grab in the morning, how about prepping these pretty lemon bars in advance? They are nutrient-dense, easily customizable and make for a secretly healthy but super delicious morning snack. Totally kid-approved!

Lemon & Blueberry Poppy Seed Loaf Cake

sliced homemade vegan lemon blueberry loaf on parchment paper
Recipe by By The Forkful

Looking for a special vegan Easter brunch loaf? This simple yet super delicious lemon poppy seed loaf cake is moist, soft and comes with a wonderfully fresh taste. Perfect for any lemon drizzle cake fans and to serve alongside other Spring-themed dishes this year.

Eggless Asparagus Quiche

white table with flowers, fresh greens and a white baking dish with a yellow vegan asparagus quiche
Recipe by The Plant Riot

Now this isn’t your usual heavy quiche! Made with a protein-rich quinoa crust plus a creamy tofu filling, this pretty spring recipe is full to the brim with essential nutrients. This is the perfect gluten-free savory Easter brunch addition that you can serve at home or bring with you to a party.

Veggie-Stuffed Chickpea Omelette

black plate on a table with a folded vegan chickpea omelette in which a fork is being pierced
Recipe by Nutriciously

Easter is the perfect time for some egg-free recipes that show you there are no flavors you need to miss out on as a vegan! This chickpea omelette is high in fiber and protein but much lower in fat than an egg omelette, and can be served with any veggies of your choice. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this naturally gluten-free and oil-free dish is a healthy and delicious breakfast option.

Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

baking dish on a table with a knife and eight vegan hot cross buns cinnamon scrolls
Recipe by Rainbow Nourishments

Combining hot cross buns with cinnamon swirls, this tasty Easter baking recipe definitely makes you want to come back for more! They are best eaten the day they are baked, so make sure you serve them warm out of the oven for a vegan Easter family treat during brunch or for dessert.

Raspberry Banana Bread

freshly baked raspberry banana bread on table next to raspberry jam
Recipe by Nutriciously

It’s moist, flavorful, dense, eggless, healthy and even low in fat! This sugar-free banana bread ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a nutritious breakfast or brunch choice. Made with an easy raspberry chia jam swirl, this fruity bread calls for oats, dates, walnuts and ripe bananas. A whole food plant-based treat that will soon become a family favorite! 

Savory Crêpe Cake

wooden cutting board with a layered savory crepe cake and sprouts
Recipe by Green Evi

What an eye-catcher! This beautiful savory crêpe cake is made with chickpea flour and 3 delicious spreads: white bean-tahini, wild garlic-zucchini and avocado-artichoke. Not only does it look super fancy, but it’s also secretly healthy and really satiating. Perfect for a special brunch occasion.

Crispy Hash Brown Potato Patties

shredded hash brown patties stacked on top of each other
Recipe by Brand New Vegan

More often than not, potatoes are drenched in oil to make them crispy and chewy. But lo and behold, here’s a healthy yet very delicious version of a no-oil hash brown patties recipe! If you want to make it super convenient, just use frozen hash browns, mix them with the other ingredients and off into the oven they go! 

Orange Easter Bread

wooden table with Easter decoration and a white plate with a fully orange easter bread
Recipe by Klaras Life

This gorgeous yeast bread is fluffy, soft, juicy and fruity – what a great addition to a beautiful Easter table! You can make it at home in around 40 minutes and serve it for breakfast, during tea time or gift it to someone. Definitely something special!

Asparagus Chickpea Frittata

white plate with vegan asparagus frittata next to a chopping board with fresh produce
Recipe by This Healthy Kitchen

Another classic egg dish gone fully plant-based! While this flavorful vegan Spring frittata isn’t exactly like it’s eggy counterpart in terms of texture and flavor due to chickpea flour, it is packed with nutrients, fiber and all the colorful veg you want. The secret ingredient: black salt!

Carrot Cake Waffles

close up of white plate with a vegan carrot cake waffle topped with protein icing
Recipe by Strength and Sunshine

These aren’t just any waffles – made with a secret ingredient that’s actually a pretty genius shortcut, they are fluffy and feature cozy spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Now that’s how we like to eat our veggies! Serve the waffles to your family for an easy yet special Easter breakfast.

Spring Vegetable Galette

close up of a vegan galette loaded with spring vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus on some parchment paper
Recipe by Cilantro & Citronella

Ready for some more veggies during Easter brunch? This beautiful vegan galette encompasses all the flavors of spring with fresh asparagus, broccolini and garden peas on a bed of kale and vegan ricotta cheese. Just 20 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of baking then you’ve got a light, flaky crust as well as a creamy, savory veggie filling. Perfect to bring with you to any gathering!

Blueberry Lemon Scones

four pieces of gluten free vegan blueberry scones next to some slices of lemon
Recipe by Rhian’s Recipes

You wouldn’t believe these moist, fluffy and fruity scones are actually gluten-free and made without any butter! Packed with juicy blueberries and lemon flavor, they are one of our go-to crumbly spring treats. No refined sugar needed for this delicious family-friendly brunch or dessert recipe.

Tomato Pumpkin Seed Pesto Toasts

close up of three slices of baked toast with pumpkin pesto and slices of tomatoes as well as fresh basil
Recipe by Short Girl Tall Order

If you’re lucky and there are fresh, ripe tomatoes at the store or farmer’s market right now, you definitely need to try these flavorful and super easy little toasts! Choose the bread of your choice, add the homemade pesto and sliced tomatoes, then bake for around 20 minutes so the tomatoes begin to caramelize. These will be a hit at any brunch!

smiling blonde woman leaning on the wooden counter in her kitchen next to a cake with the words online vegan cooking classes and brownble on the right side

Vegan Easter Appetizer Ideas

Let’s see how you can start off your vegan Easter dinner menu! The following appetizers can also be served as snacks or quick lunches. They are also wonderful party food ideas! Find spring soups, Easter salads, dips and more below.

Green Spring Salad

two hands mixing a vegan spring greens salad with wooden cutlery on a table
Recipe by Lazy Cat Kitchen

If this gorgeous plate doesn’t scream “spring”, I don’t know what does! New potatoes, peas, charred asparagus and mint are the stars of this humble vegan salad that you can serve with a simple mustard vinaigrette and top with toasted almonds for an extra special crunch.

Creamy Avocado & Edamame Hummus

white bowl with vibrantly green edamame hummus and some chips on a table
Recipe by Eat With Clarity

What would a proper vegan appetizer spread be without some hummus? This creamy and spring-appropriate green dip is made in under 10 minutes, low carb, gluten-free and really flavorful. It’ll keep in the fridge for 5 days and can therefore be made in advance and in larger batches!

Lemon & Herb Roasted Radishes

white plate with halved pink roasted radishes and some herbs next to a golden spoon
Recipe by Real + Vibrant

Have you ever roasted radishes? Yeah, me neither. But don’t these just look so pretty and tasty? While raw radishes have a sharp, peppery taste and a crispy and crunchy texture, roasting them makes the radishes taste milder, juicier, and brings out their natural sweetness. Their vibrant pink hue makes them a perfect and pretty addition to any Easter table.

Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup

two bowls with green chilled cucumber asparagus soup and lots of toppings on a piece of linen
Recipe by Drive Me Hungry

This chilled vegan soup is great for spring and summer! Featuring fresh produce such as cucumber, avocado, parsley and a few other herbs, it’s vibrantly green and really creamy. Made in a high-speed blender in under 10 minutes, you can top this chilled soup with cherry tomatoes, microgreens, seeds and some vegan yogurt.

Vegan Deviled Potato Bites

halved potatoes with vegan cream on top for a healthy Easter appetizer
Recipe by Crazy Vegan Kitchen

One more eggy vegan recipe because hey, it’s Easter! These budget-friendly and easy deviled potato “egg” bites are a great appetizer or snack. Using chickpeas, tahini, and turmeric as a filling, it’s not only creamy and delicious but offers a lot of protein and some healthy fats. Definitely try them!

Sugar Snap Pea Salad

glass bowl on wooden table with green sugar snap peas, white beans and fresh dill
Recipe by A Virtual Vegan

Featuring my favorite crunchy legume, this fresh sugar snap pea salad is a delicious addition to any spring or summer gathering. Make it in advance, bring it with you if you’re not the host, and have everyone take a bite of the zingy lemon, mustard and garlic vinaigrette! Don’t skip the fresh dill – it’s what makes this recipe so special.

Beet & Lentil Cakes

white plate with three pink beet lentil caked and fresh herbs on a table
Recipe by It’s a Veg World After All

Don’t these little cakes look so beautiful and tasty? Protein-packed with green lentils and pumpkin seeds, the oats make them very chewy and delicious — and each one is only 100 calories! Created by a Registered Dietitian, you can be sure that this recipe really has your nutritional needs covered! Serve with a dollop of vegan yogurt.

Spring Greens Soup with Parsnip Fries

wooden tray with newspaper and sliced baked parsnip fries as well as two glass jars with green soup
Recipe by The Awesome Green

How about a healthy and seasonal addition to your Easter dinner menu? This spring greens soup is bursting with antioxidants and essential nutrients while still offering a creamy texture thanks to the coconut milk. With some parsnip fries on the side, it’s definitely something different – and who doesn’t love vibrantly green food during spring?

Vegan Basil Ricotta Pinwheels

white plate with colorful basil tomato olive vegan ricotta pinwheels
Recipe by Vegan Heaven

Kids and adults alike really dig this colorful finger food! This easy and tasty crowd-pleaser can be prepared within 15 minutes, so you’ll have less stress if you run out of time right before your family gathering. They are perfect for get-togethers and to bring to a party! These pinwheels are creamy, easy to customize and irresistible.

Vegan Easter Dinner Recipes

These delicious main and side dishes make for a beautiful festive springtime-themed table! From fresh, crunchy and light to creamy, warm comfort food, the following recipes will help you create a stunning Easter menu and also double as lunch ideas.

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

two white plates and a black non stick pan with vegan mushroom pea risotto on a table
Recipe by Nutriciously

This satiating comfort food is the perfect spring meal! Featuring fresh veggies and herbs, it’s ridiculously creamy while still being low in fat. This easy one-pot Italian classic can be served as a quick worknight dinner while also doubling as a main dish for Easter dinner that’ll satisfy any non-vegan.

Spring Vegetable Buddha Bowl

white bowl with quinoa, asparagus, radishes and tofu drizzled with a vegan sauce
Recipe by Kara Lydon

If you know us, you won’t be surprised that we added a beautiful nourishing bowl to this list – we wrote a whole eBook about plant-based bowls! This spring veggie buddha bowl is packed with seasonal vegetables, tofu, and quinoa. It also comes with a minty creamy cashew dressing! What’s there not to love?

Green Protein Pesto Pasta

Ready To Eat Oil Free Vegan Pesto Pasta
Recipe by Nutriciously

Would you believe this creamy pasta dish is actually low in fat and totally oil-free? Featuring seasonal green veg such as asparagus, green peas and zucchini, this vegan pesto pasta is really nutrient-dense, high in fiber and plant-based protein (due to the secret ingredient in the pesto sauce!) Try it to see how amazing it is.

Lemon Pepper Cauliflower Steaks

close up of plate with two cauliflower steaks, pine nuts and fresh herbs
Recipe by My Darling Vegan

Impress your guests with these baked cauliflower steaks during dinner! Tender and creamy, they are best topped with toasted pine nuts and fresh parsley. Serve them with pasta (perhaps the lemon-garlic one-pot pasta below?) to create a satisfying main course!

Creamy One-Pot Garlic Pasta

close up of a pot of creamy vegan alfredo garlic pasta being pulled up by tongs
Recipe by Yup It’s Vegan

Looking for something really quick and easy yet super delicious to make for dinner? This one-pot fettuccine is irresistibly creamy and only requires 5 minutes of prep time. We love that it’s even low in fat and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. It’s a must this spring!

Spring Gnocchi in Arugula Pesto

purple bowl with a spoon and vegan gnocchi as well as seasonal spring vegetables
Recipe by Well and Full

Looking for a delicious Easter dinner that’ll take less than 20 minutes from start to finish? This spring gnocchi recipe is all you need. Full of fresh herby flavors, easy to customize and featuring fresh veggies, it’s the perfect balance of ridiculously tasty and nutrient-rich.

Easy Vegan Potato Salad

woman standing next to a bowl of potato salad and mixing it with two spoons
Recipe by Nutriciously

Filling salads are the perfect main meals for springtime! This creamy potato salad is light, crunchy and oh-so-satisfying. Complete with onion, dill pickles, parsley and a homemade cashew mayo, this is a perfect make-ahead vegan potluck or picnic recipe – but can also play the main role in your vegan Easter menu.

Green Quinoa Bowl with Asparagus

white bowl filled with quinoa, zucchini, asparagus, white beans and fresh herbs as one of the best healthy vegan easter recipes
Recipe by Green Evi

This quinoa salad is a super nutritious and beautiful dinner, featuring crunchy greens and a satisfying fresh basil dressing. Simple to make, highly shareable and absolutely addictive! This recipe isn’t just high in plant-based protein: it also packs a lot of veggies and delicious nutrients into one flavorful bowl.

Hemp Seed Crusted Roasted Tahini Cauliflower

close up of a hemp crusted cauliflower with green tahini sauce that's been cut up
Recipe by Eating By Elaine

The days when the centerpiece on your table had to be meat-based are definitely over! This deliciously flavorful roasted whole cauliflower is so much prettier and healthier than traditional non-vegan Easter dinner choices. The combination of the cauliflower crust with the creamy green tahini sauce is just fantastic!

Eggplant Ricotta Rollatini

white baking pan with tomato sauce and vegan ricotta stuffed eggplant roll ups decorated with basil
Recipe by Vegan Huggs

Who doesn’t love Italian food? This light and veggie-rich lasagna recipe will really hit the spot for your family gathering this year. Easier than it looks and using just 10 ingredients, this comfort food cannot really go wrong. So if you have an hour to spare and want to make both your vegan and gluten-free guests happy, check out the recipe now.

Lemony Asparagus Pasta Salad 

white bowl of a green vegan easter pasta salad on a table
Recipe by Feasting At Home

This tasty Easter dinner menu option is a lemony asparagus and mushroom pasta salad with lots of fresh parsley and green onion. Doesn’t that sound really heavenly? It offers everything you’re looking for in a spring or summer dish and perfectly combines filling starches with fresh seasonal veg and lemony deliciousness. 

Oven-Roasted Rainbow Carrots

white plate on a wooden table with colorful roasted carrot and nuts
Recipe by Veggie Inspired

In our books, oven-roasted veggies are a must for every festive dinner! These rainbow carrots are roasted with maple syrup, tangy fresh orange juice, earthy cumin and herby thyme – a perfect combo to make these veggies tender and flavorful. Don’t forget to top with crunchy toasted walnuts!

Spring Vegetable Pot Pie

white baking dish with vegan Wild Garlic Spring Pot Pie next to a plate
Recipe by Euphoric Vegan

How about a thick, creamy and comforting vegetable pot pie? Loaded with seasonal Spring produce and topped with flaky vegan puff pastry, this vegan Easter dinner is ready in about an hour — including clean-up time. Bring on the asparagus, peas and wild garlic pesto!

Healthy Easter Desserts & Treats

These cute treats offer a healthy twist on traditional Easter recipes! No matter if you’re looking for no-bake treats or baked dessert deliciousness, our hand-selected vegan recipe ideas are loved by the whole family (especially kids) and double as Easter party food ideas. Enjoy these whole food vegan desserts!

Vanilla Fudge Chocolate Eggs

white parchment paper with homemade vegan vanilla fudge eggs for Easter
Recipe by My Goodness Kitchen

No need to miss out on delicious chocolate eggs as a vegan! These vanilla fudge chocolate treats are so, so addictive. The fudge is sweet and buttery while the chocolate is silky and rich — all made with vegan ingredients and no processed sugars!

Easter Chia Popsicles

black table with flowers and carrot cake bites next to three vegan Easter chia pops
Recipe by Rainbow Nourishments

Already kind of warm this Easter? Perfect, then let’s make some delicious frozen chia popsicles featuring a chocolate glaze and raw carrot cake bites (say what?). Definitely on the fancier side of vegan desserts, these beautiful treats are really wholesome and healthy for you. Plus, you can just use the basic recipe and freestyle with the add-ons.

Dark Chocolate Beetroot Cake

side view of a dark chocolate beetroot cake on a table topped with marzipan eggs
Recipe by Quite Good Food

This dense and fudgy chocolate cake with ganache and marzipan eggs is a show-stopping dessert both in terms of flavor and looks. It’s surprisingly easy to put together, so delicious nobody would guess that it’s vegan and even gluten-free!

Raw Vegan Easter Bunny Treats

parchment paper with six bunny-shaped raw vegan chocolate treats
Recipe by When Sweet Becomes Healthy

Granted, you do need some Easter-themed molds for these, but we just couldn’t not share these fantastic bunny treats! Made with just 4 ingredients and chilled in the fridge before serving, they are incredibly healthy and such an eye-catcher.

Healthy Carrot Cake Squares

finished vegan carrot cake cut into pieces
Recipe by Nutriciously

Our favorite way to eat veggies is as a delicious dessert! These vegan carrot cake squares are made with whole-grain flour, carrots, applesauce, flaxseeds, coconut sugar and all the cozy spices you can think if. Topped with an easy homemade cashew frosting, it’s a healthy plant-based treat you can enjoy pretty much all year round!

Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

slice of vegen lemon meringue pie on a plate standing on a table with the whole pie and flowers
Recipe by Pickles and Honey

Believe it or not, this delicious Easter dessert calls for chickpea liquid! No eggs are required for this tart and sweet lemon pie, but you can still enjoy the fluffy texture of meringue. This beautiful pie really makes for a stunning springtime “cannot believe this is vegan” dessert!

Naturally Colored Easter Cookies

close up of several colorful Vegan Easter Cookies looking like eggs and chicks
Recipe by Vegan Family Recipes

Looking for a fun and delicious vegan Easter treat your kids can help make? These naturally colored cookies are perfect for that. Using a simple vegan butter cookie base featuring whole wheat flour, you can dress them up with matcha, turmeric or beet juice-colored icing.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs

white table with a plate of vegan medjool date peanut butter eggs and colorful toppings as an Easter treat
Recipe by Feasting on Fruit

For all things vegan treats, you need to check out Natalie’s blog. She creates the most delicious yet healthy goodness with simple ingredients – just like these peanut butter eggs with Medjool dates. Naturally sweetened, these treats require just a couple of preparation steps and 4 main ingredients. Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike! 

Strawberry Elderflower Scone Cake

layered vegan strawberry cream scone cake decorated with elderflower
Recipe by Occasionally Eggs

If this beauty doesn’t scream “spring” (in a good way), then I don’t know what does! Flavored with seasonal elderflower blossoms and topped with fresh strawberries, this 40-minute dessert looks really fancy and will be a hit at every gathering. If you can’t find elderflower blossoms (can’t blame you!), just use some extra lemon zest.

Cinnamon Bunny Cookies

hand holding a vegan cinnamon bunny cookie with eyes as a vegan Easter dessert treat
Recipe by Unconventional Baker

Easter means bunnies everywhere, right? This delicious gluten-free cookie recipe makes for a cute Easter-themed treat for kids – provided you have bunny-shaped cutters at home. Little chocolate chips or dried currents can be used as eyeballs!

Almond Lemon Bird’s Nest Cookies

three wooden bowls with parchment paper and vegan birds nest cookies
Recipe by Veeg

Have you ever seen any cookie more realistically named as bird’s nest? These chewy, gluten-free and wholesome treats don’t just feature cute and crunchy toppings but also come with a lemony hit and some nutty tahini. The cookies are definitely cute enough to serve to kids and easy enough to whip up within 30 minutes!

Meringue Nests with Strawberries

hand sprinkling toppings on Vegan Meringue Nests
Recipe by Wallflower Kitchen

Another great creation using chickpea liquid as an eggwhite substitute! These beautiful little meringue nests are served with fresh strawberries and coconut cream. They are gluten-free, soy-free and oh-so-sweet. Try this springtime dessert!

More Vegan Holiday Recipes

Want to make your other holidays vegan-friendly, too? We’ve got you covered — check out the following recipe collections.

We hope you liked our hand-picked selection of delicious vegan Easter recipes! What are your favorite ideas and have you tried any? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to Pin this article here.

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