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Everything food-related seems so complicated in this day and age. You’ve heard that plant-based diets are healthy and have tons of benefit… but you’re stuck just munching on raw carrots for snacks instead of chocolate.

Then, there are studies proving one thing and the next showing the complete opposite. Where should you go from here?

We’re here to teach you how to be in the driver’s seat, equipping you with basic scientific and actionable knowledge as well as tasty, easy meals.

That’s the entire reason why nutriciously was created! We’re happy to say that our work has been featured on places like Food Matters, Well + Good, Vegan.org, Care2, Popsugar, Spoon University, Buzzfeed and ChooseVeg.

So if you want to get on board, let’s dive into things – open-minded, inclusive and unagitated.

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We’re Alena and Lars, a German couple (please excuse any errors you might spot!) in our early 30s. What started as a passionate hobby project in 2016 blossomed into our full-time job and we’re loving each second of it – even the taxes and technical issues (okay, maybe everything but these two). Veganism is one of the most important things in our lives and we love teaching about it, too. We’re two health nuts and nutrition nerds; we enjoy philosophical debates, cute animal videos, good coffee, nourish bowls and taking walks. Learn More About Us

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New to a vegan diet or just eager to deepen your knowledge? We offer valuable free content for both the beginner and advanced foodie. Since we believe that it’s important to have simple, nutritionally sound, actionable and enjoyable content on veganism and healthy living on the web, we took it upon ourselves to create it.

We want to make sure you’re properly nourished and enjoy easy, tasty meals while transitioning to and staying on a vegan diet! So when we say our recipes are healthy, we mean it.

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Both Nutritious & Delicious

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Fully Vegan

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In our opinion, knowing what to eat isn’t enough! We want you to be well-informed and able to create your own personal way of eating that suits your needs and preferences best. Find easy-to-digest and scientifically backed articles on topics like the vegan food pyramid, oil-free diets, plant-based protein, and much more. It’s basically our distilled knowledge and experience of 8+ years!

Don’t sweat it – we created different categories so you can easily navigate different topics.

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Our website is packed with tips, tricks, guides, freebies, and recipes all centered around veganism and healthy living. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

plant-based recipes

From quick nourishing bowls to healthy desserts and satiating baked goods – everything’s easy, delicious and healthy.

transition tips

Our hands-on guides prevent you from becoming overwhelmed in the beginning by laying everything out in an easy, structured way.

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On top of our in-depth articles, we offer three free products to support your plant-based endeavors. You can either download our 7-day meal plan eBook “Week of Vegan Bowls” with lots of additional information on healthy and practical vegan eating, join our 6-part Vegan Transition e-Course including a 3-day meal plan and nutrition guides or our Weight Loss Challenge that gives you the 101 on vegan foods that make you lean as well as a 3-day meal plan.

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Learn the reasons for going vegan, how to meet your nutrients easily, navigate social situations and get a full 3-day meal plan with shopping list.

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This 50+ pages eBook explains the basics of creating a well-rounded plant-based diet and offers 7 delicious bowl recipes with a handy meal prep part.

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Getting lean while feeling full? Yes, that’s possible! Find out about easy food swaps, calorie density and 3 full days of eating for sustainable weight loss.

or go all in.

Over the years, we’ve become well-acquainted with the biggest struggles and goals of our readers. That’s why we created two in-depth and actionable eBook bundles around the topics of transitioning to a healthy vegan diet and losing excess weight for good in an enjoyable way. Staying true to our inclusive and all-encompassing approach, you will not only find easy to understand and scientifically-backed guides teaching you the basics (and beyond) but also fully laid-out 2-week meal plans to help reach your goals in real life.

13 thoughts on “Start Your Exploration Through Nutriciously Here”

  1. Hi there,
    Interesting stuff here.
    However, I do think we humans need to eat some animal products, as long as they are organic and the animals are farmed correctly and not in large sheds.
    Hubby and I are aged 69 and 67 respectively. He hasn’t eaten meat for 40 years so he doesn’t like the taste. I have gone along with his plant-based diet because it’s easier to cook one meal for us two. He eats cheese, yogurt, milk on muesli and eggs. I sometimes eat some organic chicken or ham. Meat in moderation is, in fact, exceptionally important to get vitamin B12, hubby has to have injections every year due to a lack of it. I am better off, but still have a lack and get a couple of shots.
    We have always eaten loads of fruit and vegetables and are quite healthy.
    I had a cancerous breast tumour removed in 2009, this was hormone related.
    Hubby has the “old man’s” increased prostate size problem, kept in check with medication. We both have normal weight and have never been overweight.
    What I’m saying is that eating no meat isn’t necessarily healthy. As humans, we are programmed to eat plant and animal foods, of course all prepared fresh and not processed.
    It’s fashionable these days to be vegan or, on the other hand paleo! Both total extremes and not really healthy!

    • Hi Jeanie,
      sorry I couldn’t get back to all comments in time. Glad you checked out our stuff and you’re entitled to your own opinion, of course :) When our research and resources don’t convince you, that’s okay.
      What exactly do you think is found in animal products that we as humans require? Livestock animals are being supplemented with B12 themselves, you can look that up. This is how most people get this vitamin and still, without supplementation around 40% of the population is very low on this nutrient. Most vegans are at least aware of the fact that it’s a good idea to supplement and it’s a general recommendation that everyone over 55 or so should do that.
      Organic animal products still have saturated fat, cholesterol, methionine, natural growth hormones (in dairy), and more which we do not need or want in our bodies. We won’t say that a little bit of that causes great harm or even death but the less we have of that, the better off we’ll be. There’s no upper safe limit for us to consume transfats or cholesterol (both found in animal products), so 0 intake is ideal.
      I’m happy to know that you are both fairly well off! Dr. Dean Ornish treated prostate issues with a plant-based diet, by the way, if that’s of any interest to you.
      Veganism is an ethical choice and yes, it’s become more popular, fortunately. People understand that we cannot keep doing this forever.
      Peace & veggies,

      • What an awesome answer!
        It just shows that you are very knowledgeable and I couldn’t put that response better myself.
        I love your website, it’s so full of value. I click on one article and end up in a rabbit hole!
        I’m currently building my website at the moment and even despite admiring and being grateful of people like you guys in my niche, I’m also kinda feeling overwhelmed. Nonetheless, I hope that I too can contribute in sharing our passion in this important mission.
        Thanks for a wonderful example. Peace ?
        Mel – Insatiable Mel?

  2. Hi Jeanie,
    In no way is meat necessary for a healthy human diet. All nutrients, even B12, can be acquired without animal exploitation by sourcing it from bacteria cultures. Please refrain from spreading misinformation.

    Thank you,

  3. Hello Alena,

    My name is Kelsey and I just bought your recipes online, I am super excited. I do have a couple of questions and I also wanted to share my story with you both to see what your thoughts are.
    I went vegan about 4 months ago and I feel like a new person. I have been dairy free for 4 years due to allergies, so the jump to going vegan was easy for me. I have been studying nutrition for over two years and the reason for this was due to stomach issues, and the need to find out what my stomach issues stemmed from/ IBS symptoms. I recently saw a holistic nutritionist and she found out the problem after 5 plus years of suffering from constant digestive issues. My stomach does not produce the protein enzymes to break down protein. She now she has me on holistic supplements/plant based eating to heal my stomach. I also workout 4 days a week, I lift and do cardio. So far I am still at the same weight, I know my stomach needs more time to heal, but I am not seeing results. I am 5’5 1/2 and 175 pounds. I would love to be 150-155. I eat all of the right foods and meal prep weekly.

    Your website inspired me since it was oil free and a higher volume of food.

    Now that you know my story, do you think this meal plan will work? If I consume that much food, will that help with weight loss? I’ve just never eaten that much/or that many carbs before so I am a little worried.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my email, as I share the same passion for healthy food. I look forward to your thoughts.

    • Dear Kelsey,
      thanks for reaching out! Which one of our recipe e-books did you buy?
      Sorry to hear about your health issues – as you might have read already, we’re not trained health professionals here and do not feel comfortable advising you on this issue.
      It’s possible that your body needs to heal first before it releases some extra body fat (which is why you probably want to ‘lose’ here). In any way, please do not overstuff yourself if you feel like your body needs less food. Simply make half the recipe or keep some leftovers for snacks or lunches to go. It’s okay if you don’t want to eat starch-based at the moment, find the balance of plant-based foods that work best for you, play around with the ratios a little.
      My biggest tip would be to focus on the healing first and learn to love your body exactly how it is, don’t force it to be at a certain weight for now. You won’t be able to love your body at a lower weight if you’re not cool with how you are at the moment, anyway…
      Feel free to let me know how else we can help!

  4. Hey there,
    Your blog is very informative and helpful to me being that i just started blogging myself. I look forward to communicating with you more

  5. Hi , just purchased your e-book vegan starter kit and weight loss bundle. Can you please advise if it is all printable or just the “printable sheets”
    That are indicated. Thanks! Debbie

    • Hi there Debbie,
      sorry I haven’t seen your comment sooner. You can have all of the eBooks printed out easily at a copy shop, a couple of other customers have done so in the past. I wouldn’t do it at home, though, as it probably costs you a lot of ink ;)
      Hope this helps!
      Warm wishes,

  6. Hi there!

    I am hoping I can subscribe to weekly emails of plant-based recipes. I did not see a link to be able to accomplish this!

    Am I missing something or have you removed that feature from your website? I am a nutrition student that has taken over this email at our clinic of natural medicine and these recipes would be beneficial for our clients.

    Let me know if this is a possibility. Vielen Dank for doing what you do. :)

  7. I’ve visited your site several times and am enjoying the benefits of your information. Previously I was on a vegetarian renal diet and have done a lot of research on kidney-friendly foods but it’s been challenging to follow that diet when I must limit potassium and phosphorus and sodium. In the past I have been using egg whites for their protein value but after reviewing much of your information I have eliminated eggs from my meals. I now can say I’m completely vegan as I have checked labels and ingredients and am eating no animal-sourced ingredients. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi
    Just wanted to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVe your website!! It’s so visually gorgeous AND has so much valuable content. I’ve signed up for your online course and I’m going to budget to buy your ebooks (I live in South Africa and the exchange rate with the dollar is not good.) But i wanted to thank you for sharing so beautifully.
    Warm wishes
    Sam xx


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