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Our popular ebook bundles come with meal plans, lots of delicious recipes, printables, transition guides and much more.

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Make going vegan & eating healthy easy with our crowd-pleasing recipes, nutritionist-approved meal plans, printables & hands-on guides. Use the coupon code plantpower at checkout for 20% off.

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Our brand-new ebook

Vegan Spring & Summer Meal Plan ✌️

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7 days of healthy, colorful, and fresh meals and snacks! Everything is planned out with a full grocery list and meal prep session.

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more seasonal goodness

Vegan Fall & Winter Meal Plan

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7 days of seasonal, cozy vegan meals and snacks! Everything is planned out with a full grocery list and meal prep session.

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Going vegan made easy and fun! This 6-part eBook bundle “From A To Vegan” will answer all of your questions and help you achieve long-term success. Here’s what’s inside:

Main guide: nutrition 101, stocking your kitchen, troubleshooting, vegan staple foods, transition tips, and much more
40+ whole food plant-based recipes
14-day meal plan with 56 recipes & shopping lists
Meal formulas for creating your own quick vegan bowls
Restaurant Guide to find vegan meals anywhere
Cheat sheets, worksheets, printables & FAQ eBook
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30-Day Hassle-Free Guarantee
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I just purchased your Vegan Course along with the Weight Loss Bundle and I’m seriously amazed at ALL the information. This course doesn’t just go over what to eat, but they go behind the scenes and tackle everything you’re probably going to feel on this journey – the doubt, the not knowing where to start, the unsupportive family… everything. Thank you SO much for all the time and energy you put into this course. I can safely say I would have paid even more for this course. — Daesha

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Eat tasty meals in abundance without stressing about portions and calories! With our vegan eBook bundle “Live Lightly,” you’ll be on the fast lane to easy and sustainable weight loss. Here’s what’s inside:

Starter Guide: weight loss-friendly food lists, understanding calorie density, easy meal creation, real-life tips, and much more
60 delectable & plant-based recipes from breakfast to dinner and dessert
21-day weight loss meal plan with shopping lists and nutritional information
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Special Offer: The Ultimate Bundle

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Live Lightly and Vegan Starter Kit

Get 50% off our Weight Loss Bundle when you buy it in combination with the Vegan Starter Kit. You’ll receive a total of 9 eBooks along with cheat sheets & printables to successfully start a healthy vegan diet while reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.

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about the creators.

Hi, we’re Alena and Lars, the founders of nutriciously. Having been vegan for about 10 years, we know the ins and outs of transitioning to this lifestyle and the potential roadblocks you might encounter.

As a Certified Vegan Nutritionist, Alena loves to veganize and healthify tradition meals, using easy vegan staple foods.

Together with her husband Lars, she founded this website to create a hub for scientific information around plant-based diets as well as everyday, hassle-free recipes that are easy for anyone to follow.

We’re confident that our programs will help you go vegan in a breeze while enjoying healthy comfort food.

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frequently asked questions.

are my card details safe?

We use secure SSL technology to safeguard your transaction. Additionally, we use industry leading payment technology from At no point are your card details stored on our servers. They are stored securely by Stripe and all we have access to is your name, email and other order confirmation details. Your payment is as secure as it gets.

credit-card-1what if I don’t have a credit card?

We know how annoying it can be to always have to pay with a credit card online. This is why we also offer the option to pay with PayPal, where you will automatically be transferred to during the process. Your details are as safe as if you would use a credit card of course. As a brand new option, we offer Apple Pay as well.

money-wallet-openhow can I get my money back?

We offer all our customers a 30 days money back period. You can request a refund for any reason within that time, no questions asked! To request a refund, simply email us via mail [at] nutriciously [dot] com with your order number and we’ll process your refund right away.

will the meal plans be suitable for me?

We created the meal plans together with a Registered Dietitian for a single adult person who needs around 2000 calories per day. If you’re overweight, you will lose weight following it, others will probably maintain their weight. Please listen to your hunger and feel free to skip the snacks or increase your portion sizes accordingly. We also included measurement conversion charts so that everyone around the world can easily follow the recipes. If you want to feed more people than just yourself, simply double or triple the amount of food.

vegetables-beetdoes the recipe book use weird and expensive ingredients?

You might need to buy some food that you weren’t used to before, but definitely nothing too fancy or expensive. All the ingredients in our recipes can usually be found in normal grocery stores and are often the cheapest items of all. We’re talking about simple staple foods here.

will the books be readable on my iPhone/iPad/Android device?

Yes they will. All of the PDFs that we’ll send you will work on nearly every mobile device that can read these formats. In many cases, mobile devices have preinstalled apps that can display PDF files such as Apple Books for iOS. Feel free to shoot us an email if you run into any kind or trouble and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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Going vegan and following a delicious, simple and exciting plant-based diet has improved the lives of so many of our readers over the years. Our scientifically-based, hands-on approach, as well as detailed plans and steps to follow, is a winning combination – and if you’re not 100% happy with our eBooks, you can simply return them within 30 days. Why not take a closer look at them below?