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Make lasting changes & lose weight in a sustainable, non-restrictive way.

We put together for you the perfect resource if you're sick of fads that promise great results but fail to deliver – especially in the long run.

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Get into Perfect Shape with Whole Plant Based Food.

You'll get all the tools you need to not only lose weight but also improve your health and feel satisfied, satiated and energized at the same time. From educational passages, motivating studies and easy-to-follow steps to short summaries, worksheets, and dozens of quick and satisfying weight loss recipes: Everything will work in perfect synergy to set you up for success.

Nourish Your Body, Feel Satisfied & Never Starve or Count Calories Again.

Most diet programs rely on you keeping track of macro nutrients, overall calories, and fat grams. On top of that, you can't eat until you’re satisfied and have to be hungry day after day. Though this can lead to some weight loss, it’s surely not healthy or sustainable. We show you a way that allows you to eat delicious, filling meals that keep you energized for hours on end. The best part is that you never have to count anything!

Rewire Your Brain & Create Habits out of Self-Love instead of Relying on Willpower.

Making positive changes becomes effortless when we know we deserve a joyful life and that punishment isn't a good motivation. Breaking down the habits we've built up is the key to making easy and lasting lifestyle choices that benefit our whole selves. Even better: If you treat yourself well and eat the right foods, you won’t just become slim but also experience health benefits like better skin, energy, and digestion along the way.

Scientifically Proven Methods to Reverse Diseases and Live a Long & Happy Life.

A gorgeous body doesn’t mean much if the methods you used to get there shorten your life. By cutting out harmful foods and loading up on antioxidants, you can be sure to be well and fit until a very old age! The scientifically proven dietary advice we give is known among experts to prevent cancer and even reverse diabetes and heart disease – all of which are the most common causes of death in the Western world. 

Here's What You Get

The package includes our main ebook, a recipe ebook + 5 additional worksheets.
Let's break it down for you:

Chapter 1: Seeing Through Different Diets

Find out what the most common dietary weight loss advice is and why this hasn’t worked for you yet. There is one part in particular that almost everyone gets wrong.

Chapter 2: Whole Plant Based Food

The synergetic effects of whole plant-based foods are more than their single components. Get to know which foods are packed with nutrients while being low in calories.

Chapter 3: Your New Eating Guidelines

Learn what your new 6 food groups are that you can choose from and eat as much as you want while still losing weight. Hint: there are unlimited carbohydrates!

Chapter 4: Improving a Healthy Diet

See which people have the lowest BMI on average and make simple switches to become one of them. There’s also a special tip for extra quick weight loss.

Chapter 5: Create Your Own Blueprint

Since we don’t know you as well as you do, make reasonable changes to your current diet and take small steps towards an optimal way of eating for best and lasting results.

Chapter 6: Food and Your Mind

Learn how we often sabotage ourselves when trying to change our diet and why it’s important to start with loving yourself today if you want to get lean, healthy, and happy.

Chapter 7: A Word on Exercise

We take a look at the science and explain how important exercise really is (hint: it's not as important as nutrition) and present you different kinds of low impact exercises.

Chapter 8: Take Action

Wrapping it up in 10 simple steps which will lead you to your optimal weight, prevent most diseases, and increase your quality of life. Quick summary of what we’ve taught.


A selection of our 33 favorite weight loss promoting recipes from sweet and savory breakfast ideas over vegetable stews, soups, filling starch meals, desserts, and a couple of sauces and dips that make any veggie taste amazing! All ingredients can be found in most grocery stores and are most likely a lot cheaper than the current food you buy.

Many recipes can also be cooked in bulk and eaten over a couple of days, even be frozen for extra convenience. All it takes are up to 20 minutes of preparation!


Changing old habits can be very tough. There is a lot of advice out in the world regarding what you should improve and how you should change - but actually following through is the hard part. With our worksheets, you're not just off the hook after reading the e-book.

Our 5 printable worksheets make organizing and planning your lifestyle a breeze and support you at sticking to those new healthy habits. We also included a few fun exercises that'll help you shift towards a happy mindset without much effort, making your success a lot more likely. 

In a nutshell, this bundle is for you if you...

  • are sick of starving, complicated rules, and always counting
  • want long term success, stay lean & get additional health benefits
  • want easy & satiating recipes that can be cooked in bulk
  • have been down the low-carb road and are longing for energy
  • want to learn how self love supports weight loss
  • want to create lasting and positive habits

What People Say About our Weight Loss Bundle:

These e-books are packed with amazing information, practical tips and tricks and delicious recipes! I absolutely love the holistic approach and the systematized  information is easy to consume and understand. It doesn't just offer a meal plan to follow but also a blueprint on how to create your own meal plan and be flexible and improvise. I found that these e-books are an amazing value and if you’re looking to improve your health and shed some excess weight, then following this easy, down-to-earth approach is a perfect way to start your journey!


I cannot say enough about this eBook collection. The 'Losing Weight Effortlessly' guide is clear, concise, and extremely knowledgeable. It is easy to understand, and a joy to read. The recipes, are easy, quick and extremely delicious. These eBooks have completely taken the "pain" out of losing weight and getting healthy. I would recommend this program to anyone, looking to lose weight, and/or regain their health, the right way, in a heartbeat. Thank you for this gift to the world.

Nutriciously’s back to basics approach to plant-based nutrition provides a launching pad for well-being and weight loss. Readers can access easy-to-follow dietary guidelines that allow space for unique goals and personal taste. This is not your typical eat less, starve more plan! Nutriciously explains how to choose the right foods, provides transition tips as well as simple, whole food recipes, and offers a holistic understanding that includes mindfulness and self-love.


Oh, my, GOODNESS! You put A LOT of work into this! These are absolutely beautiful! I love the recipes and the food mood connection components. Great tools that will certainly help people not just lose unnecessary weight, but to truly feel better. These e-books teach people how to live like you really want to wake up in the morning! It is definitely not hard to meet nutrient needs as a whole foods plant based vegan. I am confident that plant based individuals are much more nutritionally sound than anybody who enjoys highly processed foods devoid of fiber, and pumped with added sugars and fats.

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We couldn't just leave you in the dark about this. Our even more extensive ebook bundle "From A To Vegan" which comes with 300+ pages and 7 PDFs is now available in combination with the Weight Loss Bundle - and this is guaranteed to answer all of your questions around plant-based eating, staying at a healthy weight, getting your nutrients, social situations, restaurant visits, creating easy meals, and much more! Right now, you will receive 50% off the Weight Loss Bundle when getting The Ultimate Bundle! Here's what's inside...

The Vegan Starter Kit "From A to Vegan" - $47

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    From A to Vegan Main Guide with 200+ pages
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    Thorough restaurant guide to find vegan meals anywhere
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    Meal formulas for creating your own quick vegan bowls
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    Printables & Cheat Sheets
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    FAQs Answered E-Book

The Weight Loss Bundle - $24

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    Weight Loss E-Book (see above)
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    Weight Loss Recipe E-Book (see above)
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    Weight Loss Worksheets (see above)

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About the Creators

Hey, we are Lars and Alena - the couple behind nutriciously. After eating a plant-based diet for over 6 years now, we decided to put together this comprehensible and actionable ebook bundle for anyone who has been starving & struggling in order to lose weight. The answer is a lot more simple than most people think - and we're about to lay it all out for you. We have reached our optimal weight and healed a couple of annoying ailments by implementing the strategies we share in the ebooks and our blog. We invite you to come along with us on your journey to a happier & healthier life!